Wealthiest Families in the World and What They Own

Wealthiest families in the world

Sometimes people are able to increase their net worth through their career as an artist or actor. In some cases, people are born into wealth. If that is the cause, some individuals have a bit of a leg-up and, generally, get handed a spot in whatever the family’s business is. Below is a list of the 15 wealthiest families in the world and what businesses they control.
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Keegan-Michael Key’s Net Worth

Keegan-Michael Key's net worth

Known for his comedic character “Luther,” Keegan-Michael Key has come a long way from his roles on MADTV and Key & Peele. Each part he’s played has eventually led him to the next big thing, namely roles in major motion pictures like The Predator (2018). What has this success done for Keegan Michael-Key’s net worth?

About Keegan-Michael Key

Key was born in Detroit in 1971 and adopted by Patricia Walsh and Michael Key. His parents were both social workers. He later met his biological mother, Carie Herr, and discover he had two half-brothers, both already deceased.
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MGK’s Net Worth May Surprise You

MGK's net worth

Machine Gun Kelly, also known as MGK, has entered the rap battle of the decade with Marshall Mathers (Eminem). Although MGK hasn’t been around for as long, he has been able to hold his own with the vetted rapper. How does MGK’s net worth compare to the wealth of Eminem and other rappers?
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What Is the D.O.C.’s Net Worth?

the D.O.C.'s net worth
Often the oldest people in the hip-hop industry are the wealthiest, but this isn’t always true — like in the case of the D.O.C.’s net worth. [Read more…]