What Is Leslie Odom Jr.’s Net Worth?

What is Leslie Odom Jr.’s net worth? The Broadway star’s headlines with his work in the musical Hamilton on and off-stage are a big part of it. Not to mention his impressive work in television and the printed page. Odom has also released four albums, and has won awards in every field he’s worked in. Let’s examine the net worth and earnings of Leslie Odom, Jr. and look at his impressive career.

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What Is Emma Stone’s Net Worth?

What is celebrity Emma Stone’s net worth? The American star of Superbad, Crazy Stupid Love, and Zombieland is an award-winning household name with a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, and a BAFTA nomination who earns as much as $30 million a year through her acting roles on camera and as a voice talent in video games including The Croods, Sleeping Dogs, and Marmaduke.

Stone is an interesting role model for the next generation of famous younger people–she has in the past refused the media spotlight and keeps her private life quite private. Stone has been both an LA resident and a member of the NYC crowd–you’ll find some Broadway in her list of credits as well as film and television.

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News of celebrity hacks is not new. Many cybersecurity headlines are always reminding us about how governments and private companies are holding our personal data without consent and may fail to safeguard it or sell it to third parties. As such, many people are becoming more vigilant about their online security and data safety by taking it upon themselves to maintain their cybersecurity. However, celebrities are the prime targets that often find themselves on the receiving end of cyberattacks. For instance, Barrack Obama’s Twitter account was once hacked with the hackers tweeting a message that claimed they would give back double the amount of bitcoins sent to a link address they attached to the tweet.

Being hacked exposes one to major ramifications, one of which is data theft. Hackers target your personal information such as usernames and passwords, sensitive corporate data such as credit card numbers, and passwords, including other valuable data. Suppose a cybercriminal can access your personal information. In that case, they can commit crimes in your name, such as opening new credit accounts, tax fraud, applying for benefits to accessing your brokerage accounts. We have heard of many cases where a company’s database gets hacked, and files are changed or deleted. In other cases, the hackers ask for a ransom to release back the accounts, which is a very worrying trend of cyber blackmail. Many people who overlook their online security have often found themselves on the receiving end of a cyber attack. Fortunately, there is more awareness of online security, and people are taking it upon themselves to enhance their online safety. Here are three ways in which celebrity information gets hacked and how to protect yourself.

Through public WiFi connections

Movie star Ashton Kutcher found himself on the receiving end of a cyber hack when he connected to his Twitter account using public WiFi as he attended the Brainbox Conference in Long Beach, California. A lack of SSL encryption was blamed for the hack. This hack case is one example of how celebrities are a target for hackers who may be after spreading spammy links to their many followers. When browsing online, hackers can view your online activity since your internet connection is not encrypted. Logging in to free WiFi hotspots exposes one to such hack attacks. The ramification of such an attack is losing all your sensitive data and loss of privacy, which makes you susceptible to cybercrime. However, you can avoid that by using a VPN to encrypt your online activity and hide your IP address.

Hacking passwords

Many celebrities have fallen victim to password hacks, especially on social media accounts. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and reality tv star Kylie Jenner have recently fallen victim to Twitter account hacks. We live in digital times where we need to use social media accounts and platforms to communicate. Many people make the mistake of re-using the same password for all their social media accounts such that when one account is hacked, all the others are compromised. The aftermath is losing all your accounts and having to start again from zero. We have seen hackers hack celebrities with a massive following on Instagram and reset the passwords to resell the account. A password hack could be as easy as the hacker guessing the password.

You can always avoid such hacks by creating strong passwords for your accounts. Also, avoid reusing passwords that expose your multiple accounts to the same fate if one of them is hacked.

Social engineering

Hacking is not only about finding faults in people’s devices or computers. It can also happen when hackers take advantage of human vulnerability. Social engineering occurs when cybercriminals attack the human factor. Twitter accounts of several notable figures, including Bill Gates and Elon Musk, Tesla CEO, were hacked in a bitcoin scam. Twitter described the incident as a strategically coordinated social engineering attack. The attacker used some Twitter employees’ credentials to access their internal systems and get information about their processes. In these cases, hackers come up with a friendly touch to hook up the victim. The victim’s desperation to protect their data could make them click a link that allows the hackers to gain access and look for passwords and other sensitive information.

Always double-check the uniform resource locator (URL) of a link before you click on it. Be suspicious of unsolicited texts, emails, phone calls, or visits from individuals asking for your personal data, even if they claim to be from a specific source. If you are not sure of an email request from a particular company, contact them and inquire if it is legitimate.


Not only celebrities but everyone can fall victim to cyberattacks. Do not overlook the need to reinforce your online security. Use VPN encryption to protect your internet connections, create strong passwords, avoid reusing passwords, do not click on unverified links, and always update your software. Your online data security starts with you.


3 Celebrities Who Lost Their Fortune to Debt and How You Can Avoid the Same Fate

The lifestyle of the rich and famous isn’t as secure as you might think. Once you make it big and the millions start rolling in, there are plenty of responsibilities and temptations that can quickly send your magnificent fortune spiraling down the drain. These celebrities who went broke are prime examples that debt and poor money management can affect anyone and everyone. Learn from their mistakes, and take their stories as motivation to begin cracking down even harder on your own budget and debt relief plan.

Do you have “good” debt? Think student loans or outstanding balances on cards you keep open to raise your score. While a little debt in small doses can benefit your credit with the right payment plan, it can quickly become problematic and, at worst, unmanageable. To avoid the common pitfalls, make sure you get serious about paying off as much as possible as soon as you can. This means having a strict budget, paying more than the minimum on everything whenever possible and looking for ways to make monthly expenses more affordable. For those with student debt, loan refinancing can help free up finances each month by trading all your principals for one larger loan. With a lower rate, you’ll be able to dedicate your finances to other areas of your life as well. A little breathing room can help you begin to restructure your budget and get debt-free faster.

Mike Tyson

Tyson had a lot more than just money problems in his life. The heavyweight champion fighter had to file bankruptcy, do time in jail and go through rehab before he started to turn things around. In addition to unpaid taxes, Tyson also had balanced owed to personal trainers, lawyers and others who had helped him throughout his career. He’s bounced back since then, but his experience shows that lifestyle and money go hand-in-hand. Falling behind in some areas ultimately causes you to suffer financially, too.

MC Hammer

After producing the smash hit “U Can’t Touch This”, MC Hammer quickly generated millions and was riding on easy street. Unfortunately, his extravagant lifestyle left him with more than half of his fortune in the negative. A mega mansion with over 200 staff members and private horse stable dwindled the singer’s budget until he had to file for bankruptcy in 1996. For some people, bankruptcy is the only way to get rid of staggering debt without losing their home or facing permanent financial ruin. It’s not the right choice for everyone, but for the people whose situations don’t have many other options, it can help them recover.

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman became a millionaire playing basketball, but now he’s accused of being a shoplifter. Recently, Rodman was caught on security footage in a Newport Beach, CA, yoga studio allegedly assisting a group with a theft. The 400-pound, $2,500 amethyst geode was meant to be stolen while Rodman distracted the studio’s sole on-duty employee, but it failed when one of Rodman’s cohorts dropped the crystal and it shattered on the floor.

Rodman denies the allegations, but the owners of the studio insist he has not only attempted to steal the crystal but also taken various other items from the establishment. If Rodman is anywhere near the situation he was in in 2012, which left him broke according to his lawyers and unable to pay $800,000 in backed child support, then it’s likely things won’t be improving anytime soon. What can we learn from Rodman’s downfall? Nothing makes up for poor money management except learning better habits. Debt recovery is a slow and often painful process, but taking a consistent, honest path is the only way to true financial liberation.