Tonya Harding’s Net Worth

“I, Tonya,” a movie released in December 2017, has once again brought the spotlight to former figure skater Tonya Harding. You’ve probably not heard much about her since her 1994 conspiracy conviction, but the recent release of “I, Tonya” has brought her to media attention once again.  How has it impacted Tonya Harding’s net worth and will she earn any cash sharing her story for the recent film?

About Tonya Harding

Tonya Harding, as mentioned above, was once a world-renowned figure skater. She is a  two-time Skate America Champion. During her skating career, she won the U.S. Figure Skating Championships and placed second at the World Championships in 1991. Among these great accolades, she was also the first American woman to complete a triple axel jump in competition.

The famed figure skater started her career sometime in the 1980s. She placed sixth at the 1986 U.S. Figure Skating Championships and fifth in 1987 and 1988. Finally, in 1989, she reached the podium at third place.

In the early 90s, Harding was seemingly on top of the world. She was competing and winning, regularly. As you probably already know, not everything went well in Harding’s career. In 1994, her ex-husband, Jeff Gillooly, conspired with Shawn Eckhart and Shane Stant to break the leg of Harding’s competitor, Nancy Kerrigan.

Harding plead guilty to hindering the prosecution after the attack and was banned from the U.S. Figure Skating Association for life. Her life seemingly crumbled in the eye of the public but not many people found themselves wondering what happened to Harding after all these years.

Tonya Harding’s Net Worth

That is until a movie was produced about Harding’s life. Harding is undoubtedly a fantastic American athlete that was punished because of her former husband’s actions. Currently, it is estimated that Tonya Harding’s net worth sits around $30,000.

Compared to other professional athletes, that isn’t much. It is important to keep in mind that Harding was disgraced for many years. No one was calling her about endorsement deals, commercials, and certainly not any skating competitions. Her career was effectively over.

After losing her place in the figure skating world, Tonya did make attempts at music and even boxing but nothing stuck. Eventually, she was approached about having a film made about her life.

When it comes to how much Harding will make from the movie, there aren’t any definite figures. Of course, she won’t make any cash from box office sales or DVD sales but she has gained a ton of publicity, which is likely to turn into work down the road.

Although Tonya Harding’s net worth is only sitting at about $30,000, don’t be surprised if you continue to see her name and her wealth rise. She won’t be skating but she will be speaking!

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Adam Young’s Net Worth

what is Adam Young's net worth
If you’ve never heard his name before, Adam Young is the lead singer for the band Owl City. Although the band’s name isn’t famous, per se, most people have heard at least one Owl City song. In fact, most people have probably sung along with Owl City without even realizing it. Many of their songs have been featured in films. So, what is lead singer Adam Young’s net worth?

Adam Young’s Career

Adam Young was born in Owatonna, MN in 1986. Admittedly having an introverted personality, it is said that Young struggled with Asperger’s syndrome throughout his childhood and adolescence. His music eventually brought him out of his shell.

Young has said on many occasions that if the band’s first few albums hadn’t taken off, he’d be working the counter at a gas station or delivering soda in a vending truck. In fact, that is what he was doing when he first began to compose music.

The young musician was suffering from insomnia while working on a Coca-Cola truck. He began to produce the music in his parent’s basement and uploaded the songs to the internet via MySpace. Overnight, Young was a popular internet musician with a substantial following.

Because his career was starting to go viral, things took off for Young rather quickly. He decided to launch his album Ocean Eyes in 2009 after seeing such a great response from his followers. This is what Young calls the “Owl City Project.”

Although his music was liked by many, Young eventually decided to move on to different projects. Currently, “Sky Sailing” is his main focus and, for the most part, only his die-hard fans are following it. So, Owl City contributed the most to his wealth but what is Young worth?

Adam Young’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Adam Young’s net worth sits around $5.6 million at the end of 2017. Young has been able to save his money and maintain progress on his projects so that he can have a stable net worth in the millions.

The bulk of his overall net worth stemmed from Owl City. He was one of the first musicians to truly “go viral.” His first album, Ocean Eyes, earned him more than $440,000. As he went on to create more music, his earnings continued to climb. His highest-selling album grossed more than $850,000.

Young prefers to stay private and doesn’t even attach his name to his music for the most part. That being said, there isn’t much information available about what kind of assets Young holds. Currently, he has some stocks and FDs, but most of his net worth has come from direct earnings from album sales. You may be able to earn some extra cash, too, with this Virgin Games Promo Code.

As with many up-and-coming musicians, Young also earns money on Youtube. He is currently working on Sky Sailing, his new project, and releasing music from his home. It is also rumored that he is working on a film score in his spare time, though it has not been revealed as to what movie he’ll be writing the music for.

All in all, it is safe to assume that Adam Young’s net worth will likely remain around $5.6 million. It is also possible that it will increase in the years to come as well, especially if he gets into writing music for movies.

What do you think? Will Adam Young’s net worth continue to climb or stay steady? 

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Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s Net Worth

what is Anfisa Arkhipchenko's Net Worth

If you’re used to seeing someone online, even if you hate them, you notice when they are gone. Anfisa Arkhipchenko is a woman people love to hate. However, when she deactivated her Instagram account in early December, her presence was missed. Those who follow the show she is on, “90 Day Fiance,” know who she is but what is Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s net worth?

Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s Career

Before we jump into her wealth, you’ll probably be interested to know what it is that Arkhipchenko actually does. What she is known for is appearing on TLC’s “90 Day Fiance” but what is her job?

Arkhipchenko is almost the textbook definition of a trophy wife who doesn’t do much more than stay at home and update social media but she’s managed to get herself into the spotlight by appearing on TLC. “90 Day Fiance” is a show about mail order brides and quick weddings. Arkhipchenko appeared on the show and married her husband, Jose Nava.

Nava and Arkhipchenko haven’t had a smooth relationship though. The couple has been on-and-off for some time and Arkhipchenko has thrown him under the bus publicly as well. She has posted videos telling followers that her husband doesn’t give her enough money or take care of her well enough.

Rise to Fame

Obviously, Arkhipchenko has gotten plenty of attention from her work on the TLC program. The network also did a follow-up series called “90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?” However, she has also been in the spotlight for some not-so-savory things, including a sex tape. (But, hey, Kim Kardashian did it, right?)

After appearing on the show, she gained hundreds of thousands of followers on social media, which is where she’s been able to earn some money of her own. So, how much is she worth?

Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s Net Worth

Making money of her own is extremely important, especially because when she rejoined Instagram earlier this month she announced a potential split with Jose Nava.

The announcement doesn’t come as a surprise to many people who follow her or have watched the TLC program. Arkhipchenko called Nava out on social media after they got married because, evidently, he lied about his own net worth. In fact, sources point to evidence that Nava is actually $30K in debt, while he has spent $75K onArkhipchenko in the short time they’ve known each other.

Because the marriage was arranged, in a way, this gives Arkhipchenko grounds for divorce. Nava wasn’t truthful about his finances, so she can probably file for divorce without much issue and possibly even win the lawsuit. But, what will she gain from that?

Many news sources have reported that Nava says he makes six figures a year from his medical marijuana business. So, she may get a cut of that when/if the divorce is finalized. However, because Nava is reportedly in debt, it isn’t likely she will make a ton of money from that.

Currently, Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s net worth is unknown. Because her husband is in debt, the couple is technically worth -$30K. Once she splits from him though, Arkhipchenko may continue to remain popular on social media channels. Many internet celebrities are able to work their Instagram handle and make decent cash. The same may be true for Arkhipchenko. Only time will tell.

What do you think about Anfisa Arkhipchenko’s net worth?

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How to Get Cheap, or Free Christmas Decorations

There’s not much I love more than Christmastime. Though I’m far from being a minimalist, I certainly don’t enjoy ‘’stuff’’. I generally don’t like trinkets or things surrounding me. I like clean, open and tidy. The only exception is when it comes to Christmas. I love Christmas decorations. I count down the days every year that I can decorate the house, complete with little Christmas trinkets, lights, garlands, trees, you name it we have it. I have a lot of sentimental attachment to my Christmas decorations and probably have a good story, or memory, with just about every Christmas decoration I own.

Though my collection has accumulated since my childhood, I do go through everything every year and phase things out as I add new ones. Given that Christmas is already an expensive time of year, cheap, or even free, Christmas decorations are my favorite kind.

Thankfully now that I have a kid, my stash of free Christmas decorations is growing quickly. I remember being a kid and wondering why my mom had such an attachment to ornaments and decorations my sister and made for her when I saw them as being less than perfect. Now that I’m a mom, I totally get it. Free Christmas decorations made by your kids are the very best kind to add to your collection. If I’m being honest I don’t keep every single thing that my daughter makes, like every picture she colors, but those special ones, the tree ornaments she makes for us, no matter how ‘’cheap’’ they are, are my favorite. In my option, the best free Christmas decorations are ones that are homemade.

Obviously not everyone who is looking for free Christmas decorations, has kids. One easy way of getting free Christmas decorations is to look no further than your online classifieds. I know both our local (within the neighbourhood we live) and our city, has a ‘’free’’ section and this time of year there is often free Christmas decorations listed. I know if I was looking to get rid of a few things  I would bundle them up in a box, take a picture ad post it for free, this isn’t the time of year I’m looking to profit from a sale, I’d just rather someone else enjoy my free Christmas decorations.

Though this isn’t totally free, an easy way to build your Christmas decoration collection for cheap is to organize, or attend, a Christmas ornament (or decoration) exchange. Usually you provide one decoration or ornament per person attending and everyone there also supplies one. So if 10 people were in attendance (including you) you would go home with nine new, free Christmas decorations. There is a small upfront cost (though there are millions of ways to DIY or potentially find free ones to exchange) but you stand a chance to gain quite a few nice new things for your collection.

If you’re looking to start, or grow your Christmas decoration collection, it doesn’t hurt to see what you can get for free. As mentioned, it’s an expensive time of year and arguably, Christmas decorations aren’t a necessity, but if you’re anything like me you enjoy having them around. Look to see what options you have for free Christmas decorations and go from there. Save your money for more important parts of the season and don’t waste it on stuff just to have it.

Have you every acquired or been given free Christmas decorations? What were the circumstances?