What is Perry Noble’s Net Worth?

Perry Noble's net worth
You’ve probably heard about megachurches like Elevation popping up throughout the United States. Although they seem to get negative attention in the media, thousands of people attend these churches each week.

Most of the negative coverage megachurches have received is in relation to how much church leaders and pastors are making doing what they do. Elevation’s Steven Furtick was scrutinized for planning to build a $1.6 million home. Joel Osteen of Joel Osteen Ministries looked the other way when thousands of people needed help after a hurricane in Texas, despite having a net worth of more than $50 million.

NewSpring Church and Perry Noble

Perry Noble is another pastor whose name has been associated with one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the United States. Noble practically built NewSpring Church from the ground up. NewSpring, located in Anderson, South Carolina, was home to Noble for years.

During his time with the church, the congregation grew substantially. Under Noble, they expanded their congregation size to around 40,000 people, with 11 satellite locations. Additionally, about 7,000 people tuned in via television or radio to listen to Noble speak each week.

He gained recognition by the South Carolina Baptist Church Convention as the pastor. There is no doubt that Noble was key to NewSpring’s success. It rose to be the second-fastest growing church in the U.S. while he was there. However, not everything has gone easily in Noble’s career.

Controversies in Perry Noble’s Career

The controversies surrounding Perry Noble’s career aren’t similar to the controversies that surround most other megachurch pastors. Most of the time, people are paying attention to the money they are bringing in and how much of it is coming from the congregation.

For Noble, the controversies he was involved in had more to do with things he said and did. For instance, he was accused of using the word “nigger” in a Christmas Eve ceremony. Many people were enraged. Despite the uproar, NewSpring Church backed its pastor up, stating that he never used the word.

Not too long after the Christmas Eve debacle, Noble misspoke again, causing outrage among many people in the congregation and otherwise. He stated that the Ten Commandments weren’t likely real by pointing out there is no Hebrew word for “command.” Eventually, Noble issued a tweet apologizing to his followers and it was never brought up again.

In summer of 2016, Noble was removed from the church as head pastor. Church officials said Noble’s persistent alcohol abuse was to blame for his removal.

Perry Noble’s Net Worth

Being removed from the church definitely hurt Noble. However, his wealth hasn’t been impacted significantly. Perry Noble’s net worth still sits around $2 million. And, if you’re like most people, you probably assume the bulk of his wealth stemmed from his work at NewSpring.

That isn’t the case though. While NewSpring helped Noble gain visibility, it did not really help build his net worth. He did collect a salary at the church, as most pastors do, but the bulk of his cash has come from books he’s published. It is estimated that he earns thousands of dollars each month through book royalties. In addition to the sale of his books, Noble has been earning money over the years by appearing at other churches as a guest pastor.

After being removed from NewSpring, Noble has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous to try and get his drinking under control. He’s been doing this in hopes of opening a new church in the new year. Opening a church of his own will definitely help increase Noble’s net worth in the future as well as help re-establish himself in the church sector. Only time will tell how Perry Noble’s career will continue.

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Jillian Michaels’ Net Worth

Jillian Michaels' net worth
The internet and reality television shows have made it relatively easy to get into the spotlight. Although she has put in a lot of work, that is how Jillian Michaels got her start too. So, what is Jillian Michaels’ net worth and how did she accrue her wealth?

About Jillian Michaels

Michaels got her big break when she was asked to be a trainer on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” But before that, she had her hand in the world of physical fitness.

She holds two personal training certificates from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association and The Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and has done so since 1993. Michaels is also a certified Kettle-bell Concepts instructor. Additionally, Michaels also holds various other health and wellness certificates and has created a certification program of her own. 

While studying at California State University, Michaels took on two jobs. She was a bartender and personal trainer throughout her college career. Michaels went on to become an agent for a Los Angeles talent agency and then, in 2002, she opened the Sky Sport and Spa. The sports and medical facility, located in Beverly Hills, was sold after a few years to make room for her career on television.

In the mid-2000s she landed her spot on “The Biggest Loser,” serving as a trainer for two seasons before leaving the show for its Australian parallel series. She served as a trainer on the Australian “Biggest Loser” from 2006 until 2008, when she returned to the States. She left the U.S. version of the television program again in 2010, returning in 2011, and departing again (for the final time) in 2014.

You may have also seen Michaels on other television shows, including a “Biggest Loser” spinoff called “Losing It With Jillian” and CBS’ “The Doctors.” She has also been fairly successful with her online workout videos, fitness plans, and other health & wellness programs.

Jillian Michaels’ Net Worth

All of this has led Jillian Michaels’ net worth to rise to an estimated $14 million, making approximately $4 million annually.

Most of her $14 million fortune was earned through her work on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.” Because she was one of the main parts of the show for years, she was able to pull in a lot of money from it.

The show led to other successes in her life as well. After she gained visibility on “Biggest Loser,” Michaels was able to publish books, produce fitness DVDs, and create an online presence. These things are what have continued to keep Michaels’ net worth high.

Since 2014, she’s been out of the spotlight for the most part. Royalties from the sale of her books, Master Your Metabolism,” “Making the Cut,” “Slim for Life” and “Unlimited,” has contributed to her overall net worth significantly during this time. 

You may have also seen Michaels on her Youtube channel, where she has about 14,000 subscribers. As you may already know, Youtubers can make some serious cash through the video streaming site. This is continuously adding to Michaels’ annual income and net worth as well.

Her wealth has been impacted by property she owns as well. She sold her $6.6 million Malibu home for $8.8 million, which contributed to her net worth. The value of her current home, a $1.56 million house in the Hollywood Hills, also contributes to her wealth.

Michaels plans to continue working on her fitness career moving forward. Although there are no major projects in her future, her net worth will likely remain around $14 million for some time.

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Save Money: Audit Your Home Energy Usage

Audit Your Home Energy Usage
With winter coming, many people will be performing home energy audits in their houses. They’ll be looking for areas where energy is literally escaping from their homes (and money is escaping from their wallets). It is something every homeowner should do at least once a year. So, how do you audit your home energy usage?

Why You Should Audit Your Home Energy Usage

Knowing how to audit your home’s energy usage is important because it can save you tons of money. Auditing the energy your home uses can make it more noticeable when you need new appliances. It will also be noted when something in your house isn’t working quite right. For instance, if the bill to heat your home is higher, you may need new insulation or you may need to check for loose baseboards, etc. Making these small changes can make hundreds of dollars of difference over the span of a year.

How to Audit Your Home Energy Usage

Auditing your home energy usage sounds more difficult than it is. There are a few main things you can check for around your home and, if you’re handy enough, fix yourself as well. Here’s how to audit your home energy usage:

1. Check for leaks. Look for drafts and leaks around your home. This includes air and water leaks. For “air” leaks or drafts, you’ll want to check the quality of the windows and be sure that all of the baseboards in your home are secure. The smallest of drafts can increase how much it costs to heat or cool your home. (Adjusting the thermostat may actually cost your MORE money.)

Similarly, water leaks around your home can significantly impact your water bill from month-to-month. Listen for your toilet to continue running after flushing, look for water spots under sinks and near baseboards, and keep an eye out for dripping faucets. Mending all of these items will positively affect the energy usage in your home.

2. Make renovations. In some cases, auditing your home energy usage can mean making some renovations. Many people find that they are in need of new insulation when they audit their home’s energy usage, especially if they live in an older home. If this is the case, you’ll need to replace the insulation in your home to get the most out of your heating and cooling system.

3. Buy new appliances. A few years ago there was a huge surge in people purchasing energy-efficient appliances. These appliances can help you save on your home energy cost greatly. An energy-efficient toilet, dishwasher, or washing machine can all save you money each month on water. Switching to energy-efficient appliances like an oven or refrigerator can also save you money on your electric bill.

4. Change out your light bulbs. If you haven’t done so already, swap out your current light bulbs with energy efficient ones. This can also save you money on your electric bill each month. Depending on how many bulbs you swap out, you may have a very noticeable change on your next month’s bill.

5. Keep an eye on your bill. This is key when you are attempting to audit your home energy usage. No matter how well you think you know your home, you’ll want to keep an eye on your energy bills (water, gas, and electric). If your bill is increasing unexpectedly, you’ll want to search for the reason why and fix it. After all, no one wants to pay any more than they have to!

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Places Kids Eat Free

places where kids eat free

Most people enjoy going out to eat from time-to-time. There’s no mess to clean in the kitchen, no hassle and, for the most part, it is usually a great experience. Going out to eat with the family can get pricey though, which is why many restaurants have begun to offer days where kids eat free.

Places Kids Eat Free

This started years ago. Sit-down restaurants wanted to offer an incentive for families to come into the restaurant during the week (usually their slower days). Now, most restaurants have days of the week where kids eat free but what are they?

  1. Applebee’s: Kids eat free one day each week. The day of the week may vary by location and is available at participating locations only.
  2. Bennigan’s: Similar to Applebee’s, Bennigan’s offers a free meal for kids on a select day of the week. The day and availability may vary location-to-location.
  3. Backyard Burgers: Kids eat free on Tuesdays with the purchase of an adult combo meal.
  4. Bob Evans: Tuesdays are the day to get a free kids meal at Bob Evans (after 4 p.m. with the purchase of an adult meal).
  5. Captain D’s: Kids eat free at Captain D’s on Thursdays. The deal is good from open to close and you can get two free kid’s meals per paying adult.
  6. Chick-fil-A: On Tuesdays, kids eat free from 5:30 p.m. until 7:30 p.m. at Chick-fil-A. This must be purchased with an adult meal. It should also be noted that some Chick-fil-A locations charge $0.99 for their discounted kids meal.
  7. Ci-Ci’s Pizza: Kids under three eat free every day at Ci-Ci’s.
  8. Culver’s: All children get a free frozen custard with the purchase of a meal every day.
  9. Denny’s: Kids eat free on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. You can get two free kids meals with the purchase of one adult meal. (At some locations, kids eat free at Denny’s on Saturdays as well.)
  10. Firehouse Subs: Hit your local Firehouse Subs location on Wednesday. Kids eat free all day with the purchase of an adult combo meal.
  11. Fuddruckers: On Mondays between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m., kids eat free at Fuddruckers.
  12. Hooters: Hooters offers kids a free meal from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m. on Sunday.
  13. IHOP: IHOP offers various days when kids eat free. Check out the company’s Facebook page for regular updates on when the next “kids eat free” day will be.
  14. Lone Star Steakhouse: If you want a nice dinner out, you can feed the kids for free at Lone Star on Tuesdays. You can get up to two kid’s meals free with the purchase of one adult meal.
  15. Maggiano’s Little Italy: Kids eat free on Saturdays (only kids under 5).
  16. Moe’s Southwest Grill: Kids eat free at Moe’s on Tuesdays (one free meal per paying adult).
  17. On the Border: Your child can get a free sundae with the purchase of a meal every day at On the Border.
  18. Perkins: Kids eat free on Tuesdays at Perkins with the purchase of an adult meal.
  19. Pizza Hut: Your child can eat for free all day Tuesday at Pizza Hut.
  20. Qdoba: Kids eat free on Sundays and Wednesdays.
  21. Red Robin: Red Robin offers a free kid’s meal on Mondays for children 10 and under.
  22. Steak n’ Shake: Kids eat free all day Sunday (with the purchase of a $9+ adult entree).

For the most part, the deals and freebies mentioned above are only valid for children ages 12 and under. Some locations may have different restrictions so, if you’re wondering about any of these, in particular, give the restaurant a call!

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