10 Richest YouTube Stars of 2020

richest youtube stars

YouTube has grown from a small streaming site to the source of many people’s daily entertainment. Because of this, YouTubers have become some of the highest-earning celebrities around. When you think about the streaming site, some of your favorite channels probably come to mind. But who are the richest YouTube stars?

Who Are The Richest YouTube Stars?

When it comes to who the richest YouTube stars are you are looking at a lot of gaming channels. Among the highest earners are people like Markiplier and Pewdiepie who focus on video games. Those aren’t the only high earners though.

Two of the biggest YouTube stars are under the age of 10! Most of their videos have to do with toys and unboxing items. Jeffree Star is also among the list of highest earners, but a large chunk of his overall wealth does not stem from the streaming site. He, like a few others on the list, has branched out by creating his own business and seeking other sources of income.

That being said, here are the top 10 highest-earning YouTubers in 2019, according to Forbes. [Read more…]

Where Does the Money From Movie Ticket Purchases Go?

money from movie ticket purchases go

When you think of successful actors you likely also think of individuals with high net worths. Oftentimes, these actors and actresses are paid based on demand for their work. However, they are also paid based on the film and how well it does, but they aren’t necessarily paid based on the box office. So, where does the money from movie ticket purchases go? [Read more…]

Wealthy Valentine’s: The World’s Richest Couples

World's richest couples

Last week was Valentine’s Day and that had me thinking about the invention of the term “power couple.” These tend to be people who we see working together and making their dreams come true as a result, right? For many, this also has a financial component, meaning you don’t get to be deemed a “power couple” if you aren’t also rich. All of this led to me wondering, who are the world’s richest couples? [Read more…]

How Much Are The ‘Birds of Prey’ Cast Worth?

How much are the birds of prey cast worth

Birds of Prey hit the big screen last week and has already made $81 million at the box office worldwide. It is the first mostly female superhero movie and each woman within the main cast has made a name for herself in her own way. So, how much are the Birds of Prey cast worth? [Read more…]