YouTube Sam the Cooking Guy’s Net Worth

sam the cooking guy's net worthDuring the pandemic, many people have tuned into different YouTube channels to pass the time. In some cases, it has increased the popularity of some YouTubers exponentially. It is likely we will see more YouTube millionaires in the near future. Speaking of YouTube millionaires, have you heard of Sam the Cooking Guy? He is one of YouTube’s chefs and he has made a name (and a pretty penny) for himself. Here’s a look at Sam the Cooking Guy’s Net Worth. [Read more…]

August Alsina’s Net Worth

August Alsina's net worth

August Alsina has been in the spotlight for almost a decade, but he broke the internet recently after revealing he and Will Smith’s wife had a years-long affair. It seems this announcement came just days after the release of Alsina’s latest album. Here is a look at what the entanglement and some time off has done to August Alsina’s net worth… [Read more…]

What is Singer Gordon Lightfoot’s Net Worth?

Gordon Lightfoot's net worth

A name you probably have heard in a while is releasing another album in 2020. That’s right Gordon Lightfoot is releasing an album called Solo this year. Fans haven’t heard from him in years, so what’s new with him, and what is Gordon Lightfoot’s net worth? [Read more…]

3 People Who Became Famous During the Pandemic

People who became famous during the pandemic

The pandemic has put a damper on work for many celebrities, artists, and performers. However, COVID-19 hasn’t slowed things down for everyone. In fact, some celebs have been able to use the crisis to help people around the world and simultaneously improve their image. Others have been able to stay relevant by becoming content creators (via podcasts, YouTube channels, TikTok, and the like), while others have managed to ruin their public image during their time off. Here are three people who became famous during the pandemic (or at least got more visibility). [Read more…]