Mila Kunis’ Net Worth

Mila Kunis Net Worth


You might best know actress Mila Kunis from her role as Jackie on “That ’70s Show.” Or maybe you know her better from “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” the breakout film she did ten years after starting her role as Jackie. On the other hand, if you’re an Ashton Kutcher fan, you might know her best as his wife and the mother of their two children. Regardless of where you know her from, chances are that you do know her. So, obviously, she’s a celebrity. What is Mila Kunis’ net worth?

Who Is Mila Kunis: Childhood

According to her IMDB profile, she was born Miléna Márkovna Kúnis. She was born to an Ashkenazi Jewish, Russian-speaking family in the Ukraine in 1983. The family consisted of her father (a mechanical engineer), her mother (a physics teacher), and her older brother Michael. When she was about eight years old they all relocated to Los Angeles. By the time that she was nine, her father had signed her up for acting classes.

Mila Kunis’ Professional Life

Within a few years of moving to LA, Mila had an agent and began to get her first professional acting jobs. She was on an episode of “Days of Our Lives” and then on the “The John Larroquette Show.” Next, she played a character named Melinda in the short film “Make a Wish, Molly.” The 1995 film is about a Russian-Jewish immigrant teased for the differences of her culture. Although Mila, then age 12, wasn’t the star of the film, she did well and her acting career began to take off.

Mila Kunis’ TV and Videos

Mila really became widely known when she began her role as Jackie in “That ’70s Show.” She held that role from 1998 – 2006. Starting in 1999, and continuing all the way through 2021, she also played the voice of Meg on “Family Guy.” But before that and all through filming the show, she also did a number of other TV and video appearances.

Those include episodes of:

  • “Hudson Street”
  • “Baywatch”
  • “Unhappily Ever After”
  • “Walker, Texas Ranger”
  • “Get Real”
  • “Mad TV”
  • “Grounded for Life”

She had recurring roles on:

  • “Nick Freno: Licensed Teacher”
  • “7th Heaven”

She appeared in videos including:

  • “Aerosmith: Jaded”
  • “American Psycho II: All American Girl”
  • “The Strokes: The End Has No End.”

And she played the young version of Gia in the TV film of the same name.

Mila Kunis’ Films

Although she’s well-known for all of these TV appearances, particularly on “That ’70s Show” and “Family Guy,” she’s also proven that she has the chops for the big screen. She had small roles in a number of films throughout her career. When she played Rachel in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” people really began to pay attention. Some of the films she’s been in since that 2008 movie include:

  • “The Book of Eli”
  • “Black Swan”
  • “Friends with Benefits”
  • “Oz The Great and Powerful”
  • “Blood Ties”
  • “Bad Moms” and “A Bad Moms Christmas”
  • “The Spy Who Dumped Me”
  • “Four Good Days”

Her most recent film credits include 2021’s “Breaking News in Yuba County,” the now-filming “Luckiest Girl Alive,” and “Jackpot,” which is in pre-production.

Mily Kunis’ Awards and Recognition

IMDB doesn’t list any big awards or nominations like Emmys. However, if you dig further, even just as far as Wikipedia, then you’ll quickly see she’s received a variety of nominations. In particular, she received a number of Oscar nominations in 2o11 for “Black Swan,” including a Best Supporting Actress Nomination. She also received an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Comedy for 2013’s “Ted.” Fun Fact: in those same two years she received MTV’s “best kiss” nomination for her kisses with Natalie Portman in “Black Swan” and with Mark Wahlberg in “Ted.”

Awards she’s actually won according to Wikipedia include:

  • 2014’s Best Villian for “Oz The Great and Powerful” from MTV Awards
  • Best Supporting Actress for “Black Swan” from Oklahoma Film Critics Circle, Saturn Awards, and Scream Awards
  • Marcello Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actress for Best Young Actress, also for “Black Swan” from Venice Film Festival
  • Spike Guys’ Choice Award, twice, essentially for being sexy

IMDB also makes notes that Mila Kunis regularly makes the “Top” lists, often for her looks. Way back in 2002, she ranked on Stuff magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women in the World” list in 2002. Between 2003 and 2016, she usually made the annual Maxim’s “Hot 100” list. In fact, she ranked #5 in 2009 and 2011, #3 in 2012, and #4 in 2013. She’s also regularly ranked on FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” (including the UK and Australia lists). In fact, in 2013, she reached #1 on that list. Those are just a few of the lists that essentially celebrate how gorgeous she is.

Who Is Mila Kunis: Adult Personal Life

So what’s the story behind this gorgeous woman’s real life? She met Ashton Kutcher back on “That ’70s Show.” In fact, IMDB reports that her first kiss was with him on that show. However, it took 14 years before they began a real life relationship. Kutcher was famously linked romantically with Demi Moore. And Mila’s most well-known relationship before him was with Macaulay Caulkin. She and the “Home Alone” actor broke up in 2011, the same year that Kutcher and Moore divorced.

Kunis and Kutcher reconnected at The Golden Globes the following January and began to date each other. By April, they had moved in together. (Notably, Kutcher’s divorce wasn’t finalized until about six months later.) The couple got engaged in early 2014. In October of that same year, they had their first child together, a daughter named Wyatt Isabelle. The couple married in 2015. By the end of 2016, they also had a son, Dimitri Portwood.

As far as the public can tell, they seem to have a happy relationship. They most recently made headlines because Ashton Kutcher had bought one of those tickets to fly into outer space but Mila Kunis convinced him that wasn’t the best idea now that he has a family. Of course, they have they money for those kind of extravagances, so she was probably thinking about his safety more than the finances.

Mila Kunis’ Net Worth

And what exactly are those family finances? We don’t really know how the two choose to divide their family finances. However, we do know that celebrity finance fans have calculated their net worth separately. Most reports as of 2020 and Mila Kunis’ net worth at about $66 million. However, by 2021, she’s reportedly worth $75 million. Her husband, on the other hand, is worth $200 million, due not only to his acting history but also to his venture capital investments.

Mila Kunis’ Income and Assets

Obviously, Kunis makes most of her money from her acting work. Boss Hunting reports that she earned about $225,000 per “Family Guy” episode alone. That’s a long way from the $250 total that her family came to the United States with according to Celebrity Net Worth.

It’s unclear exactly what property she owns now. Moreover, since she co-owns some with Kutcher, we can’t break down her exact assets independently. However, according to Celebrity Net Worth some of her home purchases over the years have included:

  • Over one half million for a West Hollywood condo in 2002 (before she was even 20 years old)
  • Nearly $2 million for a Laurel Canyon home in 2008, which she appears to have sold later for about $3.8 million
  • $10.2 million for a Beverly Hills home in 2014 with Kutcher; in 2020 they listed it for sale at about $14 million
  • $10 million for a new beach home with Kutcher in 2017

Their newest home, “a sustainable LA Farmhouse” on six acres, has been regularly featured in publications such as Architectural Digest.

Together, Kunis and Kutcher have owned a variety of nice cars over the years including a Tesla and a Ferrari.

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Bankruptcy lawyer – someone Nicholas Cage had to call.

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At one time, Cage was one of Hollywood’s highest-paid actors. But an affinity for purchasing properties – including manors and castles – and some trouble with his taxes soon saw Cage’s wealth plummet, and he is apparently still currently trying to take on as many film projects as possible to pay off his debts. Here’s a look at what Nicholas Cage’s net worth is now and what happened.

Nicholas Cage’s Career and Original Net Worth

Nicholas Cage has had an interesting career. He is an Academy Award winner and has starred in many critically acclaimed films, as well as many that were slammed by critics. Some of his notable films include The Rock, Snake Eyes, City of Angels and Kick-Ass.

In the early 2000s, it was reported that Cage was earning a fee of around $20 million per movie, which allowed him to quickly amass his fortune. He was said to have made $40 million in 2009 alone, so it’s not surprising that this actor was able to accumulate such a massive fortune in a short amount of time.

At the height of his career, Cage was reported to have a net worth of $150 million.

However, the actor’s unusual spending habits and taste for unique and expensive goods soon saw his fortune plummet, and the IRS demanded $6.2 million in property tax that led to the actor suing his business manager for failing to pay his taxes when they were due. His manager countered the lawsuit by claiming that Cage lived well beyond his means with his exotic purchasing and was not at fault. The courts dismissed both suits in 2010.

What Did Cage Spend His Fortune On?

Cage was once worth around $150 million (made between 1996 and 2011), but he squandered this fortune on a string of expensive purchases such as properties (his business manager claimed he wound up with 15 properties in total), automobiles – including 15 Rolls Royces –, expensive jewellery, artwork and various exotic items including a shark, a crocodile, an octopus, purebred dogs, two albino cobras and even a dinosaur skull.

Cage’s 15 properties spanned the world, including a $25 million waterfront home in California, an $8.5 million abode in Las Vegas and even a deserted island in the Bahamas for $3 million. While Cage tried to put much of the blame on his business manager for negligence and fraud, most agreed that his troubles were down to his own eccentric personal spending.

One of the actor’s more unusual purchases was a dinosaur skull belonging to a Tyrannosaurus Bataar. Cage reportedly outbid fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio for the skull, shelling out $276,000 for it back in 2007. He has since had to turn over the skull to the Mongolian government after it was revealed that the skull was illegally taken from Mongolia.

Nicholas Cage’s Net Worth: $25 Million

In 2017, it was reported that Cage was worth just $25 million of his previous $150 million fortune. As a result, the actor appears to be accepting as many film roles as possible in an effort to pay off his debts. He also auctioned off items he had squandered his money on, including a rare comic book which he bought in 1997 for $110,000, which he auctioned off and sold for a record-breaking $2.16 million in 2011.

The flurry of films that you will find Nicholas Cage appearing in will go some way to helping the actor set his finances in order, as well as the hiring of a new manager. The actor has admitted in interviews that money is a significant driving factor in choosing which roles to take on. However, he also claims that it is never the only reason, and that, while he knows not all of the movies he has made have been great, he only takes on jobs where he knows that the role he is playing is something that audiences would enjoy watching.

Cage is known to be a bankable actor in Hollywood, and, provided he kicks his habit of purchasing properties and ancient bones, he could double or even triple his net worth in the coming years and get himself out of debt.

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