Cable Girls Net Worth: How Much Do These Gals Make?

Cable girls net worth

Cable Girls is concluding its fifth and final season in July 2020. After five years of airing on Netflix, many people are sad to see it go. People really fell in love with the character. So here’s a look at the Cable Girls net worth.

Who Are The Cable Girls?

Cable Girls is a Netflix original series that focuses on a 1928 telecommunications company in Madrid. It focuses on four women working for the company. Lidia Aguilar Dávila (Blanca Suarez), Carlota Rodríguez de Senillosa (Ana Garcia), María Inmaculada “Marga” Suárez Pazos (Nadia Santiago), and Ángeles Vidal (Maggie Civantos) are the main characters and each of them has their own story within the series.

The show takes a look at the hardships women in the 1920s faced in Spain. It especially focuses on some of the severe restrictions that were placed on these women even though they worked full time and were adults.

Cable Girls Net Worth: How Much They Made

When it comes to each of the Cable Girls’ net worth, it depends on how much other work they’ve been able to land. For the most part, Netflix is paying actors and actresses around the same amount of money starting out. If the series is popular, the pay is likely to significantly increase.

Typically, Netflix starts performers out between $30,000 and $50,000 per episode. That can increase to $200,000 to $300,000 per episode if the series is a hit like Cable Girls has been. Take a look at the richest Netflix stars here.

Of course, for more experienced actors and actresses, these numbers may be higher. Sandra Bullock, for instance, played a huge role in Netflix’s Bird Box. She was likely paid more than some of the lesser-known performers working with the streaming site.

Blanca Suarez: $5 Million Net Worth

Cable girls net worth

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Blanca Suarez, who plays Lidia on the show, is estimated to be worth $5 million, with some guesses to be as low as $1 million. She has mostly acted in foreign television series. Suarez got her start in acting in 2007 on the Spanish TV show The Boarding School.

The 32-year-old actress has also performed in a number of small films and television programs as well. Her role on Cable Girls has gained her the most notoriety though and has been the most helpful in increasing her overall wealth.

Ana Fernandez Garcia: $30 Million

Ana Fernandez Garcia has a bit more wealth than her costar Suarez. She has also appeared in more TV and film. Currently, it is estimated that this Cable Girls’ net worth is between $25 and $30 million. Like Suarez, she has only appeared in Spanish-speaking roles.

Garcia also got her start in 2007 in a television show called Cuestión de sexo. She starred in the program for two years before setting out on other ventures. After playing another main role in the program Los protegidos, Garcia went on to play several smaller TV roles until landing Cable Girls in 2017. The biggest contributing factor to her wealth were the two recurring roles she landed early in her career.

Nadia de Santiago: $2 Million

Cable girls net worth


Nadia de Santiago has a lower net worth than the two previously mentioned Cable Girls. This is because Cable Girls has been her largest project yet. She is also notably the youngest of the four main actresses on the show. Prior to her involvement in the Netflix original series, Santiago has only played very minor roles in other television shows or small movies.

Thankfully, Cable Girls came along and gave her a bit more visibility. While there isn’t anything lined up for her in the immediate future, it’s safe to say her net worth (and work) will pick up soon.

Maggie Civantos: $5 Million

Maggie Civantos, also known as Angeles from Cable Girls, is estimated to have a net worth between $1 and $5 million. The 35-year-old actress has had some smaller roles prior to her involvement with the Netflix original series. However, like the others, Cable Girls has been her largest role yet.

So, if you put together the Cable Girls net worth together, the four women would be worth about $42 million cohesively. That’s a pretty penny!

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