What is Perry Noble’s Net Worth?

Perry Noble

You’ve probably heard about megachurches like Elevation popping up throughout the United States. Although they seem to get negative attention in the media, thousands of people attend these churches each week.

Most of the negative coverage megachurches have received is in relation to how much church leaders and pastors are making doing what they do. Elevation’s Steven Furtick was scrutinized for planning to build a $1.6 million home. Joel Osteen of Joel Osteen Ministries looked the other way when thousands of people needed help after a hurricane in Texas, despite having a net worth of more than $50 million.

NewSpring Church and Perry Noble

Perry Noble is another pastor whose name has been associated with one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the United States. Noble practically built NewSpring Church from the ground up. NewSpring, located in Anderson, South Carolina, was home to Noble for years.

During his time with the church, the congregation grew substantially. Under Noble, they expanded their congregation size to around 40,000 people, with 11 satellite locations. Additionally, about 7,000 people tuned in via television or radio to listen to Noble speak each week.

He gained recognition by the South Carolina Baptist Church Convention as the pastor. There is no doubt that Noble was key to NewSpring’s success. It rose to be the second-fastest growing church in the U.S. while he was there. However, not everything has gone easily in Noble’s career.

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Controversies in Perry Noble’s Career

The controversies surrounding Perry Noble’s career aren’t similar to the controversies that surround most other megachurch pastors. Most of the time, people are paying attention to the money they are bringing in and how much of it is coming from the congregation.

For Noble, the controversies he was involved in had more to do with things he said and did. For instance, he was accused of using the word “nigger” in a Christmas Eve ceremony. Many people were enraged. Despite the uproar, NewSpring Church backed its pastor up, stating that he never used the word.

Not too long after the Christmas Eve debacle, Noble misspoke again, causing outrage among many people in the congregation and otherwise. He stated that the Ten Commandments weren’t likely real by pointing out there is no Hebrew word for “command.” Eventually, Noble issued a tweet apologizing to his followers and it was never brought up again.

In summer of 2016, Noble was removed from the church as head pastor. Church officials said Noble’s persistent alcohol abuse was to blame for his removal.

Perry Noble’s Net Worth

Being removed from the church definitely hurt Noble. However, his wealth hasn’t been impacted significantly. Perry Noble’s net worth still sits around $2 million. And, if you’re like most people, you probably assume the bulk of his wealth stemmed from his work at NewSpring.

That isn’t the case though. While NewSpring helped Noble gain visibility, it did not really help build his net worth. He did collect a salary at the church, as most pastors do, but the bulk of his cash has come from books he’s published. It is estimated that he earns thousands of dollars each month through book royalties. In addition to the sale of his books, Noble has been earning money over the years by appearing at other churches as a guest pastor.

After being removed from NewSpring, Noble has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous to try and get his drinking under control. He’s been doing this in hopes of opening a new church in the new year. Opening a church of his own will definitely help increase Noble’s net worth in the future as well as help re-establish himself in the church sector. Only time will tell how Perry Noble’s career will continue.

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