Best Buys for Father’s Day Gifts

Best Buys for Father's Day Take Care of Dad without Breaking the Bank

Father’s Day is coming up on June 17. What can you get dad to celebrate his special day without loading up the credit cards?
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Will Trump Make It Harder to Discharge Student Loan Debt?

Bankruptcy Rules Might Go Up for Review

Is Trump Making It Easier To Get Out From Student Loan Debt?

According to the G.19 Consumer Credit Report recently released by the Federal Reserve, America’s total student loan debt has topped $1.5 billion – and we are having trouble paying off that debt. At of the end of 2017, a whopping 11 percent of student loans were either ninety days delinquent or in default.
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Father’s Day Gifts for the Other Dads in Your Life

Father's Day Gifts for the Other Dads in Your Life
This year, people are spending an average of $133 apiece buying Father’s Day gifts and outings; some of that figure reflects the fact that people might be buying for more than one dad in their life — like uncles, brothers, cousins and even significant others (for those who are divorced and dating again). Although a lot of the ads surrounding the holiday tend to suggest only what you might give your own dad, the following list is all about other men. Here are 14 ideas for Father’s Day gifts for the other dads in your life.
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5 Biggest Warning Signs for Student Loan Debt

5 Biggest Warning Signs for Student Loan DebtAs a nation, America’s student debt load is reaching crisis proportions. The New York Federal Reserve puts the total student loan debt at over $1.52 trillion, with the delinquency rate over 11 percent.

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