Money Management Basics They Didn’t Teach You in High School

 High school prepares you for calculating the volume of a three-dimensional object, for finding motifs and themes in a literary work and for spouting off facts about the American Civil War — but it doesn’t necessarily teach you life skills to help you survive and thrive as an adult. One of the most significant gaps in American public-school education concerns financial literacy, or being capable of understanding financial terms and managing your money well.

Even if you endured home economics or some sort of personal finance class in high school, you might not have covered all the essential information for successfully navigating money management in this day and age. Here are five fundamental truths about money management you might have missed in school: [Read more…]

Why Investing in Health Education Matters

Investing in health education is not only beneficial to the development of the healthcare sector, but it is rather a big push for economic growth and our growth as a nation. Putting enough money into education and health education, in particular, is what promotes awareness among citizens, allowing them to make calculated decisions and practice preventive medical care. The lack of public health awareness results in a shortened life expectancy and higher rates of diseases and chronic conditions. You’d be surprised by the great number of diseases that could easily be prevented with the right practices. Since this crucial subject encompasses different layers, here are some convincing reasons why investing in health education should be our top priority, especially for the healthcare workforce.

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Seven Successful Sales Strategies: Why They Work

Sales is an aspect of marketing that one can barely talk of without incorporating them together. Most people learn about sales way earlier in school while others learn about them from articles on the custom thesis site. With the advent of technology and tech generally dominating every sphere of human life, it’s only logical to have more reach using technological means or enablers. Further, the potential client can easily spot a genuine or a fake brand immediately you try selling it to them. [Read more…]

Compete with Human Intuition AI Trading’ You should know About It

Artificial intelligence is considered to be one of the major barriers that it is used to change operations of a near-future business. From all kinds of industries to the process of logistics and human resources, everything has been made very simple to make it easier to adopt. It is no wonder at all that financial business is one of them. It is an area where traditional business technologies depend entirely on processing with very complex data, and at the same time, political, economic, and at the same time, depending on the behavior of the consumer. In spite of this, there are a few inspectors who believe that this crunching is very simple. [Read more…]