These 4 Things Can Hurt Your Credit Score

A credit score is a numerical analysis of a person’s experience with credit. A higher number shows creditors and other financial authorities that they are a low-risk borrower. A low number indicates that they are high-risk.  [Read more…]

How Roger Federer Became the Highest Grossing Athlete on the Planet

Roger Federer has always been a popular sports personality but his star has risen exponentially in recent years, even though his appearances on the ATP Tour have begun to diminish as his incredible career draws to a close. [Read more…]

The Rise of the Digital Celeb, and How They Make Their Money

Recent years have brought significant changes to the world of entertainment, with plenty of new avenues opening up on social media and popular content sharing sites for anyone with the dream of earning celebrity status, and earning a killing doing what they love.

While only a small few will grow into household names on social media, the fact remains that the ‘internet celebrity’ is fast growing synonymous with the celebrities we are more commonly used to seeing on our screens. The line is more blurred than ever before, with a new wave of digital celebs making plenty of red carpet appearances, and moving into the LA homes once reserved for the Hollywood elites.

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Games streaming has undergone incredible growth in recent years. Market leader Twitch, a site dedicated to showcasing players of massively popular games, was founded just nine years ago, and has since seen remarkable uptake among users. It now boasts around 15 million daily visitors to the site, and a growing list of professional streamers rising to fame and fortune from around the world.

All manner of games are played on the site, and there’s plenty of money to be earned by those who can appeal to large audiences. Many are already earning million-dollar salaries through streaming their gameplay – in just a few years, the value of rising to celebrity-status through streaming has already become apparent.

For those who are content to sit and observe, this boon within the streaming industry means there are plenty of options for free or cheap entertainment. So, whether you want to find out how to watch casino online free, or need help getting through that seemingly impossible level in Spelunky 2, there will always be plenty of opportunities to turn to the professionals of the gaming world.


The term ‘influencer’ may be somewhat divisive on YouTube and social media, but there is no denying quite how lucrative Insta-fame really is for a wide variety of makeup gurus utilising some of the most popular content sharing platforms on the web today.

The first makeup tutorials arrived on YouTube’s site in around 2007 – just two years after the site was established. In just over a decade, it has boosted numerous names to stardom, and created a fair few celebrities including Michelle Phan, Nikkie de Jager, and Em Ford.

Similarly, founder of the hugely successful makeup brand Glossier, Emily Weiss, began her career in the makeup industry by blogging about her own tips and tracks with the creative medium. Now, the company is valued at well over $1 billion, which it testament to how powerful an online following is – both in terms of marketing, and successful product creation.


Whether the word strikes fear in you or gets you motivated to switch off Netflix and get out to the gym, the world of online workouts has proven highly successful over the years. Popular workout guru Cassey Ho (AKA Blogilates) has made millions posting her workout tutorials to YouTube, and has grown into a household name since her first video was published back in 2009.

Similarly, British fitness coach Joe Wicks has earned a high level of fame through YouTube, and recently earned a Guinness World Record for the number of viewers he received on a single video. Some estimates put his net worth at well over £14 million, which is yet another example of the incredible earnings and celebrity statuses up for grabs for anyone with the skills and dedication to make a splash on digital content sharing platforms.

Mastering the art of trading in few easy steps

It is the dream of every Forex trader to be successful and earn a lot of money in each trade. However, their dreams don’t come true because of their own mistakes. Many people think that trading is too easy, and they think it’s like buying a stock and selling it after a certain period. However, the real situation of the market is complicated and a lack of sufficient knowledge and analytical skills will surely ruin your trading account. [Read more…]