Enter the Business World with Openedge by Your Side

There are a ton of things you can learn from becoming apart of the business world, but taking that first step is challenging. Trust me, the last thing you want to do is to jump into the business world not knowing what direction you want to go in. The world has changed dramatically with so many different developments over the years, especially with technology. As time continues things are going to progress even further than they are now. Being that things are changing, a lot of business are looking to adapt to every change possible. Running a business comes with a lot of crucial responsibilities. Which leads to one question you are going to want to ask yourself, are you ready to take on these changes?

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5 Small Business Solutions You Should Be Using Now

A small business that cares about its security and project management should try to implement some small business solutions that can help in achieving its biggest dreams yet without wasting resources.

Running a small business is expensive if you do not have the heart to take risks. If you can take risks like the most business owner, then you must review all decisions you or your team make and identify the best software that fits within your business. We will help you identify some of the best overtime tracking software your small business should be using.

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Breaking Down LeBron James’s Net Worth

When you think of basketball legends, there are a few names that come to mind: Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and LeBron James. While there are different reasons each sports star is a household name, we’re going to take a moment to learn about LeBron James and discover how he came to earn his current net worth over the course of his career.

Photo by Keith Allison / CC BY-SA 2.0

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When to Rent a Forklift As Opposed to Purchasing One

Whеn deciding whеthеr уоu nееd tо rеnt a fоrklіft оr buy оnе, соnѕіdеr fіrѕt thе рауmеnt орtіоnѕ іn bоth іnѕtаnсеѕ. If рurсhаѕіng hеаvу lоаd еquірmеnt соѕtѕ thе ѕаmе оr lеѕѕ thаn lоng-tеrm contracting, іt mау bе a bеttеr орtіоn tо buy thаn tо rеnt.

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