What is Perry Noble’s Net Worth?

Perry Noble's net worth
You’ve probably heard about megachurches like Elevation popping up throughout the United States. Although they seem to get negative attention in the media, thousands of people attend these churches each week.

Most of the negative coverage megachurches have received is in relation to how much church leaders and pastors are making doing what they do. Elevation’s Steven Furtick was scrutinized for planning to build a $1.6 million home. Joel Osteen of Joel Osteen Ministries looked the other way when thousands of people needed help after a hurricane in Texas, despite having a net worth of more than $50 million.

NewSpring Church and Perry Noble

Perry Noble is another pastor whose name has been associated with one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in the United States. Noble practically built NewSpring Church from the ground up. NewSpring, located in Anderson, South Carolina, was home to Noble for years.

During his time with the church, the congregation grew substantially. Under Noble, they expanded their congregation size to around 40,000 people, with 11 satellite locations. Additionally, about 7,000 people tuned in via television or radio to listen to Noble speak each week.

He gained recognition by the South Carolina Baptist Church Convention as the pastor. There is no doubt that Noble was key to NewSpring’s success. It rose to be the second-fastest growing church in the U.S. while he was there. However, not everything has gone easily in Noble’s career.

Controversies in Perry Noble’s Career

The controversies surrounding Perry Noble’s career aren’t similar to the controversies that surround most other megachurch pastors. Most of the time, people are paying attention to the money they are bringing in and how much of it is coming from the congregation.

For Noble, the controversies he was involved in had more to do with things he said and did. For instance, he was accused of using the word “nigger” in a Christmas Eve ceremony. Many people were enraged. Despite the uproar, NewSpring Church backed its pastor up, stating that he never used the word.

Not too long after the Christmas Eve debacle, Noble misspoke again, causing outrage among many people in the congregation and otherwise. He stated that the Ten Commandments weren’t likely real by pointing out there is no Hebrew word for “command.” Eventually, Noble issued a tweet apologizing to his followers and it was never brought up again.

In summer of 2016, Noble was removed from the church as head pastor. Church officials said Noble’s persistent alcohol abuse was to blame for his removal.

Perry Noble’s Net Worth

Being removed from the church definitely hurt Noble. However, his wealth hasn’t been impacted significantly. Perry Noble’s net worth still sits around $2 million. And, if you’re like most people, you probably assume the bulk of his wealth stemmed from his work at NewSpring.

That isn’t the case though. While NewSpring helped Noble gain visibility, it did not really help build his net worth. He did collect a salary at the church, as most pastors do, but the bulk of his cash has come from books he’s published. It is estimated that he earns thousands of dollars each month through book royalties. In addition to the sale of his books, Noble has been earning money over the years by appearing at other churches as a guest pastor.

After being removed from NewSpring, Noble has been attending Alcoholics Anonymous to try and get his drinking under control. He’s been doing this in hopes of opening a new church in the new year. Opening a church of his own will definitely help increase Noble’s net worth in the future as well as help re-establish himself in the church sector. Only time will tell how Perry Noble’s career will continue.

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Saving money on your daily commute – how to do it?

You may love your new car. Or, you may be a motorbike enthusiast who has spent hours looking at motorbike sales, to find the perfect machine for you. But, is it better to keep using a car or a bike to leisure activities, that do not involve your daily commute. Let’s face it, you do not want to spend any more than you have to on getting to work or college each day. Being stuck in traffic, or dealing with the stress of negotiating the rush hour is not much fun either.

So, what are the best ways to save money commuting each day? Here are some ideas you may want to think about.


  • The benefits of public transport


Many cities and towns have excellent public transport systems. Instead of just jumping in the car, or on the motorbike, each day, why not check out your local public transport timetables. Even if the train or bus does not stop right outside your home, or place of work, you can always walk or cycle the rest of the way. You can save additional money using public transport by checking out options for season tickets.

If you do decide to take public transport on your daily commute, you need to make sure that you use transport websites to check for any disruption. You do not want to get to the train station, only to discover that there are major delays.


  • Thinking about cycle power


Cycling is not just good for you, it can also save you money on your daily commute. You just have the initial expense of purchasing a bike to think about, plus any ongoing maintenance costs. Of course, you also need to concentrate on riding safely, especially when the roads are busy with traffic.


  • Is it close enough to walk?


If you are fit and healthy, and you live two miles or less from where you work, you should be able to walk the distance in approximately forty minutes. Doing so can help to improve your health, as well as saving you on fuel costs, or public transport expenses.


  • The option of car sharing


If you want to drive to work or college, why not consider car sharing? Doing so means you reduce the amount of times you need to use your vehicle, thereby reducing fuel and maintenance costs.


  • Reduce the cost of driving or riding


If it really is a lot easier to drive a car or ride a motorbike to get to work, and you cannot car share, you may want to think about ways that you can reduce the costs involved. Here are some tips to help you to do this:

  • Drive efficiently at all times.
  • Make sure your car or motorbike is regularly maintained.
  • Park a little further away from your place of work, and walk the remaining distance, if this saves on parking expenses.

Each of these tips can help save on the cost of using your car or motorbike for your daily commute.

As you can see, there are several ways in which you can reduce the cost of your daily commute, whether you decide to use public transport, walk, cycle or simply make it more cost effective to use your car or motorbike.


10 Easy and Effective Ways to Make Money as a Student

Are you in college? Then you definitely need more money. With loans, rents and other expenses beating at the door, the ability to make a little extra cash gives you a breath of fresh air. There’re excellent opportunities for you to earn without damaging your studies.

The following ideas don’t require you to work 15 hours or more every week as opposed to part-time jobs. A flexible schedule will help you stay focused on studying. You will also understand budgeting as you walk you through the process of tracking your income and spending. Read on to learn 10 helpful ways to earn extra money.

  1. Selling unnecessary clothes

Don’t want to wear that Zara leather you bought last autumn anymore? Or late-night snacks caused your skinny jeans lay in the wardrobe for months? Find a new owner for them! List your clothing items for sale on eBay.

ThredUp can help you to get rid of the garments you’re tired of. They accept good brands that are slightly worn. So, filter your closet.

  1. Freelance Writing

Does your professor praise you for the writing assignments? Maybe it’s time to get something more than good grades for your academic papers! The company like essayservice.com academic services is a nice place to start. Try to work as an essay writer or an editor there

Apart from professional essay writing, other areas where you can monetize your writing skills are blogs, websites, newspapers and magazines. Just find your field of expertise.

  1. Starting a Blog

If you like the previous idea of freelance writing, think about blogging. You’ll quickly create a portfolio for the prospective clients to see. And it will give you a possibility to earn passive income from affiliate marketing. Here’s a short explanation on the latter.

A blogger adds an affiliate link to a product. Visitors click on the link and go to the site where they may make a purchase. If they buy the product, the blogger gets a percentage. The advantage of affiliate links is that they keep bringing you income as long as readers visit your site and follow the links.

  1. Starting a YouTube Channel

If writing isn’t your cup of tea, a vlog is an alternative way to get online income. Videos are more pervasive when it comes to marketing. People can see you playing a video game, trying out a face mask, or wearing clothes.

Both the written blog and video blog should have many subscribers to bring a steady income. The most followed YouTubers make collaborations with brands to design special products. It has financial benefits for both bloggers and businesses.

5. Selling Last Semester’s Books

Got some old textbooks that you don’t need for the coming year? Why not sell them?

Your college bookstore is not the best place for that. The cash redemption will be the lowest. Instead, consider the sites like Books Counter, WeBuyBooks.co.uk, BookScouter, or sale sites like eBay and Amazon. If there’s some fiction on your shelves, you can also turn it into dollars.

  1. Giving Campus Tours

Many colleges offer guided campus tours. Prospective students come to get an idea of campus life in a particular school. Other visitors want to see the historic buildings or sites situated on the college’s grounds. Being your college tour guide is an easy way to make some funds without a huge time commitment.

  1. Becoming a Handyman

Have you ever mowed lawns, fixed leaky faucets or painted bedrooms? This experience may come in handy to you now. Visit TaskRabbit. People use this site to find someone who can help them with moving, home repair, yard work and other tasks. There’s always someone in the local community who needs a pair of extra hands. This can be a one-time chore that can help you pay for your Saturday night out.

  1. Tutor

If you’re in college, chances are that you have good knowledge of some subjects. You can help high-schoolers to learn Chemistry catch up in Math, Biology, or Foreign Language. Use tutoring websites to advertise your services online. Payment starts at $10 per hour.

If you show academic strength in your college subject, then offer help to your peers. Explain lecture materials. Help in essay writing or other homework.

  1. Taking Care of Pets

If you adore dogs, then pet-sitting or dog walking is the right job for you. As a pet sitter, you will care for the animals while their owners are away, either for one day or longer periods. It involves playing with dogs, feeding and brushing them, and driving them to vets and grooming appointments. People can also ask you to clean up, water plants, or bring in newspapers and mail. These additional tasks mean additional money.

Dog walkers take doggies out, either individually or in small groups. If there’re any pups in your neighborhood that need to be walked, you could gather them together at the same time. Apps like DogVacay and BarknBorrow can connect with those who might want your services.

  1. Becoming a Graphic Designer

The big part of graphic design business is developing website graphics and logos. There’s a great demand for such services. As well as the competition. But it’s also possible to earn a good income by designing business cards, eBook covers, wall art, personalized gifts, t-shirts, and product packaging.

Use 99 Designs and Café Press to find individual clients and companies looking for a skilled designer. It can become your full-time job in future. If you start now, you’ll have an impressive portfolio after graduation.

These ideas don’t take a significant amount of time, effort, resources, or money investments. But they can give you more than some extra bucks. It’s the opportunity to assess your abilities in a particular sphere and your entrepreneur potential. Each of these options can be developed into a successful start-up. You can end up having a textbook store, providing city tours with local guides, or running a cleaning service. Just try!

About the Author: Michelle Brooks is the blogger at the educational website. Her expertise includes career, education, college life and self-development.


Digital encryption technology used by major banking institutions

The digital encryption technology used by major banking institutions really can keep a lot of their customers safe. This technology is even more important in the modern world. A lot of important transactions are being conducted online in the modern world of banking. Paperless billing is the norm in the modern world. Banking systems are almost entirely Internet-based now, and this is the sort of thing that will only continue to become more dominant.

Many people are interested in the fact that the encryption technology keeping them safe is advancing. They know that a lot of cyber criminals are getting better at what they do as well. However, the methods that are being used to stop them are starting to become just as impressive, and this is ultimately what matters in the equation. There is something of a ‘sword and shield’ situation, and it looks like both sides of the equation are advancing in their own way and on their own schedule.

People should also remember that major banking institutions have every reason to invest in encryption technology that is actually going to work and that will keep their customers safe. A lot of people are under the impression that these organizations are outdated and that their technology is equally old. However, this is not the case.

Many people are now seeing a world where a lot of people are moving towards online banking, and that means that everything that goes with online banking will have to be more important. Encryption and Internet security is one of the most important parts of online banking, and so people will see it all emphasized more often.

There are different possibilities involved with the future of digital encryption. In all likelihood, it is just going to get even better. People will be able to anticipate a lot of different changes with this technology. It looks like a lot of cyber criminals will have a harder time with it, and the digital encryption is moving faster than they are.

Other forms of bank fraud are starting to get more difficult in the modern world. A lot of people are in a situation where they are avoiding paper checks. The forgery of paper checks will no longer be a criminal enterprise in the modern world, even though it used to be a major facet of all forms of bank fraud.

People will see fewer forms of fraud that involve paper bills. In a world of paperless billing, a lot of people will see some forms of cyber crime increase even as other forms of crime start to decrease. Really, this is just a shift in the nature of the crimes that are being committed. It does not actually mean that the digital encryption that banking software companies use is not working.

There will be some successful cyber criminals even in the modern world. However, these people are getting to a point where they will struggle at getting past the encryption that major organizations rely on each day.