Kabbage Loans vs Funding Circle: Which Should You Go With?

In the United States, there are about 30 million small businesses that make up 99% of the business market.

When you want to start a small business, funding is one of the most important elements. There are plenty of loans and options, but two that stand out are Kabbage loans and Funding Circle.

If you see a small business in your future, but you’re unsure about where to begin looking for loans, we’re putting Kabbage and Funding Circle under the microscope and weighing the pros and cons of each. Read on to discover which lender might work best for you!

Kabbage Loans

If you’re looking for a loan fast and have less-than-stellar credit, a loan from Kabbage might work for you. They lend lower amounts in the thousands, all the way to $250,000 with the life of the loan last anywhere from 6-18 months by connecting with your business account.

One of the standouts of Kabbage is how quickly you can access your loan. After approval, you receive your line of credit within a few days. However, each transaction you make has a fee attached.

Sometimes when your credit isn’t good lenders see you as risky and will turn you away when applying for a loan. Kabbage is welcoming to those whose credit scores might fall short for other lenders. Unlike traditional lenders, Kabbage’s standards consist of reviewing your revenue and the length of time you’ve been in business to discern if you qualify.

The cost of using Kabbage seems on the higher side, with rates ranging from the low 20s all the way to 99%. You’ll also pay a portion of fees within the first six months of the loan, then the fees fall to 1%.

Kabbage vs Funding Circle: Which lender is right for you?

Funding Circle Loans

Funding Circle is another lender that works with small businesses, however, work for business owners that have been working for 2 years or more. The life of their loans is anywhere from one to five years with loan amounts of $25,000 to $500,000.

With Funding Circle aiming towards more experienced business owners, their standards for loan approval are a bit more rigorous. You’ll need a credit score of 620 to be considered, but their rates are lower than Kabbage, starting at just over 5% to in the mid-30s. If you need a short-term loan (about six months) they can meet that need with no prepayment penalty.

Approval can take as little as 10 minutes, but acquiring the money is not as quick as Kabbage. Typically you’ll receive the money in about 7 days.

Funding Circle can be a perfect option for you if you’re an established business owner looking for a loan, however, they do not operate with businesses in Nevada.

Kabbage and Funding Circle: Business Loans That Meet Your Needs

When it comes to running your own business, managing your funds is vital to business health. Whether you choose Kabbage loans or Funding Circle, you can be sure that you’re making the right decision for your company.

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Pros and Cons of a Teaching Profession

In most cases, the choice to take up teaching as a career choice is driven by the passion for children and also as a result of love for specific subjects. However, just like with other careers, this profession is not for everyone, and it has its cons and pros. If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, it is imperative that you evaluate both the positives and the negatives of the profession before hiring online resume writing services to help you write up a CV to secure your desired teaching position. It is essential to keep in mind that the downsides of teaching are what will lead to stress and resentment. Thus, ensure that you are well informed on how to respond and tackle the cons before you make your decision.

Here are the common pros and cons of teaching which will be helpful when deciding on whether to become a teacher.


Convenient Working Hours

Unlike other careers, teaching has a friendly schedule since your teaching sessions will be from around 7.30am-3.30pm on weekdays and you will not be required to work on the weekends. More so, there is also a summer break which takes almost two months. And even better, during this time, you will continue receiving your salary. More so, you can take up a summer job or an extra part-time job when the school resumes working during the extra time.

Sense of Accomplishment

As a teacher, you play an essential part in developing the student’s career path which gives a sense of accomplishment. A teacher has the power to crush or build his/her student’s education spirit, and the impact on the students lasts almost for a lifetime. Research carried out by ING Foundation shows that 88% of Americans uphold that their teachers play a critical part in building their confidence.

It’s Never Boring

You can never have two similar classes or students, and this means that there is always something new and challenging. But this means that, as a teacher, you will always be on your toes and there will be no boredom. Since there are many students in a classroom, you can be sure that even if you teach the same subject all day, it will always be different every time.

Creates Bond that Lasts a Lifetime

As a teacher, every day you will be making bonds with your students which can last a lifetime. You also have the opportunity to become an influencer and a role model that the scholars can look up to. As a good teacher, you should help mentor your pupils into morally upright individuals who dare to face the world as it is.

Health Insurance and Retirement Plan Benefits

As a teacher, you will have access to benefits such as health insurance and retirement plan perks which are not available in most careers. This will provide peace of mind, and you will be motivated to work since you will be relieved of the stress of medical bills.


The Job is not glamorous

The profession is quite undermined by society, and many people will not appreciate you as a teacher. You will be perceived as a person who often complains about anything. Others claim that you became a teacher because you could not qualify to do any other thing.

Poor Pay

Teachers are among the most underpaid workers.  If your target is to make money out of your career, then teaching is not your ideal option. Teachers engage in other part-time activities to make an extra coin, and this means teaching alone is not sustainable.

Stress and Frustrations

This profession has so many stakeholders with too many demands. They include parents, administrators and the community who will ask you to deliver results even under the most difficult conditions. If you do not produce good results, the administrators will sabotage your career.

Final Word

While the profession is critical in equipping people with knowledge, it has some disadvantages as well. It is not different from other professions like medicine where practitioners experience endless challenges. You may adopt the profession because apparently, there are more advantages than the demerits.

Money-Making Side Hustles in Ecommerce

Want to earn more on the side, but not quite ready to quit your day job yet?

Ecommerce is a great way to start your entrepreneurial journey because it’s low-cost and low-risk. It can also get going fairly quickly, and be less hands-on than a second job.

Here is all you need to know to go from ecommerce newbie to ecommerce entrepreneur in a day. The hardest part of ecommerce side hustles is just getting started, so start today and get one step closer to being in a better place economically.

Figuring Out What You’re Selling

What is an ecommerce store? According to Shopify, it is a digital space in which customers transfer money (and data) in exchange for goods or services. This begs the question, what should you sell?

To find what you should be selling online in the ecommerce marketplace, do a keyword search. This is probably one of the most important tasks of the day, and the one you should start with. Keyword research will not only tell you what products to stock and what product categories to include, but it will also help you suss out the competition and size up your intended niche.

If you start broad and home in, you are able to explore different keyword avenues to make sure you’re covering all bases. Save all your data in spreadsheets and use data filtering to help you manage keyword variants. Also, be sure to make a list of all the keywords you need to use in your title tags and on your product and category pages and have it open when you write.

Keep Things Simple with Drop Shipping

Product development and working with suppliers can take a pretty big amount of time up, so why not start with drop shipping instead? Drop shipping means that you only handle the sales side of the bargain – leaving the order fulfilment to someone else. This means you don’t have to handle product and can be much more flexible to do your full-time job.

To start, you will need to find a supplier who matches your criteria. The best option is a wholesaler who will allow you to use your own branding to make the whole chain more consistent for the consumer. Go with someone reliable with a good track record. Remember, you’ll be dealing with the fallout on the customer side. As the sales side of this sort of operation, you become the person who hears from customers if things do not go well.

You can become a seller on third-party sites like Amazon or eBay and take advantage of retail arbitrage, or have more creative and personal control over your ecommerce site on a platform like Shopify. These sites have great SEO and their product pages rank well, so this could be potentially lucrative if you get the right deals.

Harness the Power of Affiliate Marketing

Another interesting place to look into is affiliate marketing is another popular niche which is all about commission-based earning. Affiliate marketing is easy to set up as you don’t handle the products yourself, but some affiliate programs don’t offer great commission. The best way to make an impressive profit is to handle as much as you can on your own.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

When you’re short on time and energy for a side hustle, be sure to avoid trying to do too much. Adapt processes and paperwork from other stores and merchants and customize them so that they fit in with what you are trying to achieve.

Don’t go and write your terms and conditions, delivery policy and privacy policy all by yourself. What ends up happening is that you will just get needlessly delayed and frustrated. There are loads of policy generator tools and plugins out there that you can tweak and refine. Also, be sure to use competitor research as your launch pad. Make sure not to copy what they are doing, but learn from their achievements and mistakes to form what you are doing in your ecommerce business.

In the end, your side hustle in the ecommerce space may become so profitable that you can make it a full-time gig. For now, focus on doing these things to develop an ecommerce side hustle to bring in extra cash and make a greater living for yourself and others!

Angelina Jolie’s Stunning Career and Net Worth- An Article

Jolie is not only an award winner actress but also an effective movie chief, prestigious philanthropic and one of the world’s most influential ladies. On June 4, Angelina Jolie turns 43. A Hollywood celebrity since starting her film career during the ’90s, Jolie is among the most the richest actresses ever.

Within excess of 30 feature films added to her career, two Oscars, three Golden Globes and a World’s Most Beautiful title, the actress is persistently adding millions to her financial balance. Discover the insights regarding Jolie’s exciting life and the privileged insights behind her amazing wealth.

Similar to many other big names, Jolie has earned a robust sum of cash from underwriting bargains, including a $12 million contract with the apparel mark St. John and a $10 million manage Louis Vuitton she arrived in 2011, thanks to her contract writer, who may not be a cheap writer at all. In any case, Jolie’s $160 million net worth is essentially owed to her work in the film industry.

Regardless of her noteworthy riches, Jolie supposedly depicted herself as being “very responsible about cash” in a 2014 CNBC meet. Additionally, she is known for settling on modest financial decisions, for example, flying coach with her family in 2015 and driving a Lexus in 2013.

In any case, when Jolie and her ex Brad Pitt were as one, they demonstrated an ability to overdo it on their hobbies and interests. Along with buying a Cirrus SR22 jet worth an expected $334,700, the couple shelled out for Virgin Galactic tickets to space, which have a base cost of $200,000.

Jolie reliably shows up on Forbes’ rundown of the world’s most highest paid actresses. In 2015, she earned $15 million, which put her at No. 7 on the rundown.

Angelina Jolie Movies

Jolie commands robust sums for her acting abilities. While top actors and actresses generally earn between $15 million and $20 million for each movie, as per Time, Jolie got $33 million to star in Disney’s “Maleficent,” in spite of the fact that she wasn’t on-screen for almost four years earlier.

Her earning power is expected to a limited extent to a capacity to pull off diverse roles, going from her Oscar-winning portrayal of a psychiatric patient in “Girl, Interrupted” to her role as an action star in “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider.” Jolie is additionally highly paid as a result of her success in attracting foreign viewers to theatres.

In its opening weekend, “Maleficent” earned almost $70 million in North America and grossed more than $758 million total around the world. Her thriller “The Tourist” with co-star Johnny Depp made $278 million around the world, despite the fact that it was certainly not a major hit in the U.S. Movies Jolie has acted in have gotten $5.99 billion globally, as indicated by Box Office Mojo.

More recently, Jolie gave the voice to Tigress in “Kung Fu Panda 3,” which was released in January 2016 and grossed simply over $41 million domestically in its opening weekend. Also, the star has been spending time in the opposite side of the camera.

Jolie composed, directed and starred in “By the Sea” opposite Brad Pitt. She likewise directed the World War II drama “Unbroken,” which got simply over $30 million its opening weekend, making it the fourth-best Christmas Day opening ever. In spite of the fact that Jolie’s last movie was in 2016, she is currently filming “Maleficent 2” and “The One and Only Ivan.”

Angelina Jolie’s Personal Life

While Angelina Jolie’s life may seem polished, the actresses has had her share of trials. Jolie endured a time of depression amid which she cut herself, as per CBS News. She additionally has endured three fizzled marriages, including her 2016 split from Brad Pitt, with whom she has six youngsters.

Moreover, Jolie has encountered some serious health issues in recent years. After discovering she has a gene that expands her danger of creating cancer, she decided to have a preventative mastectomy in 2013. She later had her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed.

Despite her own battles, Jolie has put it all on the line to help other people. An outstanding humanitarian, Jolie fills in as a Special Envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. In addition to donating more than $5 million to the agency, she wrote a book based on her early experiences with refugees, the returns of which go to the UNHCR.


The development of the Jolie-Pitt brood is an incredible story. Jolie adopted her son Maddox from Cambodia in 2002. After three years, she extended the family with the selection of Zahara Marley.

In 2006, the couple had their first natural little girl, Shiloh Nouvel, who likes to be called John, as indicated by The Telegraph. Jolie adoptedPaxThien in 2007 before she gave birth to twins Knox Leon and Vivienne Marcheline a year later.

Jolie made headlines when she brought her children to the premiere of “Kung Fu Panda 3.” According to Jolie, millionaire moms such as herself should not whine about juggling work and family since they have more access, support and leeway than the normal lady. “I’m in an uncommon position where I don’t need to do a great many jobs,” she revealed to The Daily News in May 2014. “I can take some time when my family needs it.”


In September 2016, Angelina Jolie petitioned for legal separation from Pitt, referring to hostile differences. In spite of the fact that they’d just been hitched for a long time, the couple — named “Brangelina” — got together on the set of “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” in 2005.

The couple’s separation has not been finalized, but rather it will probably be one of the most expensive celebrity separations. Although no settlement has been come to, Jolie and Pitt are trying to hide the details of their divorce, for example, negotiations over the custody of their six children and the distribution of the couple’s assets, as per People. Forbes evaluated that the couple has earned about $117.5 million since their 2014 marriage.