Even Celebrities Lose Their Homes to Foreclosure

When you face the possibility of your home being foreclosed upon because of the financial difficulties you’re going through, you likely think you’re the only person who has ever lost their home to foreclosure. But you’re not alone. Even many of the rich and famous have found themselves unable to make their mortgage payments.

Whether actors, pop singing stars, or sports stars, here are 10 well-known people who have had their homes foreclosed.

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Those Times an Installment Loan Comes in Handy

Loans are upfront cash to cover the cost of something you need or want but can’t afford to get on your own. There are some loans that are designed by purpose to be used for specific things like buying a house, a car, or going to school. They take years to pay off and are some of the most challenging to get approved for. Then, there are loans like installment loans which can be used for just about anything. Though you can use these loans as you wish, it’s often best to apply for these when you need a little extra help. Here are some fine times to apply for an installment loan.

Utility Shut-Off Notice

What you pay for utilities tends to fluctuate based on the going rates in the market and your usage level. Though there are conservation tips you can use to reduce your usage level, there are still times when the bill gets out of hand. If you’ve received a shut-off notice, you need to act fast. A consumer installment loan can help you out of this jam. Depending on how much you’re approved for you can pay the bill off or at least to a point where you can work out an affordable repayment plan.


Having a roof over your head is essential to your quality of life. Sometimes, things get out of whack and you don’t have the money you need to pay your rent. While a few days may not make much of a difference, if your rent is several months behind you could face eviction. To keep this from happening, you could apply for an installment loan to cover the past due balance or renegotiate a payment arrangement with your landlord to remain on the property.

Home Emergency

There’s never a dull moment in the life of a homeowner where anything could go wrong at any time. A home emergency such as a broken pipe, HVAC repair, or the need to replace a home appliance could be more than your budget can handle right now. A short-term loan is ideal because you can get the funds really quickly, handle your emergency, and pay the loan back over time.

Car Repair

You just never know when your car might stop being reliable. Even if you’re good with the maintenance there will come a time when something will break down that needs to be repaired. Car repairs, depending on the problem and type of vehicle you have are expensive. You can use a loan to cover the repair, so you can keep commuting to work and get the money to pay back the loan (and your other bills).

Tide You Over

Have you ever had a week at work where you didn’t earn as much as you normally do, or your money just didn’t stretch as far as you’d like. You’re hanging on by a thread and don’t get paid for another two weeks. You may need gas and groceries, but don’t have the money to foot the bill. An installment loan can supply you with the money you need to get by until your next payday.

There are a lot of occurrences in life where your financial need and your income just won’t add up. The problem may be temporary, but it needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. In those instances, your best lifeline is an installment loan. Designed for those with less than perfect credit and for any purpose you can imagine, they can help you resolve your matter today with easy repayment options that won’t hurt you in the future.

10 Richest People In Europe

Because Europe is far away across the Atlantic, most Americans don’t understand the massive sums of wealth Europe’s rich hold.  With the society we live in, it’s only natural to seek a little more of what seems to make the world go round, However, for some European wealthy the millions are already rolling in – sometimes even billions! Here, we look at our list of the 10 richest people in Europe!

1. Amancio Ortega
The richest on our list, Amancia Ortega is worth a whopping $76.4 billion! At 81 years old, Ortega is a Spanish business magnate, who can thank his founding of the Inditex fashion group for a significant chunk of his fortune. Most of us will have heard of clothing seller Zara, some of you might even shop there, but whatever the case, we can all thank Mr. Ortega for introducing this brand to European and American shops.  Oh, and did we mention that he just happens to be one the richest people in Europe.

2. Bernard Arnault
At the age of 68, Bernard Arnault is worth $64.3 billion, and it’s not hard to understand just why when you know what this man does! As chief executive of luxury goods firm LVMH, he just so happens to run the company that umbrellas brands like Louis Vuitton and Moët & Chandon. He also happens to be the richest man in France.

3. Sergey Brin
Number three in our list of the 10 richest people in Europe is Google founder Sergey Brin. Brin is the youngest on this list at only 44, and you may know him better as the co-founder of search engine giant Google. Worth an incredible $46.5 billion, he is the president of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company, all while sitting pretty as the 12th richest person in the world!

4. Liliane Bettencourt (now deceased)
At the age of 94, Lilianne Bettencourt would have been the oldest on the list and worth an amazing $39.5 billion when last estimated by Forbes. Bettencourt was known as the ‘great dame’ of L’Oreal, and between her and her children, they owned 33% of the company. Unfortunately, Bettencourt suffered from dementia and died in September earlier this year, and so her children are now in control of her business affairs – and her daughter, Francoise Bettencourt Meyers, has taken over her title as the wealthiest woman in the world.

5. Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten
Okay, so we know that this is cheating just a little, but Stefan Quandt and Susanne Klatten, aged 51 and 55 respectively, are heirs to the BMW fortune. Their father, Herbert Quandt, was the industrialist who took BMW from a small car company, so the automobile giant they are today. Together, they are worth $20.2 and $23.9 billion!

6. Karl Albrecht Jr, Beate Heister and Family
This is another cheat in a sense, but Karl Albrecht Jr and Beate Heister are heirs to the fortune of supermarket chain Aldi – or rather their father’s fortune. Their father, Karl Albrecht Sr, passed away in 2014, giving his children access to the fortune that the no-frills supermarket has built! Forbes puts Karl Albrecht Jr and his families’ wealth at $31.1 billion.

7. Ingvar Kamprad and Family
We’ve all heard of global furniture company IKEA, and it’s likely that we’ve all probably assumed that the founder was quite a rich man – and we’d be right. Swedish-born Ingvar Kamprad founded the company, and has since built a worth of around $3.5 billion!

8. The Henkel Family
The Henkel family founded, you guessed it, Henkel, who manufacture all kinds of products including the likes of Persil washing powder and Loctite super glue. This company is based in Dusseldorf in Germany, and the Henkel family have worked up a worth of over $5.6 billion, reflecting their 80% ownership of Henkel KGaA.

9. Jean-Louis Dumas & Family
Fans of luxury brand Hermès will appreciate this. In 2006, Jean-Louis stepped down from the chief executive post in January after 28 years – ended five generations of family leadership, dating back to 1837 Forbes puts the wealth of Jean-Louis and his family at $2.5 billion. He is reputed to have mandated that Hermès should never make anything ugly because someone could buy it.

10. Stefan Persson & Lottie Tham
Worth an amazing $21.3 billion, these siblings own quite a significant chunk of the H&M fortune! This fashion chain was founded by their father, but currently Persson is the chairman and CEO, with Tham owning a 5% share of the brand. Not bad for a 69 and 67 year old! In addition to their stake in the H&M fortune, the H&M heirs own real estate, including hotels, commercial buildings and land.

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Data Source: Forbes wealth estimates.

Image: Interior of a European castle