Saving Money? Don’t Drop Your Auto Insurance

Times are hard and everyone’s always looking for ways to pinch a penny. Some may even be a little tempted to let go of their auto insurance policy. Before you even think about doing this, don’t do it! Everyone is having a hard time with bills and such, but cutting something like auto insurance would only cause you to spend lots and lots of money later on. Then you’ll realize it was a big mistake, but by then it will be too late.

Auto Insurance Laws

In every state, it is required by law that all drivers carry auto insurance for their vehicles. Some people think that they can drive about without auto insurance without getting caught. Although, many go a while without authorities finding out, but eventually they get caught. — up until the point of getting into an accident that is. There’s really no telling what will happen, especially when you’re driving with other people on the road. There could be a person falling asleep, driving drunk or just not paying attention to the road. No one can truly avoid getting into an accident; even the most careful of people can’t predict other drivers. It is a crime to drive without auto insurance and in most states, you’re required to show proof of auto insurance whenever asked for it. There are even random checkpoints, which everyone is checked whether you’ve done something wrong or not.

Verification of Auto Insurance

In many states, there are surprise auto insurance inspections that take place. When this takes place, you are required to mail in proof of insurance that shows you had coverage on the day the letter was sent. If you’re caught without auto insurance, it’s too late.

Penalties You Could Face without Auto Insurance

Driving a vehicle without auto insurance could leave you faced with grave penalties. If you aren’t maintaining your auto insurance, you could be slapped with a big fat fine. It could also result in your license becoming suspended or you going to jail. Then if you’re caught out on the road without it, it’s possible that your car or license plate could get impounded if you are unable to pay the fines associated with the penalty. Once you pay the fine, you’ll get back your car or license plate. Another fee is also required to be paid to reinstate your auto registration. In some unfortunate events, individuals have had all of these penalties happen at one time.

Car Insurance is Your Protection

Not only will you be protected from the various penalties that can be applied to you if you drive without auto insurance, but auto insurance is also a great way to protect you in a car accident. Without it, you’d be left to pay for the damages yourself, whether you’re at fault or not. Having proper auto insurance coverage will ensure that you’re able to pay for the damages done to the other vehicle, as well as yours. You don’t want to be without a vehicle if your car gets totaled and likely you don’t want to be harassed about money by the other motorist you were in an accident with.

Finding Cheaper Auto Insurance

Your best bet would be to find auto insurance that is more affordable. If your current auto insurance policy is too much, consider changing your liability limits and the deductibles to lower your premium. For instance, you can raise your deductibles and lower your liability limits to help lower your auto insurance rate. If this doesn’t lower it enough, then begin shopping around for other auto insurance companies. You can browse through the web for comparison websites that will allow you to review various insurers that fit your criteria. Once you’re matched, you should look at the coverage offered, along with the rate; not just the rate. The down deposit, monthly premium amount and total should be reviewed. See if it is something that you can handle paying.

Just keep in mind that if you do raise the deductibles and lower the liability, you will be responsible for paying the deductibles out of pocket and up front. Just be extra careful when you’re driving around, in order to avoid accidents as much as possible. Whenever you’re able to afford more coverage, feel free to add more on because you don’t want to drive around with minimal insurance for too long. Never know when you’ll be involved in an expensive accident