5 Essential Tips on Playing Online Slots


Slot machines are the favorite amongst land casino visitors, as they look fancy, not much knowledge is required in order to play one, and they are usually pure luck based. As the main purpose of all casino games is to entertain the players, slots are the perfect examples of that concept.

However, there are hundreds of different slot machines out there, played by millions of people worldwide. There are different types of machines:

  • 5 Reeled
  • 3 Reeled
  • 243 Ways to Win
  • 4k WTW Slots
  • Double Reeled

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5 Slot Machine Playing Tips

Even though slot machines might look simple, there are a few things you can do in order to get the most out of it:

  1. Check the RTP – The theoretical return to player is a very important element of every slot machine. It presents the percentage that is given back to the players overtime, based on the total money invested by everyone who played it. Now, the RTP varies, depending on who created the machine and what system is implemented into it. For example, slots that include 1024 ways to win system usually have lower RTP than the ones with pay lines. However, never play machines that have the percentage under 90%, unless it seems reasonable considering the system it is using.
  2. Test it out – Almost every single slot machine out there is available to play in a “Fun” version. It allows anyone to get familiar with the whole machine by spinning unlimited amounts of times using demo credits. Great way of experiencing all features without spending any money at it. Keep in mind that RTP remains the same for both fun and real modes, which makes it realistic even if you are not playing for real cash.
  3. Find A Structure That Suits Your Playing Style – We already listed five of the most common systems which get implemented into slots nowadays, but there are plenty more out there. Check them all out and stick with the one that you enjoy the most. You might like optional paylines, calculating and changing the number of active ones each spin, or you just like it simple, letting the Ways to Win system to do it all for you.
  4. Jackpots – They are the best thing about playing slot machines. Anyone can win it, and you do not even think about it. Even though the chances of winning one are pretty low overall, imagine claiming one out of nowhere at the end of a regular spin! Definitely look into machines that have Jackpots included, some of them have only one and others have two to five.
  5. Bonus Features – You might sacrifice a small % for multiple features included, but might be worth it. After all, having two or more bonus features available is a lot more fun, especially if they are unique and well-designed ones. Also look for multipliers, wild & scatter icons and free spins. Gratis rolls allow you to get tens of costless swirls which are a great opportunity to win high, if the prize is accumulative throughout the addition.

These do all seem like steps you should take before even playing, but that’s the deal with slot machines, you cannot really make tactics like in poker for example, which is a much complex casino game. However, there are some mathematically calculated spreadsheets online available on how to place bets, when to go up or down, but that can’t really help you in the long run.

Enjoy the Game

That’s the whole point of casino games, especially slot machines – to entertain people with an opportunity to be cash positive. Think about it as going to a show, you pay for it and enjoy it for an hour or two, except you can actually win money here. That is why finding a perfect machine and enjoying it before anything else is the most important factor.

As the good old saying goes “Never gamble more than you can afford to lose“, do not stress about losses, but be happy about anything you win! You are never going to straight up lose all of your money with slot machines, unless you are the unluckiest person in the world! Always keep in mind that the house edge is going to take the same percentage of all investments over and over again.

That is why playing at casinos that have tens of thousands of daily active users on extremely popular machines is a recommendation. That is even more important if the Jackpot is included, as the prize pool increases at a much quicker pace when a lot of people are rolling it.

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