What Is Colin Farrell’s Net Worth?

Colin Farrell's net worth

What is Colin Farrell’s net worth? The Irish actor was named on the Irish Times list of the greatest film actors in Ireland in 2020. He has appeared in countless big-budget Hollywood epics as well as fiercely independent productions. Farrell is also known as an activist for anti-bullying causes, the Special Olympics, and LGBTQ issues. Colin Farrell has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Those credits include Tim Burton, Bruce Willis, Ron Howard, and has won Golden Globes, and many other awards.

About Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell's net worth

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Colin Farrell was born in Dublin on May 31, 1976. The son of Eamon and Rita Farrell. Colin Farrell’s siblings include Claudine, Eamon, Jr., and Catherine. Farrell’s father was a footballer for the Shamrock Rovers, and also ran a retail shop.

Colin Farrell attended an all-male private school and attended college at Gormanston College. Farrell landed an audition for the then-popular Boyzone boy band while in college and eventually decided to try his hand at acting school.

Some sources say this wasn’t Farrell’s idea; he was interested in acting after being emotionally moved by the 80s sci-fi film E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. But it was his brother Eamon, Jr. who urged him to enroll in acting school–Colin Farrell took a big step toward his silver screen acting future by enrolling in the Gaiety School of Acting. But rumor has it that he didn’t enjoy the experience much.

Farrell did begin acting classes there, but suspended his studies after landing a role in a BBC drama called Ballykissangel. Prior to his BBC turn, he was cast in a stage production of Kelly’s Reign by the Hume Theatre Company in Sydney.

Farrell had a brush with controversy early. On a trip to Australia, he got entangled in a murder investigation there because Farrell closely resembled a police sketch of the actual murder suspect. But Farrell was traveling with a friend who could attest to their whereabouts during the actual murder, and the traveling duo continued on their journey.

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On The Road To Colin Farrell’s Net Worth

Colin would make his U.S. film debut in a gangster film called Ordinary Decent Criminal. He would land the leading role in 2000’s Tigerland and from there many films provided big-screen opportunities to shine including American Outlaws, Hart’s War, the reboots of Total Recall and Fright Night, plus other hits including Seven Psychopaths, and Dead Man Down.

Colin Farrell’s Personal Life And Controversy 

In addition to his brush with the police in Australia, the actor has not been a stranger to drama, controversy, and wrestling with personal demons. Farrell became involved with singer/actor Amelia Warner in 2000 and dated until late November 2001. He later was seen with Briney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Demi Moore.

Colin Farrell fathered a son, James Padraig in 2003 with American model Kim Bordenave. Two years later he checked himself into rehab and dealt with a stalker in 2006. The stalker incident happened while the Irish actor was appearing on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno; a woman named Dessarae Bradford managed to get past backstage security and onto the set during the interview.

Bradford is reported to have announced a lawsuit against Farrell. The actor took out a restraining order against Bradford. She attempted to sue the actor twice. However, in both cases, the suit was thrown out of court.

Farrell also found himself in court for other reasons–he filed suit against a former girlfriend who was accused of unauthorized distribution of a sex tape the couple had made together in private. A company responsible for distributing the tape allegedly offered the actor some five million dollars for the rights to the tape. The lawsuit was eventually settled “amicably”.

2009 saw another addition to the Farrell line with the birth of second son Henry Tadeusz. Farrell and actress Alicja Bachleda-Curuś, Henry’s mother, were a couple until 2010.

An Arthouse Turn

2015 saw one of the actor’s most unique roles; an art film called The Lobster features Colin Farrell in the role of a man in a dystopian society where single people are required to find a mate within a limited span of time or be turned into animals and released into the wild. The unusual film is a strong term for Farrell who co-stars with Olivia Coleman and Rachel Weisz. The film was a co-production between Ireland, the U.K., and several other countries.

The Lobster got an Academy Award nomination for Best Screenplay as well as a variety of other accolades including an award for Outstanding British Film at the 69th British Academy Film Awards.

In 2020 and beyond, Colin Farrell had no shortage of work, showing up in Tim Burton’s Dumbo, Kenneth Branaugh’s Artemis Fowl, and The Penguin in 2022’s Batman.

Colin Farrell's net worth

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Colin Farrell’s Net Worth

How much can one person earn from a single film appearance? When your name is Colin Farrell, try $2,500,000 for his roles in Hart’s War and Minority Report. By the time he shows up in 2003’s The Recruit, his paycheck increased to $5,000,000. How much more can an actor earn? That paycheck for his work on the film S.W.A.T. was a whopping eight million. (See more of the actor’s paychecks below.)

So it’s no surprise that Farrell bought a four-bedroom mansion in Los Angeles in 2006, and another home in the Hollywood Hills in 2010. That purchase was over a million dollars; the combined square footage between the Hollywood Hills home and the L.A. mansion? Well over 5500 square feet.

Colin Farrell’s net worth is reported at $80 million, which comes from a variety of film work including:

  • Alexander–$10,000,000
  • Miami Vice–$10,000,000
  • American Outlaws–$2,000,000

Just to name a few. Colin Farrell shows no signs of slowing down in the 21st century. He plays the Penguin in 2022’s Batman and was involved in a television mini-series called The North Water which was in post-production at press time.

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