‘Gold Rush’ Star Tony Beets’ Net Worth is Huge!

Gold Rush, Tony Beets, net worth
If you’re like me when you’re watching reality television you wonder how much these “actors” are making per show. For me though, I’m not wondering about Kim K or Caitlyn Jenner, I am wondering about stars like Tony Beets.

Beets is a down-to-earth guy who just happens to also be the star of Discovery’s “Gold Rush.” The show follows Beets and his family, who all happen to be gold miners. (It’s a really great program if you have the chance to check it out.) Of course, there’s a ton of money in gold but what is Tony Beets’ net worth and how much is Discovery contributing to it?

Tony Beets’ Television Career

Tony Beets hasn’t been “on the radar” for too long. His career took a while to take off but, since it has, he has become extremely successful.

Beets started out as a gold miner who moved to Canada about 25 years ago. He prides himself on being a Viking and many people even call him “The Viking.” He and his family work at Beets Crew at Paradise Hill. After years of mining reality, television show producers caught wind of Beets’ hard work and wanted to start a show starring Beets and his family.

That is when “Gold Rush” got its start. The series began in 2010 and continues to run on the Discovery Channel. People all over the world have been tuning in regularly to watch Beets, his wife and three kid live their lives. So, if the show has become such a hit, what is Tony Beets’ net worth?

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Tony Beets’ Net Worth

Tony Beets' net worthCompared to some other reality TV show stars, Beets and his family aren’t absolutely killing the television game but they aren’t doing too bad. Tony Beets’ net worth sits at about $15 million (and almost none of it is from TV).

He didn’t amass that amount of wealth overnight though. In fact, Beets is a really hardworking guy. Born in the Netherlands, Beets relocated to Canada to better his life. He started out working in construction and moved on to mining in 1984. He was able to climb up in his respective career and today he runs Tamarack Mine.

Tamarack Mine, which is featured in the Discovery series, is run by Beets and his family. They also hire teenagers to come work for them as well. The show that follows the family and other workers at the mine has become one of the network’s highest-rated series.

The majority of Tony Beets’ net worth doesn’t come from the reality television show though. Most of Beets’ wealth stems from his gold mine and it is likely that $15 million will continue to grow in the future. According to Beets, his ultimate dream is to be able to own and operate two highly productive gold mines at the same time. If he is able to meet that goal his riches will likely double in the years to come.

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  1. Glendon Anderson says:

    Could do without all the profanity.

  2. Darren reeves says:

    Honest, hard-working people curse, sweat, and scream. They also ache, hurt and stress.

    • I was an honest, hard working person for 40 years.
      In Alaska nearly 4 years and all over the lower 48,
      building power plants, refineries, and other industrial
      ventures. I never found it necessary to swear with the
      frequency and regularity displayed by Mr. Beets and
      his family. They can speak however they choose and
      it’s not up to me to judge. That said, I don’t care for
      all the profanity.

  3. Darin Livingston says:

    I love the series, but I wonder what his employee turnover rate is? I personally would only last about a half day, not because of my work ethic, but because of his treatment and swearing of others. There’s no need to degrade individuals who are trying to help you. IMO!

  4. I worked heavy construction, land and Marine for over 40 years. I started at the bottom and worked my way up. About one third of that time I cursed as bad as Tony Beets does and then Jesus Christ changed my life and the cursing stopped. I understand Tony Beets and his work ethic because my work ethic was much like his. Until you have worked as hard as Tony and his family don’t condemn any of their ethics. Now not only working extra hard but working with your own money will make you do a lot of things that you wouldn’t normally do working with someone else’s money. If you’re critical of Tony and his family go to Alaska and start your own gold mine operation and see how it goes for you and see if it changes your normal way of doing things. Not many people can start a business like gold mining with their own money and be successful while working hard everyday long, long hours. If I were younger I would love to work for and with Tony Beets and his family. Hats off to the Beets family and anyone that can stick with them. That being said I would never, never work for or with Todd & Jack Hofmann or PARKER. Todd, Jack and Parker are camera hogs, meaning they only work when the camera is rolling.

  5. GoldRushing says:


  6. John Phelps says:

    This lunatic really needs to sit down and visually review his on camera antics. Fuck this. Fuck that. Fuck everything. Real class. I’m sure he works hard, but he really needs to clean up his FUCKING act.

  7. Martin Slendebroek says:

    Tony, try to hug someone. What you have to put fear into people. Respect carries more worth than money. Trust me Tony you can’t buy respect. It’s with more than gold.

  8. Dont care how much hes worth or how hard he works…he’s still an arrogant asdhole

  9. This guy looks like chewbacca, simply ridiculousl

  10. Raymond Allan says:

    Is Tony Beets not able to compose a sentence without F Bombs?
    As hard as he tries Parker gets the best of him. Tony tried to screw him many times and it comes back to bite him in the ass every time

  11. Sig Hatlevik says:

    Tony Beets appears to be a hard working, funny looking, foul mouthed but very charismatic guy. He reminds me of rootin tootin Yosemite Sam from my childhood days. It is always interesting to see what he will do next. And he seems to have a real penchant for trying to put the screws to young Parker. Maybe he is jealous that Parker is successful at such a young age, whereas it took Tony many many years to become successful. But the real key here is that Tony, Parker and Todd are all involved with GOLD ! It fascinates almost everyone. If they were involved in coal or iron or steel, I doubt there would be a TV show. And unlike the Kardashians or Paris Hilton, there are real stories here. I hope Gold Rush continues for many more years to come, and that the principal players do not change character. It would be nice though, if Parker could come up with a way to put the screws back to Tony!!

  12. Roderick Lake says:

    Well I think these guys show what they are capable of but for a moment do they think of their worker as friends or a working family. They have discovery Channel with them. It they really need to see the real world of mining. Mr Hoffman was in Guyana trying to mine but I guess he was with the wrong person mine Anthony Mckdeci. With the equipment they have I can mind at leas double that amount of gold in Guyana.

  13. Never miss an episode! Love them all — even the F-Bombs

  14. Was Tony or Mamie drunk when they got married.

  15. Mark Sullivan says:

    Hope your second dredge sinks you financially without Parkers gold. You are just a prick


  1. […] Reality television shows have been making people millionaires in recent years (and most of the time for doing nothing). People like Kim K and Paris Hilton got famous simply for acting crazy on TV, however, Discover Channel has begun a sort of reality TV that gives people a look at hardworking individuals like Tony Beets. […]

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