One Song Workouts Are Cheap And Fun

In the fast-paced world we live in, it is important to come up with ways to stay fit and healthy without taking up too much time. One song workouts are a fantastic way to cut down on the amount of time you spend on your fitness every day.

About One Song Workouts

One song workouts are exactly what they sound like. You take a single song and perform exercises throughout. When the song is over, so is your workout! Usually, these are full-body workouts and are heavy on cardio.

How They Work

Each one song workout has a series of exercises that comes with it. So, if you want to listen to “Humble” by Kendrick Lamar, you’ll have between five and 10 exercises to perform throughout the song. If you finish the exercises before the song is complete, you start from the beginning.

You may have seen different one song workouts on Pinterest and other social media channels. Each workout can be focused on the body parts you want to work on and takes less than 10 minutes from your day, so there’s no excuse to skip your workout. Below are three personal favorites for you to try.

One Song Workouts For You To Try

“Lust” by Kendrick Lamar (5:07) Lust - One Song Workouts

“Partition” by Beyonce (5:19)One Song Workouts - Beyonce

“Castle” by Halsey (4:37)One Song Workouts - Halsey

Create Your Own

To create your own one-song workout, you’ll want to choose a song that is around 5 minutes long (or longer, depending on how long you want to spend working out). Then, you’ll want to choose a few full-body workouts or a body part you want to focus on for that song.

Choose bodyweight exercises or lightweight exercises to incorporate into your plan. You can also plan to do some cable exercises but you’ll want to make sure the machines are close to one another since you only have about 5 minutes to complete the workout.

These short and free workouts have helped thousands of people become active without spending hours at the gym.

Have you tried a one song workout or something similar to save money and time? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments!

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