5 Bigtime Celebrities Who Handled Their Money Well

Fame does not always mean fortune. However, everyone has the potential to experience one, the other, or both. Any person can look at todays stock ratings and make smart decisions to build their financial future. Many famous people have done just that. 

There are tech geniuses, actors, actresses, singers, financial gurus, and others who arel becoming more famous and more conscious of their finances. Some of these celebrities make it big and continue on their ladder to success and others have fallen very hard. 

Below is a list of celebrities who have made it big and have handled their finances properly.

Bill Gates

Comparing yourself to someone like Bill Gates is like comparing apples to oranges; however, some might find it inspiring to know how they compare. Many people may not know that Bill Gates is more than just a tech genius but an entrepreneur. He has investments within different genres of wealth. He has invested in medical discovery, tech companies, social media networks, etc. Though he started with technology in Microsoft, Bill Gates figured out a way to turn his interest in technology into an empire by investing outside of his designated bubble. This concept turned him into an entrepreneur.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen started off as an actress and often people find it hard to become renowned when there are so many talented people out there. She introduced her sexuality to the world which impressed some and deterred others. This opened the door for an opportunity to invest in herself and circle herself around people who saw the bigger picture beyond sexuality. 

Ellen wowed people with her people skills and her generosity. She introduced an idea of caring that people were not accustomed to seeing on TV since the Oprah Winfrey Show. Ellen showed a sense of genuine care for people and that gave people a sense of humanity. Her show was humbling to many people and they loved her sense of character. Though she may genuinely care for people, this is still an entrepreneurial act. It has led to people investing in her based on her TV personality. She is also an entrepreneur herself. She is currently invested in the plant-based product market.


You can’t speak of Ellen without speaking of Oprah. If you read the New York Times, you will know her as one of the most successful talk show host billionaires. Oprah is a very passionate and successful woman in the entrepreneurial world. She has invested in herself and many people around the world. Oprah has opened schools in Africa, she has created magazines, TV networks, a very successful talk show, etc. She has applied her success out loud even before she had created it. She chose to be successful because that was her determination and no matter how much she failed she still saw that failure as success. Her will power was strong and her mindset was right.

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is one of the world’s wealthiest men alive and one of the top e-commerce companies to date. He has often been labeled as the wealthiest man in the world several times. His company started off very small, like Bill Gates. He sacrificed thousands of hours on his business venture before it finally became successful. In today’s standard, it became more successful than he could have ever imagined. Success is patience and discovery. Jeff invested in himself and his company and the investments turned a profit tenfold. Like many entrepreneurs, Jeff started making several investments outside of his normal business ventures and they led him to his tree of success.

Will Smith

Will Smith is an entrepreneur who has conquered the big screen after success in music and a widely successful TV show. Will Smith has also raised children who show interest in his passions and entrepreneurial aspirations. The Smith family has investments in water bottling production, music production, movie production, etc. Each family member is a reflection of the efforts of Will Smith to create a strong sense of individual success and generating wealth for his family.

Being famous for their financial success is an idea that many people try to achieve. Some find passion in their life ventures that have led them to great fortune. It takes more than passion to be successful. To be successful takes sacrifice, patience, and dedication. The more of these ideas that are applied, the rise in the likelihood of success in financial freedom and financial gain. 

Many of the celebrities you have read about were not born into wealthy families and that is one of many things you may have in common. This commonality sets you up for success, as long as the passion is there the abilities will follow.

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