Worst Things My Money Has Bought

Last week I talked about the best things my money bought, today I will talk about some of the worst financial decisions I’ve made over the years and how I’ve wasted money or wish I hadn’t bought them. Mistakes (should) teach us something so I guess they’re not total losses in the aspect that I’ve learned something (mostly about myself) I guess, but I can’t help but feel a twing of regret.

Here is a list of things I wish I hadn’t wasted money on:

Movies/DVD’s. We have hundreds of DVD’s all bought pre- digital everything (we have three terabites full of movie files). They’re taking up space and we never watch them! My husband insists we keep them though…

Cheap baby carrier. Before I bought the carrier that I’m currently using, I bought a cheap one that I used only a handful of times because it was uncomfortable and hurt my back. It was less than $30 but still a waste of money.

Clothes. Not that I want to run around nakie but I have, so many times, been shopping for something specific, not found it and settled for something else. Something I never, or hardly, wore because of fatigue or frustration. I wasted hundreds on clothes I didn’t wear or like. UGH.

Cheap shit. I’ve been guilty of buying stuff based on price, not quality and have been bit in the ass. I am much more diligent about my purchases now.

Weight Watchers. I don’t know if this is a total waste per se but I have joined and quit three times before reaching goal, wasting money each time. I have a thing for punishment I guess. Nothing against the program, I advocate for it, just not for me, right now.

Food. Again, the amount of money I have wasted on food I didn’t like, knew I wouldn’t like or just let rot makes my stomach turn. I’ll lump in all the eating out and snacking I did at university too, blows my mind.

Brand new text books. Because it’s so unnecessary 90% of the time. Buy used, borrow, look online, library, Amazon…anything but brand new from university book store!

iPod. I’m not one to listen to music from iPods, cell phones etc. I like silence when I study, yet during university I felt the need to buy one. Total pressure of keeping up with friends. It still has a Christmas playlist from 2010 on it and my cell phone I usually use something like songza. I hate downloading music and maintaining playlists and I loath iTunes. Total waste of money.

What have you bought and immediately regretted?

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  1. Buyer’s remorse – I have it! I regret buying some purses – they are beautiful and I got a great deal, but it turns out that they are not very practical for what I need. I also regret buying webcams – it turns out that the webcams on laptops work just fine and the webcams are still sitting in the box, gathering dust. I also regret buying a skirt that I forgot to return in time, so now I have to decide if it’s a loss or if I should spend another $30 on alterations.

    • Oh purses, that’s a good one. Three years ago I bought my first good quality purse for $100 and still use it every day. Prior to this I would spend a few hundred per year on cheap purses and wallets!

  2. I just bought my daughter a tablet last month I grabbed it immediately because I saw on the website that it was 50% off and there was only 1 item left but when the item arrived I was kinda regretted it because of the quality of the sounds and the poor image quality. I really regretted it I just thought it was a good one.

    • Oh that’s tough, especially with electronics, I always try and do my homework. I hope it ends up working out for you anyway!

  3. Funny you should mention iPods, I was just recently realizing how many of those things (or variations of them) I’ve owned, and I very rarely used them. They were like new running shoes, they were always bought with a good goal in mind, but those goals didn’t often pan out…

    • Yeah like I said I’m either too lazy or couldn’t be bothered to upload playlists etc. I prefer radio, or apps liek Songza!

  4. My purchases were always along the digital theme…CD’s or movies. It’s crazy how much money I spent on music years ago and have absolutely nothing to show for it now. We also used to spend a ton of money going to the movies before we had kids and just look back and shudder at that now. Yep, it was fun, but 90%+ of it should’ve never been spent.

    • Yup! We’ve always been choosy about going to the theater. We enjoy going but probably only see 3-4 movies per year in theater. We’ll pick a few blockbusters we think will do well or will enjoy on the bigger screen. We recently say Capt. Phillips, great movie, but prior to that I think it may have been the last Batman movie!

  5. Well, mine is well documented on the blog. It was the stupid purchase of a Jetski. What a waste. I lost $10,000 on that dumb purchase. One that I will never let go.

  6. Ugh, I use to love buying cheap shit…especially clothes. Most of it was poor quality so I would only get 1-2 wears out of it. From a cost per wear perspective, it was definitely not cheap.

  7. I think the biggest thing I waste money on is healthy food. It usually goes bad before I use it all up. I can’t really think of anything else that I waste money on. I don’t spend a lot. Most of my clothes are hand-me-downs and I don’t buy books or videos, the library is free. I learned my lesson about buying textbooks my first semester of college and often got away with just using the library’s copy. My husband, on the other hand, likes to buy lots of gadgets. He has a soldering iron he never used, lots of computer parts sitting in boxes, he buys a new keyboard or mouse every couple of months (we have a stockpile of old ones, “just in case”). It’s his income, so I don’t have much of a say in what he buys. I’m just hoping someday he’ll let me sell/get rid of the stuff he never uses!

    • I don’t know that I would consider healthy food a waste per se, you just need to get better at using it up! Soups, freeze etc!

  8. HP had a tablet that they released and discontinued after less than a month. After a few months I found one and it was dirt cheap at $89. I’ve barely touched the thing.

    • My husband has a BB tablet. One you can get zero apps on. WHY? He likes it I guess so that’s all that matters?

  9. How about all those haircare and skin products!

  10. I used to blow a lot of money on new textbooks for college and it was such a waste of money. Then I discovered cheeper, older versions of books and it was awesome. Now they even let you rent textbooks which is amazing.

  11. My worse purchase was probably the hundreds we used to drop at the Farmer’s Market every month. Sure it was all delicious, but man, we wasted thousands of dollars there.

  12. The other day we went through a trunk filled with DVDs that we haven’t watched in ages. We can’t believe that we used to buy so many (at one point we were buying around 4 to 5 each WEEK). We recently sold maybe around 25 of them and made almost $70. Definitely not the amount of money that we spent, but it was nice to get rid of them!

  13. Oh man, I could write a NOVEL listing all my horrible money purchases!!! But I’ll just list a few for you 😉
    – Makeup (I love it but I don’t need 30 lipsticks lol)
    – Food, Dining Out
    – Alcolhol
    – Clothes
    – Shoes
    – Expensive Hair products
    UGH, I was such a vain Girl!

    • Haha you’ve come along way 🙂 I also think about nights out with friends in university…hundreds per night down the drain!

  14. I have so done the substitute thing when shopping! I don’t find what I’m looking for but end up buying something to make the trip “worth it”. I’ve stopped doing that now though and when I went through my closet recently it was a good representation of clothes that fit and I wear.

    The thing I most regret spending money on is jewelry supplies. I thought I could make some extra money making jewelry but it ended up costing me way more in supplies than I ever made. I also racked up my credit card on some purchases of really pretty beads.

  15. My husband and I once bought a Wii gaming console with extra controllers and a game — and returned it 7 minutes later. It took us walking from the electronics department at the back of the store to customer service at the front of the store to realize what a HORRIFIC mistake it was. We’re not gamers and the total cost was over $400. Never again!

  16. I’m guilty of 98% of what you just listed! Oh well, we’re all works in progress.

  17. It’s been years since I’ve bought a DVD, but that would certainly be on the list. I used to have an Amazon.ca addiction like none other and bought some books I never read / still own / probably wouldn’t read now. I suck at picking out new pairs of shoes, so there have been a couple pairs of ballet flats that gave me too many blisters to bother keeping. Other than the material things, spending money on alcohol was a huge waste of money for me. Huge. I’m so glad those days are behind me.

    • Books are a whole other thing though I don`t know if I regret books I`ve personally bought besides texts. TOTALLY get you on the alcohol as well as shoes. I also suck at picking them out!

  18. I wasted so much money eating out everyday before I got married and after I got married I wasted food by throwing them away. I also wasted money on cheap clothes that don’t last and don’t go well together with other items.

  19. My biggest spending regrets have been on purchases for my home. We bought super cheap carpet for our living room and I’ve hated it ever since!

  20. Booze, expensive take-out that neither my waistline or wallet benefited from and weight watchers (not necessarily in that order). As you said, weight watchers as a program is great, it just doesn’t work for me because I’ll “starve” myself all day then “spend” my days worth of points on beer and take-out. I would have been better off buying a roll of tape and taping my mouth shut. Cheaper and more effective 😉

  21. I bought a car with money that I did not own for a business but the business did not work and I was stuck paying for the car with the little money I was making

  22. I regretted all the money I spent on textbooks as well. I got smarter later on and borrowed/bought international copies/got ebooks, etc. but by then, I had already spent A LOT of money on science and math textbooks.

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