Why I’ve Decided to Invest a Few Thousand Dollars on ME.

…I’m already hearing the haters in the comment section for this post…

I have a hard time spending money on myself. Debt or not I just have a hard time spending money I earn, on myself. I rarely buy myself clothes outside of required work stuff. I buy most of my makeup at a drugstores and usually ask for very practical gifts (I’ve been known to ask for a mop as a gift). Needless to say my personal expenses are very low. Though it’s not something I monitor as close as some PF bloggers, if I had to guess I would say I might have spent a total of $200 on myself in all of 2015.

Things are changing though. Come March I will be spending more, a lot more. I’ve started with an orthodontist and will begin Invisalign orthodontic treatment in the coming weeks. I’ve already been scanned and now await the aligners to come in. Invisalign isn’t cheap. No orthodontic treatment is, especially with no insurance. There’s good reason why I’ve decided to start now and not when all our debt is paid off as I originally planned though.

Ortho treatment is something I’ve always wanted but not something my mom could afford when I was a child. I knew if I wanted it I would have to wait until I was working full-time and pay my own way. I do work now and also happens to be in the dental industry, another huge reason why I want it. I’m a teeth person and while straight teeth does not necessarily mean healthier teeth, it is something I want even more given I work in an industry of near perfect-teeth individuals. Truthfully this is something I would really want regardless of where I work but trust me there is some unsaid scrutiny felt in my line of employment.

So why now? I met with a local orthodontist who we send a lot of referrals to. In a city with a lot of competition we send almost all of our cases to his office. He’s a good, genuine, guy who our regular patients praise, so I met with him. Long story short, given that we do so much business with his office, and if I’m being honest, given that I’m a walking advertisement for his professional work, he’s giving me a discount. A very steep discount. A discount I will never get again, especially with Invisalign.

I’m in Canada, my scans are done here and the retainers are made in a lab in California. The current exchange rate is not helping things for Invisalign patients so not only is he giving me a discount, he’s discounting the fee before current exchange rate. I can’t risk him taking early(ish) retirement and me missing out on this opportunity because it won’t happen again.

He’s allowing me to make monthly payments at 0% interest for two years (if I need that long). The payment is totally manageable and won’t affect our current goals which is important to me, because even with it being an amazing deal, if we couldn’t make it work while working on our bigger, more important goals, I wouldn’t be doing it.

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  1. MomofTwoPreciousGirls says:

    Well you know the haters gonna hate!

    I say good for you! Last year I made a similar decision (it was covered by insurance but I had to pay the deductible and max out of pocket). I had been having issues stemming from the birth of my kids (issues nobody warns you about!) and it was making me crazy. It was not a necessity to survive but when I discussed it with my husband we agreed that it would help greatly with how I feel about myself. We had the funds in our HSA to cover it and when all was said and done I got a 15% discount for being able to pay immediately. Plus I used my cash back cc and took the distribution from the HSA to cover so got a little extra back.
    You have to take care of you and your body!!

  2. I really hope no one hates on your investing in your teeth!!! I think it’s great and seems like an amazing deal!

  3. Investing in your teeth is always a good idea to me. It can help in so many ways!

  4. Your teeth/smile are such a huge thing in this world. I totally get it. I stopped wearing my retainer ages ago, and my teeth are slowly drifting apart again. I figure I’m going to need a few months in braces in my 40s. My husband thinks I’m crazy, but I’m self conscious.

    Yes, debt is a big deal; but so is feeling confident in yourself. It will help you in all aspects of life, including potentially your career advancement. I say it’s worth the investment.

    • People don’t understand that having ortho treatment means committing to retainers for the rest. of. your. life. When I can tell someone is on the fence about it, I tell them this and at least 50% of people immediately say they couldn’t do it.

  5. Next week, I’d be having a seminar on web design. I am just so excited about this as I will surely have a set of another skills. It feels great when money is putting into good use such as this, Catherine. It’s worth it to invest some money.

  6. My teeth don’t look great but my parents wouldn’t pay for me to get braces because there was nothing damaging or structurally wrong. It would be cosmetic only. I’ve considered having the work done as it has been something I’ve been self conscious about at times. Good for you, I hope it goes well!

  7. Good for you! I’d love to get my teeth fixed if I could afford it, too.

  8. What a nice trail of thought, to invest in ones self, it is so easy to get distracted with kids and their education, husbands etc etc. Investing in yourself gives you the strength to invest in others that you care about. Nice post, made me smile.

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