What Would You Do With $2013.00 (Giveaway)?

Don’t get your hopes up, I’m not giving away $2013.00. I am however partaking in another giveaway of $100.00 cash or Amazon gift card! Just follow me on Twitter to be entered!

I’m human, I like to daydream. Some say it’s not a good thing to live in the ‘what could be’ but I like to have fun with it sometimes. The difference is, that I don’t usually dream about what I would do with a few million if I won the lottery or anything crazy because one, I don’t play the lottery, and two I really don’t think anyone knows what they would honestly do if they came into that kind of money. I like to stick with a more realistic daydreaming number, say, $2013.00.

If I came into $2013.00 and couldn’t use it for additional debt payments this is how I would spend it (note- when I say ‘I’, I mean ‘we’ since I’m married and there’s no way I could hid $2013.00 worth of purchases from my husband, not that I would):

  • Dishwasher. Ours broke five months ago and while it is a convenience more than a necessity I want one SO bad. It’s not so much about the task of doing dishes anymore it’s the time it’s taking away from other things. I honest-to-God spend at least 30-45mins/day washing and drying dishes. Being home all day and prepping every meal for me+hubby+baby=messy dishes. OCD Catherine+dishes on counter/in sink=no go. My water bill has gone up too. While I used to run the dishwasher like three time per week, I now do at least two sink-fulls of dishes every day. Oh, and my hands? They’re a mess. $500.00
  • Bedding. I am a super frugal gal but there is one area I won’t skimp on, and that’s where I sleep. I will pay for a good bed and good sheets/duvet (but always shop for the best sales still). We’re down to one set that fits our bed and would really like one more set. $100.00
  • Coach Purse. Ok now we’re talking fun spending money. I’d really like a nice Coach purse. I have a wallet and small purse that I use everyday (when I’m not lugging my small diaper bag) but would like a normal size purse to match my wallet. $200.00
  • Car Detailing. Both hubby and I are neurotically clean people but as I’m sure you all know, dust and dirt breeds new species in the cracks and crevices of vehicles. I would love nothing more than to drop our vehicle off and have it looking brand spankin’ new. $100.00
  • New Laptop. Hubby has a swanky new laptop he gets from work and a home office computer but I’d love a new laptop, I use his old work one which has literally caught fire, but still works! I don’t need an iAnything so will budget $600.00
  • New watch for Hubby. I’m get an imaginary Coach purse, he should get something too! $200.00
  • Table saw. We have every other tool under the sun but I’d really like a table saw to complete our tool collection, yes, our tool collection, I may want a Coach purse but I love me a good power tool or #2 Phillips. I’ll find one for $313.00 😉

So there ya have it, that’s pretty darn close to how I’d spend it (I’d also seriously look into a family vacation for under 2k).

Since I can’t give away $2013.00, $100 will have to do, maybe it will be the start of your dream fund? Follow me on Twitter for a chance to win!

Did everyone survive last night? Are we a wee bit hungover today?

I had my second dry NYE in a row (pregnancy, and now breastfeeding) so I feel fantastic!

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  1. Ohh this is a really fun idea. I think we’d blow the whole shot on building a little studio in the basement to do video for our blog. I’d use it to do some photography too. A good camera, lighting, backdrop, and a lapel mic would be able 2013 🙂 We’re also leaving for Vegas, and I’m guessing when I add it all up that’s what the week long trip will cost.

  2. Hmmm…I think I would use it to finish up my jeep wrangler restoration. I need a couple of thousand to get a new engine put back in and fired up.

  3. Feeling good today although a bit tired. Went over to a friend’s house and we watched movies…but even staying up till 12:30 makes me feel kind of off the next day. Thanks for the giveaway! Happy New Year!

  4. My daughter and I are heading to Flagstaff for a couple of days of fun in the snow. I would use any money I received now to put down on a new home!

  5. I ate a bad shrimp and would rather be hungover than feeling like I am right now. With $2013 I would buy some awesome windows for my new room, with electric curtains. I have no idea what that would cost but it will certainly be expensive. If there is something left, a new laptop would be nice, I think mine will die soon. Happy New Year!

  6. I would use the money for a bathroom update – new mirror, countertop, light fixtures, etc.

  7. ZOMG, I want a dishwasher!

    I actually got new bedding for Christmas – now I need to go exchange it for the correct size 🙂

  8. This is fun to think about! I’d definitely use the money for college tuition. I’ll continue to sock away money in 2013 to meet my education expenses.

  9. Vacation with my husband without a doubt. Travel is the one thing i never feel like i can get enough of. Or redoing my living room.

  10. Car detailing IS a luxury. Good list, Cat!

  11. Have you looked into Bamboo bed sheets? Then can be had for less than $100 and are some of the softess sheets I have ever slept on. They are hypoallergenic and antibacterial (which may or may not be a big deal to you). They are feel about 3 degrees cooler than cotton sheets. We have a couple sets and LOVE them.

    $2013 would go right into a savings account earmarked for the 3 months (to a year) that we want to live in another country.

  12. Oh my gosh. The computer caught on FIRE? That sounds like a blog worthy story. Honestly that’s a pretty good breakdown. If $2,000 dropped magically on my lap, I’d probably put it towards my student loans. Boo on me. I’m no fun. The coach bag sounds way better. 🙂

  13. I’m going to avoid saying something sensible like “invest it” and go with something more fun like a nice vacation! $2K is enough to finance a really nice trip for me and the family, and it would help cure the winter woes.

  14. I would go on a vacation! I really need one right now =(

  15. We have a dishwasher that we never use. I think because my wife and I help each other with the dishes it goes a lot faster than doing it on your own. Plus you have someone to talk to 🙂

    • I’m home alone most of the day so I do the dishes and like I said I hate doing them. I much prefer to stick them in the dishwasher and turn it on every few days!

  16. my goal this year is to set a budget and actually follow it

  17. I want a dewalt double beveled sliding compound miter saw. Spouse keeps reminding me that we live in a condo. pffft. Totally still want one. A table saw would be nice, too.
    Isn’t it gross how quick/easy it is to spend a ton of money like that?! Any excess money we get, like bonuses and stock sales, goes straight to the mtg, we never really “see” it.

  18. Hmm. If I had $2013 extra and I wasn’t allowed to do anything productive like invest it, I would probably get a new furniture set for my family room. My wife and I have a functional set built out of odds and sods, but it would be nice to get a full set that matched!

  19. Extra $2013 – put it towards my Europe travel fund!

  20. I would get a Canon T4i with 18-135 mm lens and lessons to learn how to use it properly!! 🙂

  21. In 2011 and 2012 my husband & I didn’t have a car and only took mass transit. This saved thousands of dollars(insurance,car payment,registration,gas). However we are planning to purchase a car in the middle of this year so in order to prepare for this big expense we have cut down our entertainment budget and food budget. We have created a food menu which for the last 2 weeks have been working. No stops for coffee, breakfast, lunch and no going out for dinner. We’ll allow ourselves one meal out a month. We also bought Netflix to limit our movie outings which will save us.
    Thanks for the giveaway!


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