Weekly Reads 30.11.12

How is tomorrow December?! Seriously?! Our daughter is almost six month old šŸ™ Bittersweet I guess. She’s a rolling machine, we can’t stop her now that she’s discovered she can roll wherever she wants to go. It’s like a magic trick, I put her on the floor and she’s 5 feet away and facing theĀ oppositeĀ direction 2 mins later. She’s pretty proud of herself.

I’ve already contacted the winner of the Big Cook Cookbook, Congrats to Carla-Enjoy it! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Here is a sampling of my favorite posts from this week:

Very informative guest post at Canadian Budget Binder about homeĀ renovations.

TeacHer Finance has a Blogging Anniversary post about the secret at succeeding at personal finance, great read.

Michelle reminds us how scary easy Identity Theft can happen, at any age.

Getting back in touch with her goals, Jennifer Lynn is doing pretty great!

Student debtĀ SurvivorĀ has a funny post about her parents making an out-of-characterĀ financialĀ decision.

Blogging is 100% what you make of it. Jeremy from Modest Money keeps it real with his post about the journey of blogging.

Frugal or Theft? Planting our Pennies explains the fine line.

I want to give another shout out to Mr, CBB for doing a guest post for me this week, if you haven’t read it yet and likeĀ FREE STUFFĀ then check it out!

I could make this list 10 pages long since I read and love so many blogs but this is just a sample of what I’ve read.Enjoy!

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  1. I can’t believe it’s December either! I remember the rolling days. Our 10 month old just started standing up this week and supporting himself against things. That’s early for our kids, but I guess seeing his brother and sister running around is good encouragement to get moving. šŸ™‚

    • Yeah when they’re around other kids I think it encourages faster development. Our daughter will be standing/walking early too I suspect, she’s so strong in her little legs…from a few weeks old she was putting weight on them!

  2. Thanks for including our post Catherine. Time is flying with your little girl, eh?

    Have a great weekend =)

  3. THe Modest Money post about the blogging journey being YOUR journey was pretty awesome. Kind of makes you step back and take in the big picture again. Good stuff. Nice roundup!

  4. Arrgh! December!!!! Kids just grow so fast, don’t they? While I want them to grow and get out of certain stages, I also want them to stay the same age. It is bittersweet as you said. Have a great weekend!

  5. If that’s just a sampling Catherine where’s the main course? lol. I know December hmmm that means I have to get the tree up this week and start shopping. It’s going to be a busy time.. and guess who’s in the kitchen whipping up some awesome Christmas Cookies.. ya, me! I don’t mind.. it’s enjoyable for all of us as we all join in to help out. Cheers and thanks for the mention. Mr.CBB

  6. December means it is officially time for … CHRISTMAS SONGS!! šŸ™‚

  7. Thanks for including me. I can’t believe it’s almost December either. That means a mad rush to figure out what I’m going to get the rest of the people on my Christmas list.

    Little ones grow up so fast. Feels like yesterday my nephews were newborns and now they are 4! I still call them the “babies”. Now they’re little boys šŸ™


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