Weekly Reads: 26.10.12

How is it Friday already?! This was a crappy week as most of you know from reading my last venting post. I truly appreciate all the comments and suggestions you all offered. Proving yet again how wicked the PF community is ūüôā ¬†I was a little¬†surprised¬†to learn that a few of the suggested things I look into were for US residents only, I mean online is online right? Who cares where my IP address is¬†registered?

Speaking of computers, my Alexa rating is finally dropping….started at 11 million or so and down to just under 600k!

The household is getting over a cold, there aren’t many things worse than a baby who’s sick and can’t communicate how they’re feeling. Heartbreaking for Momma, and tomorrow we’re having a family picture done with my sister-in-law (and her significant other) for the in-law’s Christmas gift (I hope his¬†Photoshop¬†is ready to fix the red stuffy noses he’ll surly capture). They¬†absolutely¬†don’t need a thing under the sun so all the kids (+ new granddaughter) are getting together with a photographer for them, they’ll love it I’m sure. Bonus, I scored the deal for a steal of a price as a promo he had going. Picture should turn out well with the pretty fall colors, they’re perfect right now.

Onto some of my favorite posts from the last week. If you haven’t read them yet head on over and check them out!

1) Debt Free Bread: 

Money Tip #1: Think For Yourself

2) Club Thrifty:

How I Saved at Least $50,000 by Buying New Furniture

3) Careful Cents:

How to Bust Through a Plateau and Overcome a Career Slump

4) Frugal Rules: Is a College Degree Worth It?

5) Planting our Pennies:¬†The Joneses? Never met ‚Äėem‚Ķ

6) See Debt Run: What Does Payday Mean to You?

7) Ms L Bee (Guest post):

Top 10 Money Saving Tips I Learned from my Grumpy Father-in-Law

8) The Widgeon Nest: Clearing Your Head

 Happy Weekend!


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  1. Thank you so much for the mention! Your Alexa is dropping quickly, and your site is progressing nicely..Keep up the great work!!

    I know what you mean about a little one who is not feeling well and cannot communicate.. Our 15 month old daughter just recently “forgot” how to sleep through the night, and she is obviously feeling rough every night when she wakes up, but she can’t really tell us what she wants/needs…

    • Oh…sleep, how I have missed you. Ours still isn’t sleeping through the night. Only 1.5lbs before I can cut out the night feed and try sleep training if needed. Hope she settles soon for you!

  2. Thanks so much for mention Catherine. I hate it when little ones get colds. They have no way of saying what’s bothering them and really can’t take anything. Great job on the Alexa by the way, it’ll keep dropping.

  3. Thanks for the mention Catherine. I didn’t think about doing a Weekly Reads series. That’s a great way to broadcast blogs I love. Do you mind if copy. Lol. By the way, vWorker isn’t just for US residents. Its like a huge international temp service online.

    • It is totally NOT my original idea so steal away my dear! I will look into it, thanks ūüôā

  4. Thanks for the mention!

  5. Thanks for including our post – glad you liked it! It’s lame how some sites are limited based on where you are. There’s an online education site that is doing free online classes, but they literally can’t run the site in (I think) Michigan because of regulations that the state has on providing educational content without being formally registered with the state. Insane, right? And that’s still within the US!

  6. Hope your picture turns out well and that you guys feel better soon ūüôā

  7. Your alexa will drop like a rock! Especially if you keep up the commenting/networking and whatnot.

    I might be getting sick because my manager who sits next to me came to work DEATHLY ILL for three straight days! He had to stay home the next two days but still worked from home. I was not amused, nor were the other people in the office…oh well here’s to hopefully NOT getting a cold from him.

  8. Big fan of that Club Thrifty post. ūüôā If you read posts like this all of the time I reckon we’ll be seeing less posts like ‘stressed’ ūüôā


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