A Trip Down Under?

I love warm weather.

When I think of vacation destinations, my choices are almost always made with high average daily temperatures in mind. There are a few places that I’ve always wanted to see, including, but not limited to Cuba, Southern France and Australia. Cuba’s been checked off the list, and though I’ve been to France, it was not the hot, sunny part!

Australia- you’re up.

There are a few speed bumps that could get in the way of our little family making the trek down under, ranging from concerns with travelling with kiddo, to booking the necessary time off to truly enjoy ourselves, to of course, the cost of such a trip. Travelling from Atlantic Canada to Australia is quite literally a vacation to the other side of the world, and there’s no way that’s cheap.

For the sake of discussion, let’s take away the cost of the flights, because even when getting a sale through an airline or online booking agent, the costs are always going to be high. How then, can we cut costs on a potential trip to Australia, while still making it the trip of a lifetime?

Australia is a very large nation with its major cities spread quite far apart, especially Perth, which is all by itself on the West Coast. One easy way to cut costs is to focus your travel efforts on one particular area. For us, we have Sydney squarely in our crosshairs.

There is plenty to see and do in Sydney, and if you are on a budget there is still so much to offer. The Sydney Harbor Bridge is iconic, and a simple walk across for a photo op is a good start. The Sydney Opera House is clearly visible from the bridge, and its well-known sail shaped structure makes a perfect “look where I am!” photo to show the friends and family.

If you’re an Olympic buff like us, the Sydney Olympic Park is a cheap and interesting destination, which apparently has been turned into parkland where the kiddo can swim in the same aquatic centres that the athletes used in 2000.

Australia is also one of the most diverse regions in the world when it comes to wildlife, and how amazing would it be for all of us to see the unique animals in the aquariums and wildlife parks in and around Sydney?

We live close to the ocean here, and one of the more interesting events takes place in a community called Chester, a few hours away. The annual regatta is an event that brings the town together to take in boat races, though the town makes the event so much more than what takes place on the water. Marinas in Sydney would be a good starting point if one wanted to take in a regatta, or even a boat tour of the famous Sydney Harbor.

Australia is one of the few places where just “being there” is worth it. Sydney is gorgeous, full of history, famous landmarks and beautiful vistas. If you can get there, a trip of a lifetime while on a budget is totally doable!

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  1. All the good stuff is on the east coast anyway. Sydney is lovely, enjoy!

  2. My aunt’s family is living in Australia and I really love the pictures that they posted on Facebook. Australia has a lot of very good beaches and some tourist spots.

  3. Oh, I love that you mentioned Race Week. Always worth the stroll down the coast 🙂

    My parents are going to Australia and New Zealand next year. They’re going big – they’re retired and travelling up a storm in their early 60’s – in terms of cost (lots of vineyards, etc) but the numbers are just shocking. They’re also going for a month because they don’t expect to be going to the other side of the world any time soon, if ever, again.

  4. I would love to go to Australia! We were at one point trying to fit that into our schedule this year, but we were unable to 🙁

  5. We went for one week a few years ago (I worked 2 of those days!) It’s a really long flight from the east coast, but well worth it. Even though it costs money (35AUS) to tour the opera house, we really enjoyed the tour. We also got a transit pass, and went to visit Manly beach and rented a cycle to ride around. We were there during “Vivid Sydney”, where all the buildings were lit up and it was really neat (and free!)

  6. My employer has an office in Melbourne, so if I wanted to go down there, I am sure I could make it happen. I would have to bring my wife as she would be pissed if I went without her!

  7. I loved visiting Australia, the cities are pretty cool and you are very quickly into nature, even in the center of Sydney you can swim in the ocean, which is awesome. It is a very long flight away from anything but very worth it.

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