Top Notch Real Estate Software for Realtors in Australia

Real estate sector is getting competitive in Australia with time and more players are entering-offering the property buyers plenty of choices. So, the real estate firms that want to get an edge over the rivals and emerging new contenders- should adopt suitable measures. If you are keen on giving your real estate company competitive edge and stay ahead in race- it is time you start using suitable software. In recent times, software application tailor made for real estate firms have become popular.

Buying suitable real estate software for your agency

There are quite a few options available for realtor firms seeking real estate software solutions. However, you have to compare the options and pick the apt solution. For this, you need to assess the software apps using a few parameters.

  • Type of software- There was a time all types of software had to be set up in individual computers and servers. However, things have changed for better post arrival of the cloud based software solutions. Top notch real estate firms in Australia are using cloud based software that bundle benefits of various services in one Interface. You need not install anything in computers and using a web browser will be enough for accessing the features.
  • Ease of use- The software you will be using for your real estate agency should not have a steep learning curve. Both the staffs in the company and your end clients should be able to use the website without any hardship. The UI should not be too heavy and loading time should not be long.
  • Accounting features- Keeping track of various types of expenses is a prerequisite in any real estate agency, nowadays. So, the real estate application or cloud based solution you choose should have robust accounting features in built.
  • Database features- Every realtor firm has database of customers and that keeps growing with time- as it is. The real estate software you buy should have excellent integration support for database. This will help the staffs work more efficiently and keeping good relation with existing clients.
  • Live chat features- While emails are used for communication with clients and realtor agencies also have dedicated helpline numbers, having live chat in website is always better. The tech savvy customers often prefer using Live chat over the other methods for interaction needs.
  • Clientele- Of course, you need to check out the clientele of the company selling real estate applications for the realtor agencies.

Things to keep in mind

When searching for suitable real estate software for your agency and comparing available options, you need to remember a few more aspects. The pricing model offered by the software seller should be analyzed well. They may offer an annual contract but you may also find a few companies offering monthly plans for their cloud based software service. Before signing up, ensure you are well aware of the company’s service and support terms. Exploring the company’s social media profiles will be rather useful for evaluation as well.


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