Taxes Are Done! No Thanks To Turbo Tax Though

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I’ve always done my own taxes and when hubby and I shacked up, I started doing his as well. My mother-in-law has some accounting background so is a great resource and always available for questions. My tax software of choice has always been Turbo Tax. I like the layout of the program, the question formatting and the additional help that is available. Most of all it is dummy proof always catching mistakes I may make. Until this year I’ve only ever had great things to say about Turbo Tax. When I couldn’t complete my taxes this year using my go-to tax-filing system I was a little saddened.

My Situation

In 2012 I worked full-time from the beginning of January 2012 until the first week of May 2012 at which point I was put off work by my doctor due to pregnancy complications. My daughter was born in June when I started receiving Employment Insurance (EI) benefits through the government which are to continue until I return to work this coming May. I received my T4E from the government and my taxes looked like they should be pretty straight forward.

Last week, Hubby and I started doing our taxes but when it came time to input my information into Turbo Tax it wouldn’t accept my T4E. It wouldn’t let us continue on with our filing until we input information that didn’t exist. It was asking us to fill in box numbers we didn’t have nor were on the form. We went to the FAQ section looking for a solution and it became obvious that this wasn’t the first time people encountered this problem based on the volume of questions and complains of the exact same nature. Some people made numbers up (why?!) to continue on but no one had a solution except to use different software. After over an hour of frustration we gave up, stopped using Turbo Tax and moved to foreign territory using the H & R Block software.

Opinions On H&R Block Software

Though I still like the layout of Turbo Tax better (what can I say I’m a sucker for nice pictures and pretty colors) the H&R Block software got our taxes done and quite honestly that’s all I care about at the end of the day. It gave me no issues with inputting my T4E and optimized our joint filing in our favor. Though I found the double-check the system does after every page input little annoying, it worked just fine. H&R Block also gave a much more detailed breakdown of your results and tax information based on the information input. Overall I was quite happy with it and it was likely not my last time using this system.

Have you ever had to stop doing your taxes due to a system glitch? What’s your favorite software?