Luis Coronel’s Net Worth

what is Luis Coronel's net worth
After a star has been on the radar for a few years, people get interested in how much money they are making and how much they are worth. This is especially true of YouTube and internet stars like Luis Coronel.

Coronel got his start after a video of him singing went viral. Since then he’s gone on to produce singles and win awards, but what is Luis Coronel’s net worth?

Luis Coronel’s Career

Born in February 1996 in Tucson, Arizona, Coronel got his first taste for music at a young age. At the age of six, he began singing in the church choir. However, he didn’t immediately nourish his love for music.

Like many other young boys, Coronel decided to focus on sports and fitness. More specifically, Coronel wanted to be a boxer. Although he placed more focus on fitness, music was still an important part of his life. One night, after a boxing match, Coronel broke out into song, and that is when he got his big break.

Someone in the crowd was videotaping Coronel’s performance and it went viral. After seeing the reactions, Coronel decided to focus on his music career fully. By the time he turned 16, he’d already signed his first record deal with Del Records.

The young artist hasn’t released any full studio albums but he has created a number of hit singles. You may recognize singles like “Mi niña traviesa,” “Será más fácil,” and “Escápate,” all of which have appeared on Billboard charts.

On top of his early successes, Coronel has also won a number of awards during his short career. He won Latin Billboard Music Awards New Artist of the Year, Premios Lo Nuestro Regional Mexican Male Artist of the Year and Latin American Music Awards Favorite Regional Mexican Male Artist in 2014 and 2015.

So how has all of his success impacted his wealth?

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Luis Coronel’s Net Worth

It is estimated that Luis Coronel’s net worth comes in somewhere around $3 million, though some sources estimate it to be closer to $2 million. Estimates also say that he makes about $360,000 a year through his YouTube channel and singing career.

Coronel has been able to become rather famous in a short period of time by using the internet and, like many others, YouTube. He is able to reap the benefits of ticket sales as well as get paid per view on the streaming site. Like other YouTube entertainers, Coronel is able to bring in six figures a year from YouTube alone.

Other than his YouTube income and the income from concerts and performances, there are many more ways Coronel is bringing in cash. However, his career is still taking off. Don’t be surprised if, in the future, he takes on endorsement deals and Luis Coronel’s net worth expands.

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