Celebrity Death and Wealth: How Dead Celebs are Earning Beyond the Grave

You’ve probably heard people say that certain celebrities who have passed away were “bigger than life itself”… well, for certain celebrities, that was a very true statement. The statement was probably used in the context of just how wonderful of a person that celebrity was, whether it was from their vibrant personality or from their philanthropic acts but in the world of show business, the phrase “bigger than life itself,” has a totally different meaning.

Why are Celebrities Worth More in Death Than They Were When They Were Alive?

This question somewhat plays to phrase “give me flowers while I can still smell them.” What this phrase is essentially saying is to give me flowers and treat me good now, while I’m alive to enjoy it… don’t wait until I’m dead and then wish you had treated me better or gave me more flowers while I was alive.

All of that is said to say, certain celebrities are STILL making money long after they’ve passed away. Some of these deceased celebrities have been gone for decades and are still making millions to this very day and some are making more money than celebrities who are alive today!

You’re probably wondering how are they making money when they’re no longer here. Well, this happens for quite a few reasons.

1.  Their Fans

The fans of celebs are definitely what some would call “ride or die” meaning they’re going to stick with them till the end. Fans support their favorite celebrities while they’re alive but they support them even more after they die.

It’s almost as though buying their records or buying their jerseys will bring them back, even though they know it won’t, they feel comfort in doing it.

2.  Business Execs Know When to “Strike While the Iron is Hot”

This might sound a little cruel or harsh but business execs know that when a celebrity dies that sales are going to go through the roof. They know that fans typically grieve their beloved celebs by buying everything they can that involves their lost celeb.

Although it may be insensitive in theory how business execs profit off the death of a celebrity, these business execs are actually giving mourning fans a little bit of closure by creating products for fans to purchase.

3.  Their Legacy

After a celebrity dies all they can leave is their legacy and that’s something that will last forever. Celebrities play a part in all of our lives in one way or another and have impacted us all in different ways.

You might mourn the recent death of Kobe Bryant because he was the athlete who inspired you to play basketball as a kid. Whitney Houston might have inspired you to hone in on your singing talents.

A lot of celebrities who passed had “rags to riches” stories that inspired lots of people to do better with their money… not necessarily because they were finance gurus but more so because, despite their celebrity status, they died broke!

It can be something as simple as wanting to buy the new iPhone but instead, you look at used phones that are more affordable and in your spending budget all because the celebrity you loved left a legacy of making smarter financial decisions.

Celebrities Who are Worth More in Death Than When They Were Alive

  1. Michael Jackson
  2. Charles Schulz
  3. Elvis Presley
  4. Bob Marley
  5. Arnold Palmer
  6. Prince
  7. Marilyn Monroe
  8. John Lennon
  9. Dr. Seuss
  10. Hugh Hefner

How to Achieve Your Own Level of Wealth

Celebrities live a life that we all somehow want… well, maybe not the paparazzi swarms, the lack of privacy, and the higher risk of being stalked but the biggest appealing aspect of celebrity life is their wealth. It really makes you consider whether or not you should model your finances after celebrities.

Being on the outside looking in, a celebrity shouldn’t have any financial burdens, in our minds but we long to have their level of wealth. The reality is that in today’s day and age, it’s not too far from reality. The way these YouTube stars rose to fame is not a far-fetched goal for you.

But if you’re not into all of that and just simply want to achieve your own level of wealth, there are some simple hacks you can do and lifestyle changes you will need to make but in addition to that, you’ll also need to discipline yourself enough to aggressively save… and the great news is that you can achieve your level of wealth while you’re still alive to enjoy it.

Image source: Sludge G.