10 Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Poor

Not everyone who has made it in Hollywood has been able to hold onto their cash. Most have seen the horror stories of celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen who almost completely lost it in the public eye. Oftentimes, this impacts their ability to continue to work and make money in “the business.”

How many celebrities have been financially impacted by poor choices? How hard were they hit? Below are 10 relatively surprising celebrities who are poor (ish).
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Who Are Some Famous Cigar Smokers?

famous cigar smokers

As every tobacco merchant knows, advertising can be a slippery slope unless you’re at the point of sale. An ongoing slate of legislation over the years has made it increasingly difficult to market your wares on a variety of platforms. However, cigar vendors have benefitted from a variety of cigar enthusiasts spanning generations that have inadvertently added to the mystique.


The history of Cuba was pivotal in the production of tobacco for the colonial powers and key to the proliferation of cigar smoking across Europe. There are some central figures involved in the political events in Cuba a few centuries later that smoked cigars, and ultimately factored into the embargo that made the much sought-after Cuban cigars illegal in the United States for decades. Fidel Castro and Che Guevara successfully led the rebels during the Cuban Revolution to topple the sitting government. Both were regularly seen with cigars, and it’s even said that cigars were used to incentivize their men. President John F. Kennedy was Castro’s foil, and his administration imposed the embargo in the interests of American security. However, it wasn’t before Kennedy’s staff was able to procure a supply of the soon to be off-limits Cuban cigars for his personal consumption, if the stories are to be believed.


Many sports figures are seen smoking cigars off the court or the field. There are even a few stories about elite athletes at the top of their sport who performed incredible feats for the fans, while simultaneously reveling in their cigar pastime in between games. Baseball great Babe Ruth was renowned for his wine, women, and cigars. Michael Jordan had a cigar wherever he felt like it, with stories of Jordan lighting up before games in the locker room or even on the team bus. But then, it’s exceedingly rare to see anyone take a puff during a game. However, Red Auerbach was famous for doing just that. The former coach of the Boston Celtics would regularly light up a cigar on the bench in the final minutes when it was apparent that his team was coasting to a victory.


“War is hell” is a famous quote by Civil War General William Tecumseh Sherman, but a few key military figures managed to find an indulgence or two to endure the wretchedness. Another Civil War General Ulysses S. Grant was well-known for his cigar habit, and even photographed with a cigar during a battle. Once that picture was published, people sent Grant thousands of cigars, many of which he gave away. World War II General George Patton was an avid cigar smoker who brought his personal stash of Cubans along with him on his campaigns where they were stowed securely in a humidor.


There’s no shortage of celebrities who have been associated with cigars, whether it’s due to an iconic role they have played, or they genuinely appreciate the lifestyle. In the early days of film, Groucho Marx, Charlie Chaplin, and W.C. Fields all had cigars figure prominent in their work. The famous television detective Columbo played by Peter Falk over the course of several decades always had his cigar handy, as he brilliantly cracked the case while he distracted the prime suspect with his absent-minded antics. Mr. Olympia turned actor, turned governor, turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to sport a cigar frequently.

This list just skims the surfaces of well-known personalities who have gravitated toward cigars over the years. Despite the common threads like the character traits that seem to link the individuals above, the cigar industry encourages originality.

Image Source: Pexels.