Have you ever been scared to try something for fear of failure? This isn’t normally an attribute I’d apply to myself. I’m usually the uber determined type who, when I put my mind to something attacks it with everything I’ve got. Not necessarily a bad thing, but can be mentally and physically exhausting. Some might call it stubbornness, I like to think of it as great determination.

I consider myself to be a hard worker and can honestly say I have had few failures in life, I just don’t let it happen. I keep trying over and over until I get the end result I want. I can apply this to school, having the life I want, budgeting, having a baby, literally every aspect of my life. I’m not saying I haven’t made mistakes, I think mistakes are a necessary part of life that allow a person to grow and I think it’s making the biggest mistakes is how one really discovers the person the are, but everyone knows learning from mistakes is a hard life lesson to learn; which is why I’m scared to fail.

When I was a kid I took sewing lessons after school, I use to be pretty decent if I remember correctly, but once the lessons stopped so did I. This is something I wish didn’t happen but kids are kids and none of my friends were into sewing, nor was my mom or sister, so I didn’t want to be the kid who sat inside all day sewing to my heart’s delight while my friends were outside playing. I didn’t make a conscious decision to stop, it just happened.

I didn’t realize, or appreciate, the importance of the skills I had once learned until I moved out in my early 20’s and whipped out the sewing machine to hem some pants; I had totally forgotten how to even thread it! Tactile skills like sewing are similar to learning a new language, you need to use the skills once in a while to maintain competency and I had forgotten pretty much everything.

Why I’m scared…

I want to get into sewing again. More specifically I’d like to start a modest side income by making items to sell, specifically baby ring slings. I’m a big advocate for babywearing, have a ring sling, adore it, think I could probably pull it off, but if I don’t….I’d fail. If I’m going to embark on this (and this is something I’ve been thinking about for years, well before I had a baby) now is the time. I have 6 months before I return to work. Between sites like, a possible self hosted website for sales and my farmer’s market, I genuinely think I could pull it off. All this, only if I can manage to create a quality product. There’s a huge market out there for babywearing and people like choice, so I think I could carve my little niche in our local market at least, I’m not looking for worldwide recognition or anything!

In order for me to do this, I first need to get back into sewing. I can’t just whip a quick product out, I’m a perfectionist and if my name is going to be attached to anything it has to be perfect. I have to practice and fabric is expensive to practice on. I could probably overcome this by purchasing used bedding at a thrift store to cut apart and practice on until I was satisfied.The second hurdle is initial investment. For me to do this project I would need to put money into it to make my initial few products to sell, but what if I don’t sell? I’d fail at a ‘dream’ and be out money which would just bother me. Not to mention the time factor. Although now is the time, with a baby, husband, family and blog I all love, it will be hard to put the hours into it I know may face me.

Having said all this, I really want to try. I think I’ll get the sewing machine out and see what I can accomplish before diving head first into it. I’ll keep you all posted with any progress I may make.

I think attempting something and failing is better than not attempting and going through life never knowing how great I may be.

Have you ever embarked on something that scared you? How did it work out?


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  1. I’m change averse that a lot of things scare me, but I try not to let that be a limiting factor. Good luck with your baby sling business! At least it looks like they’re mostly straight edges to sew, right? So that should make it easier =)

  2. You should totally go for it. I have gone more fearful with the years but your project seems pretty small and inexpensive. How much does it cost to produce 4 or 5 ring slings to put on Etsy?
    Worst case scenario, you fail, and have four awesome baby gifts for future baby showers!
    Which can bring word-of-mouth customers… which can put you back in business!
    A friend started to make beautiful custom made birthday cakes. Knowing that 10 kids will be invited and want the same for their birthday. It should be the same with pregnant ladies. Good luck!

    • Thanks, It would cost at least 75 bucks I’m thinking, fabric is killer expensive plus the other supplies…I really need to figure out my numbers first.

  3. Brilliant ideal! Having an extra side income is really helpful and if you can get it set up while you’re still off work, it might be feasible to keep it going on the side when you do return to work. Given how quickly you set up this blog and switched over to self hosting, I have no doubt you can do it!

    • Thanks so much, That’s sort of what I’m thinking too…must start now, get in a groove before work….I wasn’t really new to blogging but new to PF area, like most I had NO idea how huge or great the PF community was before I started though!

  4. Great idea! My wife has worn all our our kids and she loves it. It’s something you love doing and feel strongly about, so that already gives you an advantage. I can relate to some extent. I left my job to help my wife run her business. Fear can be a debilitating thing, or it can be a motivator. So far, things are going great and the fear just pushes me to do all I can to make it successful.

    • Glad your move worked out for both of you! I have more homework to do but all signs point to yes.

  5. Go for it! I never thought I’d make money blogging and it grows little by little. Just remember to have patience and that you are amazing always. 🙂

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m not holding my breath for ever making money blogging and this is something I’ve been thinking about for a few years…I’m going to try a few testers over the next few weeks and see how she goes.

  6. I think it is an excellent idea and that now is the time for you to work on this. Those will make great baby shower gifts as well as Christmas gifts. Do fabric stores ever sell remnants of fabric at a cheaper price?

    I remember taking sewing in high school. After that I didn’t pursue it either. A few years ago we wanted to make some cheap drapery panels so my husband did the sewing. He was great at it. I couldn’t sew a straight line to save my life 🙂

    In terms of scared, I find that when I over think things I get a lot more scared then when I just go for it.

    • They do but I’d need specific types of fabric and if I started a shop I’d need swatches that I can have on order if someone wanted custom but for making the first few it may work.

  7. BTW – Check out Carla’s site. She is in Ontario and sews and sells amazing things from home.

  8. When I was in high school, I loved writing. When I no longer had anything to write for, I just didn’t. Kind of like you and sewing. As I began my debt management program, I stumbled across an opportunity to blog about my experience – and I’ve been writing about it for over 2.5 years now and I’m loving every second of it. Renewing an old interest can be fun, exciting, and profitable…..use those skills! Good luck!

  9. Go for it. I think you’ll find if you start back up, it will come right back to you very easily. Skills like that frequently do.

  10. I love this idea. I’ve never seen a ring sling but your example pic is very attractive. Is there any way that you can reuse the slings you practice on, like as gifts? I assume by using Etsy you would make custom slings – like the customer would choose the fabric/pattern? I think that you should set aside a fixed amount of money to try to get this off the ground and if you run out just let it be as a failed experiment – but if that’s what happens, don’t feel bad about it! It’s better to try and have a limited fail, I think.

    • Thanks, they’re a great product, I love them and people/moms are always asking about them. Thanks for the positive comments!

  11. Do it. Do it now \(^_^)/ You can always start off small so it’s not overwhelming at first, and adjust your time, focus, and energy between your new venture and your family over time accordingly. I have tried many things I was scared to fail at and have failed many times, but some things are easier than others to succeed at and if I hadn’t tried I wouldn’t have known what I’m capable of doing ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  12. Go for it!

    I’m in the process of making a big scary decision myself and think: what’s the worst that could happen? What’s the potential payoff? Will I regret saying no more than I regret saying yes?

    • I totally want to, it’s not in the money cards right now though 🙁 We’ve budgeted every dollar and realistically I’d need at least 100 bucks to get anything going.