Receive $25 for a Quick Survey

Receive $25 for a quick survey: a 10-to-25-minute questionnaire about health insurance — yes, you get paid right away!

Easy survey pays $25
If you bought your own coverage for 2017 — meaning you did not receive insurance through an employer, school, Medicare or Medicaid — you qualify.

While anyone can actually participate, only those who qualify can receive compensation: one of the questions calls for scanning your insurance card to prove you bought your own coverage for 2017.

The survey is also timely, since open enrollment for health insurance is underway as of this post’s writing. The questions, however, concern your experience with last year’s open enrollment. So please know that all of your answers will be kept confidential.

Receive $25 for a Quick Survey

As soon as you complete the survey, you receive an email explaining that your $25 payment should arrive within 24 hours in the form of a PayPal payment or Amazon gift card — a choice you make in one of the questions.

This survey is being conducted by Joany, a new online concierge service intended to help people shop for health care insurance and associated services. Learn more about the company by visiting

To see for yourself — you’ll receive $25 for a quick survey if you click here. That link will also lead you to more information about the ocmpany.

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