May 2014 Debt Repayment: Unexpected Expenses Edition

10405561_10100392901040909_3393354726436473836_nOh May. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot, but I’m glad you’re over. The weather sucked. Though it’s finally turned this past weekend, less than two weeks ago we were still having FROST warnings. Insanity.

It wasn’t all bad though. I finally broke my weight loss plateau but a whopping two pounds in May! Just yesterday I walked over 20k steps! That was a total of 16km moved. Thanks kid for keeping me active. Two walks with her and a walk on my own when she went to bed! I’ll take any progress 🙂

I also picked up another writing gig that I’m pretty excited about. Though I love writing and my whole freelance writing gig, but man, I could never do it full-time. I admire those that do but not for me. Erika posted on this recently and I totally agree with her!

May was expensive. Mother’s day. Broken lawn mower. Extra fuel for the car I’m borrowing for two weeks while sister-in-law is gallivanting around the UK. Some expenses were foreseeable but not all. Though we were able to put a little extra towards debt I did fall short. I’m hoping we have a successful June though. Fingers Crossed!

Our target is $2068 per month and in May put $1568 towards our non-mortgage debt. $500 that I’m hoping to make up in June somehow 🙂

Our little girl turns two next week. I don’t know how I have a toddler but I am enjoying watching her grow so much. She no longer tries to figure stuff out and instead really interacts with them. The vocabulary is crazy too. She has opinions and talks to me.

Parenting tip: If you ask a two-year-old what flavor ice cream she wants and her response is ”purple”. Don’t try to fool her with pink strawberry frozen yogurt.

How was everyone’s May?

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  1. Yeah, May was an expensive month for me too. There are lots of occasions like Mother’s Day, family reunion and especially my birthday! We also had a summer outing together with my friends and families.

  2. 20K steps in one day? That’s impressive. I’ve been wearing a pedometer several times a week and work a desk job so I sit most of the day. Made me realize that before and after work, I need to be getting exercise because I really don’t get much movement in while at work. I’m sure you will catch up on your debt repayment this month.

  3. I need to get back to jogging again because I have been inactive for the past two months, I really gained so much weight. Btw, kindly tell your baby girl a Happy Birthday, I’m sure you will have a good time next week.

  4. When the child says it purple, I will give her the UBE flavor ice cream. It is really delicious. I don’t know if you’re country has it. Happy bday to her!

  5. May was awful and June’s not shaping up to be any better, if anything it’s going to be worse. There’s always July right?

  6. My wife and my son both have birthdays in May. Add Mother’s Day and it’s an insanely expensive month. I actually stash away $20-30 bucks a month throughout the year to a “Month of May” fund just to offset some of the unusual costs…and it still ends up blowing up the ledger! So, yeah, I hear you!

  7. For an expensive month, that’s still incredible progress, Catherine! Also, you’re kicking my butt at getting moving. 16K in one day? You’re my hero.

    Happy-almost-birthday to your daughter! I’ve loved watching my friends’ kids grow up. My “niece” is turning 5 in August (which still blows my mind) and is sooo dramatic and hilarious. When we were in Tofino, she told me I was her favourite “auntie”. My heart melted, and I told her to keep that a secret between us, haha.

  8. Great to see how you are enjoying the moments to see your toddler grow 🙂

    My May was not that great finance wise. I saved much more than April as that month the tax man snatched almost everything from me 😉

    Yes, I had some unplanned expenses too. I spent a lot on pubs and restaurants as some of my old buddies came together after a really long time. I enjoyed every bit of the time spent with them. In fact, there is a series of hangouts this month too and I suppose there will be more unplanned expences in pubs and restaurants too. That’s in a nutshell.

  9. Wow ! You put a huge sum to that debt in May well done. You may not have put forward what you wanted but it’s still going in the right direction. DOWN! 🙂

    Enjoy your daughters birthday, I hope she has a wonderful day.

  10. “Purple” ice cream is adorable, My son thinks “chocolate” is a color, haha!

  11. Honestly if I wasn’t forced into it by a layoff, I would probably never quit my full time job either. In general I’m noticing that the people who are most satisfied with it have a spouse with a steady job. That would be a huge relief for me so I wouldn’t feel so much stress and pressure to make a certain amount each month. There are perks, don’t get me wrong, but it’s challenging! 🙂 Hope June is a better month for you!!


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