How To Lose Weight For Free (Using Your SmartPhone)

ID-10050067 (1)I am happy to report that as of last Friday morning I finally broke my weight loss plateau! I have tried a lot of different diets, the most success for me being Weight Watchers after my second year university after I gained over 20 pounds in two years (thank you dollar shots and cheap pizza).  I kept the weight off for a while then over a two to three year period, 15 of those 20 pounds found me again (totally my own laziness) and I sort of settled there until I got pregnant when I gained another 30. Barf.

I lost the pregnancy weight by the time kid was a year old through a combination of breastfeeding, walking and restarting WW, but I’ve been sort of stuck at that pre-pregnancy weight forever. I gave WW up because it was getting too expensive. I prefer WW meetings since having someone else weigh me in was a huge motivating factor. I couldn’t justify paying for an exclusive online program when I knew I could do it for free.

I have no problem admitting that I love my smartphone. It is an extension of me and contains more of my life then I’d like to admit. I use it for pictures, blogging, staying connected, occasionally as a phone 😉 and currently, to lose weight. If you have never tried to use your smartphone as a weight loss buddy I highly recommend it and here’s how.

Free Weight Loss Apps

Coming from a BlackBerry into the Android world near blew my mind. Apps really are amazing! My current favorite free app (and I seriously can’t recommend this app enough) for weight loss is called My Fitness Pal (free at both Android and Apple app stores). In this app you track your food (a daily caloric intake given to you based in information you feed it about daily activity level, weight loss goals etc). You can totally personalize it in any way you want. FitBit users can sync MFP with FitBit as well. There is a great website to supplement the MFP app with great message boards and all the free support you would ever need. You can also use the MFP website alone if you do not have a smartphone and live an app-less life.

Instagram Inspiration

Other than my friends and family on Instagram, I follow a ton of motivation and fitness related accounts on Instagram. Nothing makes me want to kick myself into high gear than seeing someone else being successful. You have to be careful about this though since there are a ton of very unrealistic accounts to follow. Be selective and only follow real people! Though they may look great, I refuse to follow someone who has had success sustain themselves on smoothies and kale everyday.


I love Pinterest for many reasons one of them being to use it for fitness and dietary goals. There are literally millions of pins to help you. Home exercises, healthy recipes, motivational quotes, anything. People share their success stories and even entire food diaries about what they did to lose weight.


Have you ever found an old picture of yourself and thought ”man I wish I could get back there”? Taking pictures on your weightloss journey can be hugely motivational and for that reason you should take and store progress pictures to revisit. Sometimes you think you haven’t made any progress until you see an old picture.

Losing weight seems so much easier than it actually is. There are a lot of great supports out there, like Weight Watchers or a gym membership, but they all cost money. I’m on a mission to lose these 15 pounds without spending a penny!

Anyone else use free apps to meet goals?



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  1. Congrats on the weight loss! I really need to get going and at least get more active. My weight isn’t a huge issue but it seems like over the years I have put on a few pounds.. and I am not getting any taller!

  2. I lost a bunch on Weight Watchers too and need to lose some of my winter weight right now. I have heard about my fitness pal, but didn’t know anyone who used it. Thanks for sharing! I definitely do better at controlling my weight when I track things daily. It is a tedious exercise, but always gets good results.

  3. I use myfitnesspal but I’m wishy-washy about sticking with it, but still it’s easy to use. I’ve also used free or very low cost workout apps. And use runkeeper for tracking running. Congrats on breaking through your WL plateau!

  4. I love My Fitness Pal. It really helped me lose a few pounds for my wedding.

  5. Congrats on the weight loss. That is awesome! I hear about all these weight loss apps but don’t know much about them

  6. I didn’t know that weight loss apps even existed until this weekend when a friend had a pedometer app that would tell her how far she walked, I thought that was awesome! Thanks for the great read!

  7. I use MFP and really enjoy it! My youngest turns 1 in a few weeks and I figure after the first Birthday I can’t call it “baby weight” any longer!

  8. I use MFP as well and really like it. If you care to wager money on whether you can track daily or not, Pact supports MFP tracking as a pact (along with going to the gym). However, if you forget to track how often you say you will, it will charge you a predefined amount.

  9. I have used My Fitness Pal, and I love it. There are many days when I think I didn’t eat much and when I put it all it, I really did eat more than I though and need to cool it for dinner. I really just need to be more consistent and use it every day.

  10. MFP is great! My wife and I are on that right now and it’s really helping. For me, there is something about seeing all the calories you consume that really makes me focus. I haven’t overeaten on my daily calorie intake since I started on the app.

  11. I used to use Spark People to keep track of calories and it really did work great. I should probably start doing that again =/

  12. Great for you Catherine! My wife has been using MFP for several months now and swears by it and has helped her shed those last few baby pounds. I’ve tried working with it, but always forget to track stuff. But, I’ve been losing weight as it is so I’m happy. 🙂

  13. I saw a segment on Doctor Oz this week and found out there are thousands upon thousands of health care-related apps. I don’t even want to know how many of these were weight loss-related. Has to be a ton!

  14. I’ve never used a weight loss app, but I’ve been using fitness apps for years now. I first started using a “Couch to 5K” app, which has a training schedule and helps you train for a 5K – I know not impressive but I couldn’t run at all. Now I use some apps that has workout routines. Helps keep me slightly motivated without having to go to the gym.


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