When Was The Last Time You Enjoyed Your Money?

My husband and I make decent money but rarely do I actually get to enjoy it. Since most of our money goes towards debt and other household bills like heat and mortgage, the money we do have ”left over” is used with discretion. Outside of groceries, gas and the day-to-day boring stuff, we usually end up spending on stuff we need, like the shoes my husband desperately needs replacing. For some, buying new shoes may be fun, when it’s an absolute there’s-a-big-hole-in-the-sole type of situation, it’s a little less fun.

Today however I plan on enjoying some of our money. After work I’m going to a concert with my best friend and it will be great! As soon as I heard Brad Paisley was coming to town, what seems like forever ago, I knew that was what I wanted for my birthday. I chatted with my husband and he agreed that if that’s what I wanted as a gift for my 30th birthday then we’d spend the money. The ticket was bought and paid for months ago so outside of it being on my calendar, and me seeing the reminder daily, I almost forgot about it.

I’ve always been one who would rather spend money on experiences than things. I’d much rather have these memories with her than something I’ll wear for a while and then throw away or donate and totally forget about. For me doing something like this, going to dinner and a concert with my best friend is the best way I could enjoy my money.

One of the biggest motivators in us paying the debt off is so we can have more of these memories. While not all memories include spending money when I think about my favorite memories they’re usually from a vacation with my family or a concert or something ”special” (like the super delicious dinner we recently had in memory of my 20’s, aka my 30th birthday). Most of which require spending money.

We do a pretty good job at enjoying life while paying this debt off, I am by no means complaining about our life but I can’t help but wait for the feeling of buying something and enjoy it totally guilt free. Not spending it and immediately thinking about what I should be using the money on, or shopping on credit, or simply not spending at all because we can’t, or don’t want to.

I look forward to the day when I can go to a concert, or trip or buy the shirt or dinner out and think to myself ”I worked my butt off for ”this” and I’m going to enjoy it!’. I work to support my family but I’ll be damned if I don’t enjoy it too (within reason of course ;)).

When was the last time you really enjoyed your money??

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  1. When my husband and I recently created our budget we made sure to build some “fun money” into the equation. Not a ton of money, mind you, since our main goals are paying off debt and building savings, but for us it felt important to be able to have a little money every month earmarked for “fun”, even if it’s just to go out for a milkshake or see a movie now and again. As important as it is to be in solid financial shape, I feel that it’s also important to enjoy our money, too….after all, we work hard for it! 🙂

  2. I agree that experiences are more important. We went to Niagara Falls for a weekend last month. Great memories!

  3. We enjoy our money all the time. But in ways that most PF bloggers wouldn’t agree with. For example, we have a lawn service cut our grass so when it is 98 degrees outside with 90% humidity, we are enjoying our air conditioning instead of sweating our butts off mowing. We installed a sprinkler system in our yard for the same reason. I don’t agree that experiences always trump possessions, but in the experiences category, we’ve taken two dream trips to Alaska where we stayed for a month each time, and we are planning our third trip there for next July.

  4. Awe hope you had/have fun (depending on when this was posted). I think if you don’t have take time to enjoy life you will have regrets, and sometimes that means spending a little. I’ve gotten the occasional cheaper massage, but I also consider it not just a luxury but preventative medicine. 🙂

  5. I also try to keep a balance with paying off debt and enjoying my money. I just came back from AZ/Vegas this past weekend and it was money well spent. I agree with you – It’s so much better to spend money on experiences than things

  6. I’m all about having fun when I can. I just work really hard on finding a deal! Hope you had fun at the concert .

  7. Last month, I spent almost half of my salary on clothes. I know this sounds crazy, but I did. I just had to adopt afterwards haha, but I had fun and enjoyed the clothes. I would definitely try this again…

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  9. Hi Catherine,

    That is wonderful you get to go to this concert. You are doing a wonderful thing of course in focusing your money on your bills and debt but you also have to live a little to. What kind of life do we have and what kind of memories can we share with our loved ones if we only live to pay bills.

    That is an awesome viewpoint that you have about spending money on memories. No one can take memories from you but the stuff we purchase with our money can be here today and gone tomorrow. I much rather have great memories to share than a bunch of fancy stuff.

    I applaud you for having the balance in your life of being able to pay off your debt as well as enjoy life along the way. Thanks for sharing.


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