Ideas to Save Money on Funeral Expenses

People often avoid funeral planning, but it is essential to control this process. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars, you have to learn methods to decrease funeral expenses. Start with a funeral insurance plan for your grandparents. Learn more here to buy a solid insurance plan to minimize your financial burden. Here are some ideas that can help you to decrease funeral expenses.

Shop Around

Get a general price list from funeral homes. This list should have itemized charges. It will make it easy to compare the costs of different services. Feel free to ask for packaged services to save money. Google may help you to compare the rates and services of different funeral homes.

Prefer Direct Burial

Direct burial is an excellent option if you want to decrease your funeral expenses. In this option, the body of a deceased person is buried immediately after death without any visitation or emblem. The average cost of embalming is almost $700. It is not obligatory by state, so just skip it if you can’t pay extra money.

If you have to delay funeral, check refrigeration options in a funeral home. In this way, you can save the right amount of money. Funeral houses charge almost $50 to refrigerate dead body for one day. The basic services of a funeral house may include transportation, care of body, purchase or burial container or casket and a crypt or cemetery plot. You have to pay extra after selecting cemetery for burial.

Avoid Gasketed Casket

Some people order comforting casket in their emotions of grief. A protective casket is considered the best way to care for the dead body. These coffers are equipped with rubber gasket for protection of the body from elements in the ground. You have to pay $8 to $800 for these special gaskets.

Remember, a sealed casket is not necessary. Decomposition of a dead body is a natural process. Moreover, these special caskets will not actually preserve a dead body. An ordinary chest is available within your budget.

Prefer Wood for Direct Cremation

A direct cremation can be a good option without any funeral ceremony. For cremation, there is no need to buy a casket. You can use a cheap unfinished wood box or container, such as canvas, cardboard, or pressboard. No state has laws to use an expensive casket for direct burial or cremations of dead bodies.

Purchase an Urn or Casket Elsewhere

Hundreds of options are available in the market for an urn or casket. There is no need to buy these things from a mortician or funeral home. You are free to buy anywhere to save money. Crematoriums and funeral homes give you ashes known as cremains in a plastic bag and a box. If you want to scatter ashes, you will not need an urn.

If you want to preserve cremains at your home, a container or urn is necessary. These are available at funeral homes and crematoriums. Moreover, use a nice container or box from home to save money.

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