How to Make Passive Money with an Online Training Portal

One of the best ways to make passive money with your website is to teach your readers something of value. Creating an online training portal with courses behind it that users pay for can make you some real money. However, setting everything up correctly is really important. Simply building a website with some course material in it and publishing it won’t do.

How will your students find you? How will they pay? Where will the information come from? How do they know what you are offering has real value and is worth their investment?

You’ll have to start at the beginning. Here are some simple steps to creating a website you can use to make passive money with an online training portal.

Develop Your Website

The first step is to develop your website. This includes picking a relevant, catchy, yet simple domain name that people will find easy to remember and share. When someone tells another person about your site, you want them to be able to spell it easily or easily type it into a web browser.

You’ll also need to choose hosting and the platform you will construct your site on. Choose shared or dedicated hosting depending on how much traffic you anticipate coming to your site. Use a platform like WordPress that has simple plugins and ecommerce platforms you can explore.

Finally, choose the right theme and colors. Remember, this is your brand, your homepage is your sign hanging out front of your business, and it tells the reader a lot about you. The psychology of color is very important, so keep in mind that colors trigger certain reactions in users.

Once your website is up and running, you are ready to get started.

Create Great Training Content

The next step is to create your training content. Online training is different from that in a classroom, and there are a number of creative ways you can use to train people online. Not everyone likes to read or watch videos, and hands on learning works best depending on what you are trying to teach. Here are some methods:

  • Textbooks and Quizzes: This is more like a standard learning format, only of course you must deliver these things digitally. While not the most effective method, some people still learn this way, so it works for some academic material.
  • Video: Video should be more than just a lecture. We know from science that a lecture is one of the worst ways to learn. Educate, but be entertaining. Use animations and even virtual and augmented reality video to get your point across.
  • Gamification: Make your online training like a game, where users level up as they complete tasks, earn badges, and learn to work as a team. Gamification has huge value if structured correctly and can set your course apart from others.
  • Group and Team Projects: While these are horribly unpopular in college, they do teach people to work with others who are different than they are and with differing ability. Just structure the projects in a way that one person does not get stuck doing all the work.

Once you have created your course content, you can move on to the next steps. You have done the bulk of the production side of the work, but now you need to start selling.

Offer Something for Free

Before you can sell something to anyone, you will have to build their trust that what you are selling has value. This is why in stores you often get “free samples.” The sample does a couple of things that work for your online learning material too.

  • Mmm, that’s Good: The sample gives the learner a taste of what you do, and how the course works. If they find value in the sample training, they are more likely to pay for the rest. Give them something of real value, not just a teaser. A free course or section of a course will give them a real understanding of how your training works.
  • The Law of Reciprocity: If you give someone something of value, they are more likely to buy something of value from you. The more you give away, the more valuable it is perceived to be, the more quickly this principle is activated and the stronger it is.

This is an important first step in marketing. You will market the thing you are giving away, and that triggers users to come look at your products and buy them. Marketing is the next most important step in your online training.

Gate the Rest

Once you have free content, it is time to gate the rest of it. To do so you will want to create a membership portal on your website. This can be done by searching the best membership plugins for WordPress or contacting a web developer to install a plugin for you. The user cannot get past this to access your course information without the right credentials and payment.

This is called gating your content, and it essentially means a user cannot reach the content without performing a specific action that you dictate.

Keep it Fresh

Yes, your course will provide you with passive income, as more people take it and you are not teaching “live.” However, nearly every industry or thing you can teach about is constantly changing, so you need to be creating new course material and revising your old material to keep up.

Those who have taken courses before may want to take more, and that can be a great source of revenue if you have created new material.


An online training portal can be a great source of passive income if constructed properly. Follow these steps to get started earning today.

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