How to Make More Money With Uber: 7 Tips and Tricks

If you play your cards right, you can earn over 6 figures annually by driving for Uber. You don’t have to drive for 80 hours a week. You can get by with driving around 50 hours a week.

You only have to get creative to know how to make more money with Uber. You have to know the ins and outs of the system, too, so you can take advantage of each of its features.

Some things, like knowing where you can get passengers, you can learn through experience. Other things, though, you can learn here. Read on for some tips for Uber drivers to make more money.

1. Find the Right Places to Wait

One mistake Uber drivers often do is to wander around without aim, trying to find passengers.

If you want to learn how to make more money with Uber, the first step is to ensure every minute on the road leads to profit. This isn’t a more worthwhile use of your time than staying in a parking lot and waiting for a ride there.


Because you’re only subjecting your car to wear and tear (and you’re only using up gas) while you’re driving around. Both of these will reduce your net income from the fares you pick up this way.

The best thing to do is to know some areas where you have a good chance of picking up a passenger. Stand by one of these areas whenever you’re waiting for a passenger.

Take some time to get to know these places, too, so you have some free parking spaces to go to.

2. Don’t Chase Surge Fares

Surge fares promise drivers a higher fare than usual, which is why drivers flock to them every time they come up. The problem here is that surge pricing is dependent on the number of drivers in the area. If it goes up, the supply goes up, so the pricing goes down to normal levels.

By the time you get to the area, the pricing isn’t going to be much higher. You’re also going to compete with all the other drivers who rushed to that area.

3. Sell Vending Machine Items on the Side

Want to make some extra bucks driving for Uber? Turn your car into a vending machine using a Cargo box.

Uber formed a partnership with Cargo, which provides drivers with boxes containing snacks, electronics, and beauty supplies. Drivers can pick up these boxes and sell the items inside to their passengers.

Passengers can pay for the products using Apple Pay, Venmo, and other digital options. Each box comes with a unique QR code they can scan to access the menu, too.

The drivers receive a percentage from every product they sell. They even earn a commission from the free items, too.

According to Cargo, drivers can make an average of $100 per month this way. That’s not bad, considering you only have to pick up the box and do nothing else.

4. Show Ads in Your Car

Another way you can earn passive income is to sign up with ad companies, like Vugo. When you sign up, you’ll receive a media kit consisting of a tablet and other tools.

You’ll place the tablet on the headrest, facing the backseat passengers. This will show the ads.

By doing this, you get paid around $3 per hour on top of your fare.

Uber and Lyft aren’t too keen on letting their drivers advertise in their cars. However, they’ve been fighting to make the drivers remain as independent contractors. This means they don’t have ownership over the car, so they can’t prohibit this practice.

The best they can do is discourage drivers from doing this for the reason of distracting passengers, which may lower the driver’s rating.

They do have rules against putting advertisements outside of your car, though. This applies to wraps or rooftop ads.

5. Increase Your Chances of Getting Tips

Don’t underestimate how much you can add to your monthly income through tips. The little tips can add up, but that’s only if they tip. Not everyone remembers to tip because they don’t give the driver a rating after the trip.

The tip page only shows up after the passenger has given the driver a rating. To increase your chances of getting a tip, ask them to rate you before they get out of a car.

Ask for a favor (people like giving favors); ask them to give them an honest rating after the trip. This way, they’ll remember to tip if they ever wanted to. You’ll also likely leave a good impression if you only ask for an honest rating. (Don’t mention the tip at all!)

6. Refer Other Drivers to Uber

Uber gives a nice incentive for every driver or passenger who signs up on the platform using your referral code. It can be anywhere from $25 to $500. Some bonuses can even go up to $2,500.

The drivers you referred must still go through the normal process by signing up and meeting the Uber driver requirements.

To earn the bonus, the driver must have completed a set number of rides. After this, they will also earn a nice bonus.

Because of the big amount of the bonus, some go the extra mile to get as many referrals as they can. They print their code on Uber business cards and fliers, which they then hand out to anyone they pass by. Some people use Facebook groups so their posts to reach anyone who might be willing to drive.

7. Use Both Lyft and Uber

As an independent contractor, you’re free to use both systems to pick up a passenger. If you can, sign up for the two platforms —  provided you’re qualified for both.

Log into both systems when you’re ready to start driving. When you get a trip in one app, log out of the other.

After you’ve completed the ride, log into the other one again. This way, you can target the user base of all apps because not all people use Uber and vice versa.

Learn How to Make More Money with Uber

Use our tips above about how to make more money with Uber and start climbing up your way to earning 6 figures a year.

Be sure to stay on the company’s good side, though, because they can deactivate your account faster than the time it takes for you to sign up. Read up on its rules and your state’s laws to ensure what you’re doing is well within your right.

But why stop here? If you need more financial tips, read our other articles.

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