From Rabbinical College to Solving Student Loan Debt The Story of: Greg Fishman of Resolvly Boca Raton, Florida

Humble Beginnings

At the young age of 15, Greg Fishman was already following a lifelong passion… his faith. Studying at the St. Louis Rabbinical College, A young Fishman pursued a career as a rabbi. From 7-9 p.m. each night, he spent his evenings learning about the Torah while friends spent theirs at home with their families, watching TV or just spending time with other friends.

Moving Forward

Although Greg loved the idea of getting to not only live out his faith but to do so in a way that helped others, he knew that he wanted to do more. So, he took what he already knew and he managed to find himself in the chemical manufacturing industry, growing through the ranks to become the vice president of the entire company. Eventually, Fishman would go on to become the company’s owner. He loved it so much that he stayed with the company for 28 years.

An Unlikely Turn

After taking two polar opposite paths in life, Fishman was ready for another change. He wanted to become a financial analyst in order to help others in situations that Greg himself had grown up in. He noticed that there was an opportunity to help families to better thrive through debt settlement, yet the only problem was that there was no attorney in case the client got sued or sent a summons or even if they simply had a legal question that only a lawyer could answer correctly.

Over time, Greg began to learn the market… and in learning the market, he learned about the lawyer model that put the client directly in the hands of a consumer lawyer. This is where his faith would prove to shine back up through the cracks of the path he was currently on. He was able to give his clients the knowledge of what they were up against and how to fight it… no fear – just faith.

Many people could not afford to pay and were rejected by other firms. Fishman’s firm believed that they were obligated to help those with no other place to go. They felt as though they were a sounding board for those without a voice.

Behind the Career

Greg Fishman started up Resolvly of Boca Raton which has helped him made quite the name for himself in the community… but that isn’t only because he does good work in the office. Greg and his family believe in doing good where good is not always seen. It is one thing to do good when everyone is watching and your paycheck depends on it… and quite another to do good when you don’t really have to. This is what has made Greg one of the top businessmen in his field because he is not only good at what he does… he is simply a good person.

Among the many charitable causes that Fishman puts not only his money but time into is a recovery program that he has been a part of for over 36 years and counting. This cause is near and dear to his heart, having started helping there at the tender age of 23. From helping 100s of people to get back on their feet, to community picnics, food drives, bingo fundraisers, scholarship funding and even treatment, this lifelong passion of Greg’s is still going strong today.

Aside from the recovery program, Fishman is very active in NOW, the National Organization for Women. This stemmed from the knowledge that when it came to their children and court hearings, women simply were not being heard. They needed someone to step in and really be a champion for their rights and the rights of their children. Along with this very important portion of NOW, the charity also stands firm on:

– Advancing Reproductive Rights

– Advocating for Justice in the Courts

– Ensuring Economic Opportunity

– Achieving Equality with the Ratification of the ERA

– Stopping Violence Against Women

– Securing LGBTQI Rights

– Promoting Diversity and Ending Racism

Last but not least, Fishman and his family are dedicated to two other causes: the fight against skin cancer where they raise money, donate and run marathons for change as well as a variety of animal rights charities. The family is proud to help out at the Dharamshala Animal Rescue and they believe that helping just ONE dog is worth all the effort and time that they put in. Because the Fishman’s have a 110 pound dog (or, as they put it, a big baby), Hobbie, they simply find that donating to multiple no-kill shelters helps them to sleep better at night knowing that if someone’s own “Hobbie” is out there… he will be waiting for them when they find him.

King of the Misfits

At Fishman’s company, their baseball team has a rather cool name… but not for the reason you might think. Are the Misfits a cool rock n’ roll band? Sure. Are they the reason the company boasts of this name? Nope. 27-3… do you know what that means? That’s the number of games the team has won. 3. This is because the team never turns away a player. Everyone counts. This team-building experience might not win trophies… but it definitely wins loyalty.

With a long and vast career history, Greg is setting an example for businessmen everywhere. Do a little bit of everything. Be kind. Give back… and never forget where you came from. You just never know when your own faith might come shining up through the cracks of your future and take you exactly where you are supposed to be.


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