Four Free Ways to Learn More About Money

More Ways to Save MoneyIf you are like most people, then your financial education is somewhat lacking. Perhaps you were not entirely sure what all that stuff on your first 401k form meant, or perhaps you still do not know how to define “escrow.” These knowledge gaps are common, but if you do not do anything about them, you could find yourself in deep trouble down the road. Here are four ways you can make sense of finances—without spending extra money to do it.

1. Financial Websites

If you are reading this page, then your self-education is already on the right track. The internet is packed with articles that explain the fundamentals of finance. Some of these articles are written by people who work for large financial organizations, so they have an institutional reputation behind them. Other articles, like this post, were written by people like you who had to teach themselves much of what they know about finances. One kind of article may be more suited to your learning style than the other, but it is a good idea to read material from both types of authors.

2. Library Books

You do not have to spend any money to read a book. Thousands of books have been published about almost every area of finance, and many of them are available at your local library. By checking out just one or two at a time, you can learn a lot while keeping your reading load manageable. Some books even contain quizzes and pointers to additional resources, so you can test your knowledge and find out where to pursue more.

3. Local Seminars

Speaking of your library, it probably offers other educational materials in addition to books. Most communities offer free educational seminars on numerous topics, including finances. Even if your library is not the hosting body, it probably does have information about how to find and attend these classes.

Once you have identified some classes to attend, make sure you go. Community seminars are designed to fit into people’s busy schedules, so most total only a few hours over the course of a couple weekends or even a single day. To enhance the experience, bring a notebook and a friend. That way, you can discuss the lesson with someone later while looking back on your notes.

4. Online Videos

YouTube is not just for cat videos and movie trailers. It also has hundreds of educational videos about money and finances. As with online articles, some of these videos are by financial professionals and others are by self-educated people. You already know how addicting online videos can be, and in this case, that is a good thing. One useful video should lead you directly to another, and an hour of watching will probably teach you a lot.

Teach Yourself

Finances can be intimidating, which is one reason why so many people struggle with them. However, it is entirely possible to learn more if you are willing to track down the right resources. By using the internet, books, and community courses, you can develop your knowledge and strengthen your financial future.

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  1. I’ve started to learn about money by reading personal finance blogs 🙂

    I’ve always treated money ‘seriously’, always liked the idea of saving and investing and staying out of money problems… but to be honest, I never knew how much more there is to learn about personal finance until I discovered PF blogs online! Thank goodness we live in the era of information 😀

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