February Debt Repayment Update

My kiddo has been quite  clingy the last few days, I managed to snap a picture of her needing to hold my hand :)

My kiddo has been quite clingy the last few days, I managed to snap a picture of her needing to hold my hand 🙂 My biggest ”get out of debt asap” motivator.

Oh February. I am so very glad you are over. I know I’m a little late with this update but I’ve had a lot going on in the last two weeks (see insert: like a super needy kid) and this post kept taking a back burner, but as promised I will continue to post for accountability.

Even though it’s the shortest month in the year it feels like it takes forever to get over. February was a pretty decent month for me but I didn’t make many extra super debt payments. Womp Womp.

My goal from January is to put a minimum of $2068 per month on (non-mortgage) debt. This month I put $1543 towards debt, which isn’t really that stellar considering it’s not much more than our minimum payments, however I have some money in the bank.

For a few different reasons I had to move some funds around this month (like paying a bill for my sister then having to wait two weeks for her to pay me back). Anyway I’m hoping I can make up the $525 deficit this month with money that’s currently sitting in the bank and more funds coming. So though I didn’t exactly pay additional money towards the debt I do have some of  it, but just didn’t pay the additional debt down yet so will add it to March total. Fingers crossed for a super successful March!

I’ve picked up a few extra shifts at work between last month and into April. This isn’t something I can sustain doing though. Working five days a week in my job, at this particular office, with an almost two year old at home, and freelance work waiting for me at home just won’t work. I am a tough cookie but end of day Friday after working five days almost kills me. I am so sore physically it’s insane. It ruins my whole weekend too. There are things I could do that may help, like use loupes to work, but I don’t have a few thousand bucks to buy them! The other thing is to accept I have an awkward and physically demanding job and if I want to work long-term in this field and not sustain repetitive work injury, I need to cut back. Four days per week works for both my and my family right now.

So there it is. February sucked but hoping for better things in March!


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  1. It is so funny what we get ourselves conditioned for… over $1,500 “isn’t stellar”? I am striving to hit that amount 🙂 I hope you get into a groove with the work, motherhood, and freelance writing soon – you don’t want to burnout!

  2. $1,500 is really good! Even if it’s not your ideal, it’s really good. Good luck in March, freelance writing is definitely less physically demanding, so maybe you could ramp it up a bit?

  3. Catherine – your repayments may have fallen short of your expectations but it’s also important to celebrate your successes! Remember – you paid off $1543 of debt in a single month which is a LOT more than most people managed. Remember that every journey – no matter how long – consists of baby steps – so you’re definately heading in the right direction 🙂

  4. We spent quite a bit in February as well but it turned out to be a decent month. I was at the dentist the other day and my hygienist said the same thing as you. She works 4 days because her body can’t handle it any longer.

  5. I wouldn’t say that you had a bad month at all – that’s a lot of money that you put toward debt and you should be proud.

    Don’t burn yourself out. It sounds like you’ve been busy lately, and busy is okay, but working too much is not! With work, a toddler, freelancing, keeping up with your own blog, and finding time for other relationships in your life, it’s easy to find yourself drowning in the day-to-day so remember to take some time for yourself.

  6. $1,500 is nothing to laugh at. That is a serious amount, but I know how it feels to miss a goal.

    Do you have a specific method you use when making your extra payments?

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