February Clean-Out: 5 Items Worth Selling This Month

The following is a guest post from Kyle James, who runs the blog Rather Be Shopping. If you’re interested in guest posting please let me know! Thanks so much Kyle!

Whether you are trying to pay off credit card debt or trying to build up your emergency fund, it is important to try and find extra income in your life to accomplish your goals. A great way to find extra money is by selling some stuff you don’t need or use. February is a great month to de-clutter your life and make some cash in the process. Here are five items that are worth selling this month.

Kids Toys

Have you recently cleaned out your child’s closet to make room for new toys and games received on Christmas morning? If so, consider selling those older toys for some extra money. Gently used kids toys are always in high demand on eBay. Toys that sell really well include action figures, board games, vintage toys, toy trains, stuffed animals, and educational toys like building blocks, models, and stacking toys. If your kids have outgrown any of these, or they just sit and gather dust, you have a nice opportunity to earn some cash.

Sporting Goods

As little league baseball leagues are registering kids all across the country, the dusty sporting goods equipment in your garage is in demand. Bats, gloves, balls, tee’s from T-ball, and any training equipment sells fast right now. Either sell your stuff on eBay or consider taking it to a ‘Play It Again Sports’ store that buys used sporting goods and sells it for a profit.

Check the Coat Closet

If your coat closet is like ours, and can barely hold another coat, consider cleaning it out and selling coats and jackets you have yet to wear this winter. It is a win-win situation as many are still braving the winter blues and are in the market for a new-to-them winter coat. Name brand coats sell especially well on eBay as quality and sizing is a known factor. Check ‘Completed Listings’ on the eBay interface to determine demand and to estimate shipping charges.

Craft Supplies

With three kids in our home and many rainy day craft projects completed this winter, we are left with quite a bit of leftover stuff. I recently sold most of it on eBay for a nice little chunk of change. Stuff that sells well includes scrapbooking supplies, glitter, stamps and ink, yarn, feathers, beads and fabric. Instead of finding a place to store it in your home, consider selling it on eBay this year.


Have you ever bought a tool for a home-improvement project to only use it once? If so, consider de-cluttering the garage by selling it on eBay. Tools have always sold well on eBay; just make sure you are charging enough for shipping fees otherwise it could really cut into your profits.

If some of your tools are really heavy or bulky, consider selling them locally on Craigslist. I always recommend meeting the buyer at a public place like a busy shopping center to finish the transaction. If you agree to let them come to your home, make sure you have a friend with you. Also, always trust your gut instinct; if a buyer seems suspiciously weird never give them your home address.

If you stay consistent with selling the stuff in your life that you don’t need, but still has value, the money earned starts to add up pretty quickly. Also, it is my experience that once you get the hang of selling stuff online you get much faster at it and the time required to set up auctions is greatly reduced. When you are up to your neck in debt, and monthly expenses seem overwhelming, you need to find extra income and selling stuff online is a great way to do just that.

Have you sold any of these items recently with success? What other products are worth selling in February?

Kyle James operates a coupon website called Rather-Be-Shopping.com which specializes in coupons for popular stores like Lands’ End.com, Crate & Barrel, and American Eagle Outfitters.com. He has been helping consumers save money with online coupon codes since 2000.

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  1. If it is already looking like spring where you are, you can sell motorcycles, roller skates, bicycles… people want to go out again soon and start looking for some wheels.

  2. I recently sold a Keurig and a Kindle on Craigslist. 2 days of emailing, and I was $130 richer.

    As far as kids toys and clothes go, I would rather donate them to Good Will or to someone I know that expresses interest.

  3. We haven’t sold anything lately but we really need to! We have way too much clutter.

    • Especially if you’re moving! I have a few items currently on my online classifieds but no bites…

      • Great ideas, I’m looking for more stuff to sell right now. I am using the proceeds to pay down the mortgage. Anything related to camping, gardening, and weddings would be good too. What do you all do with the stuff that doesn’t sell?

  4. We have not sold anything recently, but I am planning a major decrappifying campaign come the Spring. 🙂 We have way too much crap and I’d love to make a little money off of it, so we’ll be using Craigslist for sure.

  5. Gotta love Craigslist John! I just bought some firewood from someone off Craigslist this weekend. Such a great service.

  6. I am planning on going in the garage to see what needs to be cleaned out and what can be sold. Hopefully there is something in there.

  7. I went through my coat collection recently and was horrified by how many jackets/coats I have that don’t get worn. I chose to donate them given the extreme temperature fluctuations here in Boston recently–I’d rather give them to someone who really needs them than try to make money from selling them.

    Great reminder about the other categories!

  8. I’m hoping to have a nice garage sale this spring to help pay off the student loans. We’ll see how that goes, I think we have enough junk to make a few bucks 🙂

  9. Selling power tools is a sin. I kid, sort of.
    Those are great, specific examples of things that can be sold off 🙂
    I have an ever growing pile for the thrift store in my house, the open times are just never convenient for me to drop things off.
    I’ve been trying to sell some excess sterling silverware on eBay for a bit, but no takers, even with the lowest of the current prices for those particular forks. Oh well.

  10. We’re always looking for ways to get rid of crap around here. One thing living in the UK we don’t have much space to buy and store things so I’m pretty much a minimalist when I have to be. The Mrs on the other hand is a whole other story although we don’t have much hanging around for long. It’s best to sell it or give it away to someone who will use it. The best part is if you can sell something to use the money for something else, like debt.

  11. I recently sold a bunch of jewelry and accessories on e-bay. I was surprised by how much I made and was glad to get that clutter out of the house (I wasn’t using any of it anymore). I plan to sell another batch in the next few weeks.

  12. Old mobile phones ahead of the upcoming new-releases 🙂

  13. I think that we will end up having a lot of kids toys to sell once Nick gets older. I’m still amazed at how much stuff he has collected in such a short period of time.

  14. Cool guest post. I recently sold some low priced stuff and realized that I had no clue what shipping should have been. Next time I’m going to bundle stuff into groups before I sell on E Bay if they’re low-cost goods.

  15. We have a ton of kid toys and really need to get them listed on craigslist soon. Kid is so spoiled. 🙂

  16. We make a big deal of the girls going through their closets and toys to find things to donate. Sharing is very important in our family. For bigger ticket items, we’d consider selling but we try to donate to Goodwill or give to friends and family as much as possible.

  17. You can never go wrong with technology. Never had too much luck with the kids’ stuff, we usually donate it. As a musician, any musical supplies fly out of here like crazy!

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