Easy Does It

Who of us does not know the stress of facing what appears to be an insurmountable mountain of debt? How this debt came to be in our lives matters, but what matters more is how to manage it without going crazy.

Many of us went to college and relied heavily on student loans. Others found the love of their life, married, bought a home, had some kids, and purchased a couple new vehicles.

Faced with the “stack” of bills, without adequate funds in the bank to cover, what are we to do? That is exactly what this article is intended to help you with, from a couple different angles.

Your Health

Let’s address your health first, for after all if the mind and body are not well, then our ability to function even remotely close to efficient and effective is out the door. With debt difficulties comes stress. With stress comes trouble with our physical and mental well-being.

Get yourself in a “good place” so that you can think clearer. Does your employer offer a workplace financial wellness program? What generally occurs through these types of programs is consistent meetings with a coach who encourages you to take the necessary steps to reduce your stress and debt.

If you do not have access to a program, other options exist that can be implemented to bring you increased freedom from the stress associated with debt. It can be as easy as creating a plan, addressing any unnecessary spending, setting up auto drafts for your monthly bills, and setting small goals that can be achieved in a short timeframe.

If the Unexpected Happens

One of the most valuable lessons handed down to anyone is that life can be difficult. Just when it seems that nothing else could “come down the pike”, low and behold more trouble comes. At times, we can barely make ends meet as is.

The good news is that loanable funds are available to help meet your needs when life delivers a thunderstorm. Are you familiar with credit brokers? They can be your saving grace in this time of need.

Credit brokers serve a purpose for just these kinds of situations, as well as many others. What these brokers do is establish partnerships, or relationships if you prefer, with a variety of lenders. These lenders offer different types of loans with varying requirements.

The types of loans that are available through a credit broker can range from personal, short-term, car finance, bridging, and bad credit.

Treat Yourself

It can be easy to fall into the trap of cutting every known corner to pay down your debt. This can be a dangerous practice. In theory, it makes sense. In application, experience proves otherwise.

What constitutes “treating yourself”? To thine own self be true. The key here is self-care, which is not to be confused with selfishness. Let’s clear the air on the difference with an example.

Our example will be someone who loves flowers. As this individual’s life unfolds, they find themself with a family. The kids need clothes and supplies for school. Instead of getting them all that they need, our friend spends a couple hundred dollars on plants. This is selfishness.

Now, let’s look at this example from an entirely different angle. The school supplies and clothes are purchased. A month goes by, and a flower sale is advertised . Money is tight, and the bills are piling up. Yet, this person knows that they must find some happiness in this life.

So they spend a little on flowers, decorating their home with them. That is self-care, also known as treating yourself. Then, with a clear head and a good spirit, you can tackle the day.


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