Crypto Besides Bitcoin – These Are the Coins to Watch

Recent knockbacks from financial superpowers across the globe have caused Bitcoin investors to shy away from the market and hastily empty their wallets. China’s suggested ban on access to crypto trading networks within the country, coupled with major US and UK banks blocking the use of credit cards to purchase digital currency, plus Facebook’s crackdown on scam advertisements, have cast old shadows over the frenzied enthusiasm surrounding crypto only 8 weeks ago.

The limelight has always been on Bitcoin, the figurehead of the shady mid-2000s cryptocurrency world; given notoriety for being the untraceable anonymous payment system rumored for use for black market business on the dark web. Hearsay, intrigue and rebellion against central banks spun Bitcoin into a moneymaking hit over a decade later, with investors celebrating a $19,000 peak value in December 2017.

Other cryptocurrencies rode the Bitcoin tailwind to also experience a surge in value. The average Joe had no idea that other cryptocurrencies even existed before November 2017. Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Iota and co. were thrust into centerstage as investment experts sang their praises and placed their 10 cents on which coin they believed would be the next big thing.

As the top 3 cryptocurrencies crashed to less than half their peak value in the last few weeks, we examine which incarnations are set to defy the bust. There’s no doubt that crypto is here to stay in some form – the global shift to digital will not exempt currency – so here is a look at which ones are predicted to make it beyond the bubble.


In Greek, this term means ‘new and young’; maybe so much so that you’ve not heard of it yet. Known as the ‘Chinese Ethereum’, NEO has become China’s largest coin, and is basically a platform through which digital contracts and signatures can be made and stored on the blockchain.

Enough about the technical stuff – its value currently stands at $114 as of early February 2018. That’s a whole lot more than Ripple’s meagre $0.78, which is a much better-known coin tied to Bitcoin’s turbulent value. Outside of Bitcoin’s grip and influence, NEO has remained strong throughout the top 3’s rocket, fall and resurgence… But who knows what the impact will be if China stays true to its crypto trade blockade.

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Litecoin enthusiasts received good news this week as US major credit card processing company Aliant Payment Systems announced they would be supporting Litecoin functionality in their range of products. The company have a pioneering reputation for supporting crypto payment solutions, having already added Bitcoin and Ethereum processing platforms.

Litecoin currently trades at a value of $149.40, holding its worth well as Bitcoin, Ripple et al. dip and rise. Aliant Payment Systems’ backing will only further secure its market share – this coin is one to watch.


The currency of the Internet of Things does things differently. It doesn’t work as part of the blockchain, but rather a Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) called Tangle. Tangle represents an ingenious solution to the huge issue of the painfully slow, energy-succubus blockchain – it actually works faster with the more users and transactions it processes at any one time.

Just as the Internet of Things is becoming ever-present in daily life, IOTA is taking off with it. Its value currently stands at $1.75, but don’t be put off by the small sum. IOTA is rumored to be partnered with international corporations including Samsung and Volkswagen; the company heads have had meetings with Microsoft in Paris; and Dr. Rolf Werner, CEO of multinational technology company Fujitsu, consistently voices his support of the coin via Twitter.

It’s exceptionally rare for industry heads to show such public support for a digital currency – the most popular coins on the market have divided finance and tech experts almost 50/50 across the board. Smart investors will watch what the experts do; which leads us to keep our eyes locked on IOTA.


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