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Taken by yours truly

Taken by yours truly. One creative outlet of mine.

A friend of mine recently linked to this interesting post via Huffington Post on Facebook. I have to be honest I rarely read posted links on Facebook but I was looking to kill time on my lunch break so proceeded to open the link and read it. I’m glad I did because it was quite an interesting article titled ”18 Things Highly Creative People Do”.

I’ve always considered myself fairly creative in certain ways. Other times I marvel at how people come up with certain ideas, assuming it’s something I could never do. As a child I always enjoys art classes, playing with paints and having fun. Into adulthood I still have fun with color schemes, DIY attempts and interior decorating playtime (when money is there to have fun). Though I enjoy blogging as some form of outlet and connectivity, I don’t know that I do it to satisfy my personal creativity bug. I don’t know what exactly it is that makes me enjoy blogging but I certainly don’t equate it to the same creativity I have when I’m making a craft or painting something.

Anyway after reading this post I realized just how ”highly creative” the personal finance blogging community is. To pick a few topics that were highlighted:

1) Daydreamers.

How often do we read or write a ”If I had ”x” amount of dollars how I would spend it”; ”When I’m debt free”; ”When I’m financially ready to retire” type posts? We as an entire community love to dream about the ”what if’s” and ”whens”.

2) They work the hours that work for them.

We blog at all hours of the day. We squeeze it in when kids are napping, on lunch breaks, at midnight when the spouse is gone to bed. Some of us have quit our jobs to pursue this gig full-time and have the ability to really set their schedules how they like. Maybe working during a 9-5 timeframe isn’t ideal for efficiency. I enjoy working at night so if I was to ever go full-time with writing (not a desire of mine) I would probably take care of home things during the day and write at night because I know I’m usually more ”creative” during that time. I’m distracted during the day with other things.

3) They turn life’s obstacles around.

I love this and totally relate. I’m in a huge amount of debt, something I’ve come to see as a semi-positive thing. Because of the debt I’ve started this blog and ”virtually” met all of you. For this I’m grateful. I’m learning from mistakes (like how much I borrowed vs. how much I needed for school) and have many lessons to teach my daughter. Lessons that were never taught to me.

4) They people-watch.

While my idea of a good time is to plop me in a food court for a few hours so I can watch everyone we sort of do the same thing on the internet don’t we? I love reading personal stories, how people are achieving their goals, or in most cases within this community, surpassing them. We read personal blogs, our way of getting a glimpse into someone else’s life.

After reading this article I realise just how creative blogging and social media interaction is. When I think about people I know who just don’t ”get” blogging and social media they are people who I would likely consider less creative than I.

Do you consider yourself highly creative?

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  1. I totally relate to people watching in public, on the web or in reality TV (even though I know that’s so staged).

  2. Sometimes I do daydreaming and it really makes me happy. Or when I think of something just like the other week I really wanted to paint my cabinet so I decided to buy some paints!

  3. I consider myself creative. I enjoy blogging, but I also enjoy working on things with my hands. I just like to create things, no matter the purpose.

  4. I like this post a lot.

    Creativity comes in spurts for me.. There are times when I can write a dozen articles in a day, and times where I will stare at a blank page with complete hopelessness.

  5. I don’t really consider myself creative because the only “creative” pursuit I enjoy is cross-stitch, and it’s really just following other people’s patterns, not creating anything myself. However, several people have told me that it is creative, so *shrug*. I do however do a lot of the other items on the list!

  6. The creativity really helps us see solutions where others only see problems. What a thoughtful post.

  7. PF bloggers are total creeps with people watching. We all tweet regularly about the random stupid financial advice we overheard. Stalkers, I tell ya 🙂

    I consider myself a creative type. I think writers have to be. Who wants to read stuff by people with no imagination?

  8. Your comment on people watching reminded me of the young writers conference I attended with my daughter about a year ago. The speaker told us that writers tell stories about the things that happen around us. If you have think you have nothing to write about, then you’re not paying attention. 🙂

  9. I would be an Olympic athlete if people watching was a sport. I remember when we were kids my dad used to travel a lot. We used to go to the airport to pick him up from his business trips right at the gate- and obviously this was back when anyone could walk around an airport. We used to go an hour early just to people watch! Great entertainment : )

  10. I love people-watching! One of my favorite things to do when I visit a big city is park it on a bench and watch all of the different types of people walk on by. I like to think that I’m a creative person, although it comes and goes.

  11. I would say the #1 thing creative people do is that they challenge everything.

    They challenge things and thus they are able to see other paths, to see the faults, they don’t simply accept statements they ask why.

  12. I actually DON’T, but I am a writer so I guess I have at least a few creative bones in me.

  13. Great post! I’m still pretty new to blogging and I didn’t realize how much creativity and time it would take to run a blog and mine’s not even big, hugely popular, or self-hosted!

  14. I contemplate myself artistic. I fancy blogging, however I conjointly fancy performing on things with my hands. I rather like to make things, in spite of the aim.

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