Changes Aren’t Scary Anymore Because We Have a Plan for Them

First off, I was completely flabbergasted to find out I had been nominated, let alone selected as a finalist for a Plutus Award yesterday. Seeing as how I didn’t nominate myself I can only figure it was one of my readers. I’m completely honored to be represented in such a category, so thank you!

Know what I love about personal finance? That it’s just that, personal.

When I started this blog three years ago (<<<what??!) I knew nothing. I didn’t know anything about emergency funds, our finances were disorganized and I was a huge ball of stress. I didn’t even know personal finance was a ”thing”. My point is that SO much has changed in the last three years and so much will change in the upcoming three years.

Last October I wrote a post titled Can We Pay Off $70,000 in 36 months. I received so much support and encouragement from writing that post and it continues to be a popular post today. To summarize, we needed to be making a minimum payment of $2,064 per month to reach our goal and I’m happy to report, despite some hiccups in the last year we’re on plan. Unless the shit hits the fan in the next eight weeks we will reach milestone #1 of this $70,000 payoff plan.

This particular loan (milestone #1) started in December 2012 at $23,698.70 and today sits at $3,635. I’m hoping come October 27, 2015 it will be $0.00. After this loan was paid off we had plans to pay our vehicle off next and then work on rest of student debt. But we’re not anymore.

Life happens but changes aren’t scary anymore because we have a plan for them.

No, I’m not pregnant but we are planning to add to the family. We’re getting a second car. Which I already wrote about here.

When I did get pregnant with Maria though, I was super excited but also terrified. Terrified because we didn’t have a tight grasp on our financial situation and I really didn’t know how we were going to manage. Instead of letting it kill us we jumped on the learning opportunity and educated ourselves. I inevitably started this blog as a way for me to work through everything unknowing I’d fallen into this niche (which I am so grateful for). I have learned so much from you guys.

We’re in a situation where some would say we can’t afford a second car because we have so much debt still to work on- agreed; Others will say it’s your life manage it as you want- also agreed. This is why personal finance is so great, difference in opinions is what opens conversation. In this particular case we’ve weighed the pros and cons and honestly we just can’t make it work anymore with one car so our overall financial plan will need to adapt to these changes.

I’ve already agreed to work at least two extra days per month at my job in 2016 which should be more than enough to offset the additional car costs and still meet our other financial goals (one day would probably be enough). I’ve been coming around to the realization that other changes will have to be made to our ambitious goal to balance our lives too (selling/buying new house within 2-3 years for instance) and I’m ok with it.

If I’ve learned one life long valuable lesson it’s that you need to have a money monitoring system in place that is adaptable. Changes happen- cars, babies, emergencies, houses, raises and job losses, you need to have a system in place that allows you to realistically adapt your goals for your lifestyle.

I’m not saying we won’t have the remainder of the original $70,000 paid off in 25 months, but I am saying I’m ok if it doesn’t happen because it means we’ve adapted our lives to our needs and we did it with a concrete plan in place and I can sleep soundly at night.

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  1. Hi Catherine, great post! I really enjoyed reading this. I admire your attitude towards change and your confidence in dealing with them knowing that you have a plan to address them. I used to get pretty worried when it comes to money matters but I’m starting to realise that I have nothing (much) to worry about since I work hard to organise my finances well. The personal finance community is a great community and I’m learning a lot and getting inspiration from other bloggers like you. Thanks for sharing this. And congratulations on your Plutus nomination! 🙂

  2. Congrats on your nomination, how exciting!

  3. Congrats on being a finalist! It would be great if life were “perfect” and there were no snags or obstacles along the way, but as we all know that is impossible. It’s good you are being realistic about everything while at the same time still pushing towards and ambitious goal!

  4. congrats on your nomination!

  5. A finalist for a Plutus Award? Congrats! That is something you should be proud of.


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