Weekly Reads 02.02.13

Source: Tumblr

Source: Tumblr

Happy Groundhog Day!! Who plans on watching the Bill Murray movie?

I normally do this on Friday but I was having some blog problems yesterday and couldn’t get it out but the problems are now fixed thanks to the wicked support at HostGator!

Tonight we are celebrating hubby’s birthday with some family and friends. I’m making a big feed of chicken amatriciana (pasta), one of his favorite things to eat but I’ve never actually made it myself, let alone for 14 people…may the cooking Gods be with me.

I’m re-joining Weight Watchers today. I know it’s the kick in the ass I need. I had great success with it in university (but sorta quit as soon as I hit goal never getting my lifetime membership…Gah!). With the family reunion and two weddings this summer I gotta get on it. Not to mention I just need to be healthier again. I have 10lbs of baby weight to lose plus about 15lbs that found me in the few years since graduating university. I’m thinking it’ll be money well spent…it better be.

I did four posts this week:

Onto some funny search terms from the last week:

  • How I felt when I won the lottery <<<You needed to search for the answer??
  • My friend has won the lottery but won’t tell me<<< I wonder why??
  • Can you give lottery money away in canada? <<<< YES!! I will send you my address!
  • Sticking bobby pin up butt <<< Ummmm….??? WTF?

Favorite Posts:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Weekly Reads 25.01.13

This has been a tough week. Baby girl has been SUCKING at sleep. She’s never been great, though I thought we were making some headway, alas, No. Worst of all? The ‘man cold’ has found it’s way to my house. Please help me God. I love you hunny ūüėČ

Because I love them, first some funny search terms for you:

  • can i give my friend 25 million dollars? (Yes, I will gladly send you my address)
  • how to decorate your own house like a gingerbread house (Umm… Whyyyyy?)
  • frugal strippers (I’m sort of dumbfounded by this one…)

Given that this was such a busy week I was a little lazy on the blog reading/commenting and as I’ve said before, I don’t recommend posts unless I’ve read and enjoyed them but here a few I did manage to squeeze in. Enjoy!

”See” you on Monday!

Weekly Reads 18.01.13


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One word about this weekend. HOCKEY. With the return of hockey comes the return of sanity to my house. For those of you who don’t know, my hubby is the¬†blogger for an NHL team. I will share the story some day how this came to be since it’s a story worth telling but for now, back to my blog!

I’ve decided to add funny search terms since I get such a kick out of them from other people’s blogs.

  • Feminism caused my divorce
  • wanting to change my life and don’t have the money…
  • it would be great to win the lottery for my birthday
  • should i leave my husband who has 300,000 in debts
  • bobby pins sold at food for less

Favorite posts this week!

Make sure you enter my Money Rules Giveaway! and co-hosted giveaway of $1000 cash!

Have a great weekend! Anyone else excited about the return of NHL? Anyone boycotting it?