Top 9 Punching Techniques for Kickboxing

Kickboxing, a transformed form of boxing with lots of monetary perks, is unquestionably a sport
full of fun and action. However, it can sometimes be a throbbing experience for beginners with
inadequate training. They can get hurt badly and may eventually have to apply for social security
disability benefits. It is therefore advised to at least learn a few moves before choosing an
opponent. Described below are some of the basic kickboxing moves that you must know and


This must be the first thing you should start from. Jab is a straight punch aiming for the
opponent’s head or body. You should use your front first to throw the jab. Once you are skilled at
it, you can use it for both attack and defense.


Cross is a power punch and comes second in four punches. Use your dominant hand to throw a
straight punch. You may need to slightly rotate your upper body to the opposite side of your
dominant hand.


Third of the basic four punches, the hook is thrown by the front hand to create maximum impact on
the opponent. It should always be aimed for the head by turning the core muscles and back. Shift
your body weight to the leading foot while performing this move.


It is one of the two power punches and is aimed for the opponent’s chin. Stay close to the target,
initiate the punch from the midsection of your body and toss it upwards. Keep your arm inside,
bend at the elbow to transfer the force of your entire body to the upward hit. Learn more here.


Backfist is a strike to the head of the opponent with the tops of two largest knuckles. Raise and bend
the arm at your elbow, and then swing it out to the face. Although Backfist is usually performed
with the front hand, use the non-dominant hand for Spinning Backfist and Reverse Backfist.

Flying Punch

To strike with a flying punch, move slightly back from your target, jump upon pretending for a
kick, but snap the kick to hit the cross punch. The flying punch is also known as jumping punch,cobra punch, diving punch, falcon punch and Superman punch. Rear hand is typically used for
the flying punch.

Cross Counter

Cross Counter is a punch that needs your agility. It is performed right after the jab, when the
opponent opens himself vulnerable. It always requires you to be real quick with a reflexive
response to the move from opposite side, as there is a very short window for maximum impact.
It is a semi-circular rear hand punch that goes upwards and then lands down right on the
opponent. It is really effective when the opponent is slipping to escape your straight punches.
The overcut punch is also called as Overhand or Drop Punch because it moves in a rainbow

Bolo Punch

The Bolo punch is always a combination of two different punches. Although it is mainly derived
from the martial arts, it can effectively be used in traditional kickboxing. All you have to do is to
throw a wide punch so that the eyes of your opponent get off your other static hand. Once he/she
is distracted, strike him/her mightily with your other hand.
The above-described moves can make you aggressive and defensive at the same time. However,
it requires an extensive level of practice to perform corrective action at the right time.

Playing it Safe with Responsible Online Gaming

video-games-1136046_640When you think about gambling, what is the first thought that pops into your head? Do you consider it to be leisure activity or a way for you to make a living?

If you find yourself in the latter category, it may be time to do some self-introspection. While there are people who are lucky enough to win millions of dollars playing their favorite casino games, the truth of the matter is that these people are in the minority.

Gambling is fun. There’s no denying it -especially when you play on sites like Red Flush online casino Canada. Red Flush casino has been in business for almost a decade and, in that time, have developed a reputation for safe and secure gaming, a wide selection of games (over 500 that run the gamut from blackjack to slots), superior customer service, and fair gameplay policies. They also offer a variety of bonuses and promotions to make even the most discerning gameplayers squeal with joy. For instance, their welcome bonus grants new players up to a 1,000 pounds extra gaming money and 100 free spins.

When gambling is considered to be a form of entertainment, the above promotion can bring you extra hours of great gameplay that’s on the house. But, if gambling is starting to affect your relationships, finances, and health negatively, it’s best to stay away. We know that this can be easier said than done but, where there’s a will, there is a way. If you are interested in learning about and practicing safe and responsible gambling, give the next few tips again gander:

Gambling is a Form of Entertainment, Not a Second Job

The fact of the matter is, most casinos, no matter if they are land-based or online, are built to take in more money than they pay out. And, why wouldn’t they? Any other strategy would have them going out of business in short order.

In other words, when you gamble, you should expect to lose a lot and win a little. This rule doesn’t apply to casinos but, all forms of gambling. They all revolve around the same basic principle – the vast majority of players must lose so that a small minority can win it big. That is to say, gambling because of the belief that you will win the big jackpot is actually creating and sustaining the gambling addiction.

Gamble with your Play Money

There’s nothing wrong with gambling – if done responsibly. In other words, you will have to set boundaries, especially when it comes to your money. Set a budget and only gamble with money that you can afford to lose i.e. extra cash you would otherwise spend on going to the movies, out to eat, or with friends to the local bar. Never use money that has been set aside for important things like your rent, car note, insurance, and other essential expenses.

Gambling and Alcohol Do Not a Good Combination Make

When we are under the influence, we tend to lose our inhibitions and do things that are out of our character; like spending an excessive amount of money gaming. Keep a clear head during gameplay so you won’t have a sad face the next day.

Leave Your Losses in the Past

Although it can be heartbreaking, we must never chase our losses – especially if doing so means that the gambling budget will be thrown out the window. Spending more money to recoup your losses is entirely counterproductive because any cash you lose following this strategy would only serve to put you further in debt.

The Bottom Line

When looking for a purely leisure activity, you can’t go wrong with gambling. Still, it’s important that you take the necessary steps to keep your family, friends, health, and finances are protected. Playing it safely with responsible gaming (as detailed by the above tips) will help you stay on track and enjoy your pastime even more.

A Guide to Using Forex to Build Passive Wealth

stock-624712_640As opposed to active wealth, passive wealth is defined as funds which are set aside to be used at a later date. Some examples here can include a retirement “nest egg”, the tuition of a child or capital sequestered to purchase a new home in the future. Now that nearly everyone has unfettered access to high-speed Internet, there are literally a “wealth” of opportunities available. One example can be witnessed in the realm of Forex trading. How can you take advantage of currency pairs to build sustainable income over time? This is an important answer which deserves a further explanation.

Investment Limits

Healthy profits can only be enjoyed after you are able to identify your discrete investment limits. In other words, how much money can you afford to place within a single position? Never exceed these levels. Most will recommend that it is wise to set aside a certain percentage of weekly or monthly wages to invest. Should all of these funds be lost (which happens to even the best of traders), never withdraw more. This can also help you to avoid the stress of an emotional trade.

Labor-Saving Trading Platforms

Online portals such as CMC Markets have become highly respected due to their transparency, their low spreads, their wealth of trading instruments and their real-time access to the most pertinent data. Should a novice investor choose a system that is less than efficient, it is nearly certain that money will be lost within a short period of time. The entire concept of building passive wealth has therefore become a moot point. Only select platforms which offer turnkey and effective Forex trades.

One Step at a Time

While the movies may glorify the proverbial “million-pound trade”, the simple fact is that such situations are exceedingly rare. It is much better to establish benchmarks in terms of the revenue that you expect to accrue over time. These milestones can be yearly, quarterly, monthly or weekly. Such a graduated method further enables the trader to gauge how effective his or her strategy appears to be. Should modifications be required, they can be enacted with little disruption.


We should be clear that leveraged trades should only be enacted after one has gained a considerable amount of experience within the Forex markets. A leverage will enable the investor to pay for a portion of the total value of a currency pair. Should movements occur as predicted, the profits will multiply the initial outlay. Leveraged positions are excellent ways to maximize on a stable position and even a single trade can produce returns that exceed an investment by well over 100 per cent. Still, losses can and do take place with this strategy. It is prudent to carefully examine all of the associated ramifications before delving into this approach.

Accruing passive wealth is now very much a reality thanks to the ability to trade within the Forex markets. By employing these approaches alongside the use of portals such as CMC Markets, a stable future is no longer a dream.

5 Financing Options You Should Consider For Your Retail Store

stock-624712_640Deciding to open a retail store is easy. Actually finding a location, filling it with merchandise, hiring employees, and getting people to buy from you is really hard. And expensive. Here are five financing options that you should consider if you can’t afford to pay for everything out of pocket.

#1. Find Investors

One of the best ways to get the money you need is to get others to invest the money you need for startup costs like hiring a team, manufacturing your products, leasing space, creating marketing materials, etc. You can get these investments from angel investors, venture capitalists, or even just from people in your network who want to invest in your shop in exchange for a percentage of your profits once you start making them.

Having investors can be great since they give you the money you need and usually stay out of the way. A lot of the time, however, there are strings attached. One example is the aforementioned sharing of profits. Others may want to have a say in how you run your shop or which vendors you use.

#2. Make Use of Take-Home Layaway Programs

Take-home layaway is a program that financiers like Crest Financial Services offer to retailers. According to Crest Financial reviews, take home layaway is exactly what it sounds like: you use the credit to buy your store supplies—from furniture to computers to decor—from other retailers “on layaway,” and you get to take all your supplies with you and put them to work while you’re paying them off.

Take note that you typically can’t use this type of credit to fund startup costs like leases, hiring employees, etc. It is only offered for the purchase of material goods like office supplies and furniture.

#3. Offer Financing to Customers

Offering take-home layaway to your own customers is one of the best ways to keep people spending money in your store. While you can set this store credit up using your own system, you can streamline the process and remove the headache of collecting and processing payments by partnering with a third-party financier. This can be done by partnering with a major creditor but it is often better to work with independent companies, especially when you are trying to grow your customer base.

One of the best reasons to use independent third party take-home layaway financiers like Crest Financial (and to shop with the companies who work with them) is that most don’t require your customers to have any sort of credit before they apply. They don’t even run a credit check. Instead they base their approval on whether or not your customers meet their minimum income requirements.

#4 Sublet Your Space

One of the best ways to get the money you need to afford your space and your merchandise is to invite other shop owners to share the space. You can divide the store into sections and charge rent for the space and utilities they use. Doing this helps reduce your own overhead because you won’t have as much space to fill.

Another method of doing this is to sell items on consignment. Invite local artists and makers to sell their products in your store in exchange for a percentage of their sales. This reduces the amount of inventory you need to secure and helps bring in more money at the same time.

Perhaps the best reason to sublet and do consignment sales is that it reduces your marketing responsibility. Your subletters and independent artists will promote their work and offerings to their own audiences who will then be more likely to look around and see what you offer too when they come into the store.

#5 Crowdfunding

Setting up a Kickstarter or an IndieGoGo campaign to help generate operating costs is a fantastic way to introduce your idea to your community and build buzz for the shop at the same time. If you are confident that you can raise what you need, use Kickstarter. If you’re not, use IndieGogo. This is because Kickstarter will only release funds if the goal is met. IndieGogo will allow you to have whatever you’ve raised (minus their fees of course!). Successful crowd funding campaigns can also attract investors by showing them the demand and excitement for your shop.

These are just some of the ways you can finance your business and get your retail operation up and running. If you get creative, chances are you’ll come up with plenty more!