Becoming Wealthy: Not Such a Distant Possibility

A dream widely shared among today’s youth is that of becoming wealthy. But, in light of the economic downturn of 2008, many people have become skeptical about this possibility. Although securing meaningful and profitable employment is in some ways more challenging than it used to be, it is far from impossible. Read on to learn how you can set yourself up for financial success.

The Facts: Achieving Financial Success in 2015 is Possible

Although North America underwent a sharp economic depression in 2008, and it has struggled ever since to recover, there are many individuals and businesses who have achieved success. This is especially so with regards to the supremely wealthy, millionaires and billionaires alike.

According to a recent and exhaustive survey, there are a recorded 1826 billionaires worldwide. Among this group of individuals, the survey determined that they had a cumulative net worth of 7.05 trillion dollars. This figure is up from the 6.4 trillion dollars that was recorded only one year ago. These statistics suggest that entrepreneurs in different sectors and of varying degrees of success have much to be hopeful about. So, if you are a hopeful entrepreneur who is feeling skeptical about his or her prospects, do not despair. Many other people are actually doing what you may have been told could not be done.

One Key to Success: The Quest for Continual Self-Improvement

Becoming financially wealthy largely depends on an individual’s training and education. This education occurs not only before an individual enters the workforce, but while they are gainfully employed as well.
In fact, research indicates that millennials really rely on being trained and coached on a consistent basis. This owes in part to the widespread sense of anxiety that has been built up and around the professional sphere, as the media constantly reinforces how difficult a job market it is. Take the coaching that you receive at work and make a conscious effort to reflect on it and how it relates to your daily life. Do you tend to lose patience? If so, then practice calm patience even when sitting at a traffic light. Being able to make connections between work and life through coaching is essential to both professional and financial success.

Find a Role Model to Inspire You

Last but not least, it is quite important that you select a role model that you can look up to. This business person is one that you rely on, whether directly or indirectly, as a source of inspiration for your own business ventures. Perhaps you look up to Warren Buffet’s business philosophy, or perhaps Charles Phillips, renowned CEO of Infor, proves inspiring insofar as he marries his successful business practices with engaged philanthropy. More often than not, you will not have to consciously decide on a role model but will be drawn to one over time. Select an individual and work on mirroring their best attributes in your own professional life.

If you have long dreamed of becoming financially wealthy, do not allow yourself to give up on this dream. Through hard work, role models and a commitment to self-improvement all things are possible.

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