Essential Cryptocurrency Risk Management

You have finally done it.

You have joined the decentralised revolution and have started to invest in cryptocurrency. You feel great about the fact that you are sticking it to the banks and taking control of your finances.

However, how safe is your portfolio? How quickly can things change in tough market conditions?

This is something that many cryptocurrency investors tend to not think about. This is not very prudent as cryptocurrencies are some of the most volatile assets in the world.

In this short post, we will look at some of the most basic risk management procedures for hedging your risk in cryptocurrency markets.

Why Are They Risky?

Before we dig into the remedies for risk, we need to take some time to recap on why cryptocurrency markets are so volatile.

One of the main things that drive the volatility in a cryptocurrency is the lack of liquidity and the prevalence of a great deal speculation and crowd behaviour. Cryptocurrency traders are very skittish and will drop a coin despite fundamentals.

Although you may have a more long term perspective on the coins that you are holding, the behaviour of the other traders can seriously impact your long term returns.

Low liquidity means that an excess of sell orders can drive the price down because of perception. There is a lack of institutional buyers on the other side to lift things up.

Moreover, there are no instruments such as futures which can try and stabilise the price.

How To Hedge Risk

One of the most effective ways to limit risk is to use instruments that will hedge falls in price. The instruments that are best able to do this are derivative instruments.

The most well known derivatitive instrument is a future contract. These are available for traders who want to trade futures on exchanges such as Bitmex. The CME and the CBOE also have these instruments.

However, if you want to hedge the risk away for other cryptocurrency assets apart from Bitcoin then you will have to think of other instruments.

One of the most well recognised other instruments that you can consider is a CFD.

Contracts for Difference

You may be asking, what is a CFD?

Quite simply, a CFD is a contract for difference. As the name suggests, it is a derivative instrument that will pay out according to the difference in the price of the underlying asset at the end of the day.

They are called derivatives as the value of these instruments are derived from the underlying cryptocurrency asset price. One can think of them as a rolling futures contract that is marked to market every day.

They are an essential instrument for hedging because like a future, you can take a long and a short position on them. The short position is the most useful for when you are hedging your long cryptocurrency portfolio.

If you wanted to use CFDs in order to hedge your portfolio, then you will need to find the most trustworthy broker. There are a number of CFD brokers with a range of different assets. Your best bet is probably to use a broker such as IQ Option.

They are regulated in Europe and have been around since 2013. Most importantly though, they have a range of different assets that you can trade. You can read more about the broker in reviews of IQ option.

Know How to Hedge

Once you have an account at a broker organised, you have to know how to hedge your positions. You will need to determine your exposure to the market. This is usually termed your delta and it is your portfolio change based on the movement of one tick in the asset.

If, however, your position is merely long the physical asset and there are no margin positions with excessive leverage, then you are safe to assume your exposure. All you will need to do is enter a short position on the asset that is equal to your notional exposure.

This will mean that for a 1 point move in Bitcoin, you will have an exact match on your short position to the movement of your long portfolio. This is what is termed a “delta neutral” hedge which means that your portfolio will not move in value.

Of course, you can choose a delta that you are comfortable with. You can have a moderate hedge on your managed accounts that will still allow you to be net long on the underlying in your physical portfolio.

Watch the Margin Call

Given that CFDs are leveraged instruments, you still have to worry about the risk of a margin call. These are the call by the broker to top up your account when the amount of funds falls below a certain level.

If the price of a cryptocurrency rallies, even though your long position in the physical asset is likely to increase in value, your sort position at the CFD broker will be losing. The result will be a fall in the value of your cash balance and a possible margin call.

Hence, you should take care to make sure that your balance is constantly monitored as you do not want to be in a position where your asset will be liquidated.


Cryptocurrencies can be risky investments. It is essential that you understand the risks that you are exposing yourself to when you invest in this nascent asset class.

With that being said, there is no reason that you should not be hedging your position using instruments that you have at your disposal. With the advent of CFDs, retail traders are able to structure their portfolio in a way that is best able protect them from severe moves.

Open an account at a broker and determine the amount you want to hedge. There is no reason that you should leave yourself exposed to the vagaries of the crypto markets.

Many Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Need Stock Market Mentor

The stock market is no place for a newbie. It is all about taking calculated risks. People who make it big on with shares do extensive research on what they are trying to acquire. They may have clear strategies set in place to manage the transfer of cash flow.

As an entrepreneur looking to get into stock trading, you might not always have the time to do comprehensive research on the stocks you are trying to invest or even spend time learning the tricks of the trade. Having a mentor can greatly improve your chances of being successful in the stock market. Stock market mentors will teach you time management, strategy formulation, risk management and many more important factors needed to succeed in trading.

Learning about the Industry is Important

Entrepreneurs always live a fast-paced life. They may not always have the time to constantly keep in touch with the happenings in the stock market. Having an experienced mentor can help educate and advise them in managing stocks more effectively.

  1. Make Smart investments

He will help you find out investments which are less risky than others. A smart investment in term of an entrepreneur means stocks or shares which are progressive gainers and which require less attention to manage and maintain. This greatly helps in your overall cost savings and will help you attain profits much quickly.

They might also help you find and buy potential socks which may fetch a higher price in the coming future.

  1. Improve your decision-making skills

A stock market is never a place where you should go with your gut feelings. Decision making at the right time will be the difference between profit or loss. An experienced stock market mentor can teach you important metrics or indicators in a stock which can be used to estimate its future growth potential. By learning all these elements, entrepreneurs can make quick decisions which are likely to have a positive outcome.

  1. You will learn the fundamentals of trading without having to attend classes

Since you remain in constant contact with your mentor, day by day he will make you updated with the market and current trends. This is an entirely different experience when compared to taking a class. You will also learn the fundamentals through practice.

This will help eliminate the need for taking courses and wasting time and money.

  1. Help you predict bull runs and inform you when to back off

Since they are involved in trading 24/7, your mentor can successfully predict bull runs. This will help you reap the rewards while the stock is at its maximum value. They can also tell you when to sell or back off from a potential investment. This might be the most important info that a mentor provides you with since you can maximize your profits greatly by following his advice.

Stock Market Mentor Qualities

When looking for a stock market mentor, select a person who is experienced as well as successful in managing stocks for a long time. Choose a person who is always available and will take your back in adversities. But, above all, you should look for a person who you can connect with you.


SEO Services That Helps In Pulling Customers And Boosting Sales

Just to make sure that you can pull the best of crowd towards your brand, it is important that you make enough changes through the finest SEO services for your company. In this era where every single product faces huge competitive market, you must get the marketing strategies that are really different and unique in its own way. A better marketing can always make your products and services get the attention of the mass that you will target. Today with the help of various social media platforms, brands are marketing their products in an easy way. This form is already in trend and just because you can really reach thousands of customers with the help of such marketing strategies, you will be able to earn better recognition for your products and services.

Importance of SEO

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The important services

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Choosing the SEO services

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Top Notch Real Estate Software for Realtors in Australia

Real estate sector is getting competitive in Australia with time and more players are entering-offering the property buyers plenty of choices. So, the real estate firms that want to get an edge over the rivals and emerging new contenders- should adopt suitable measures. If you are keen on giving your real estate company competitive edge and stay ahead in race- it is time you start using suitable software. In recent times, software application tailor made for real estate firms have become popular.

Buying suitable real estate software for your agency

There are quite a few options available for realtor firms seeking real estate software solutions. However, you have to compare the options and pick the apt solution. For this, you need to assess the software apps using a few parameters.

  • Type of software- There was a time all types of software had to be set up in individual computers and servers. However, things have changed for better post arrival of the cloud based software solutions. Top notch real estate firms in Australia are using cloud based software that bundle benefits of various services in one Interface. You need not install anything in computers and using a web browser will be enough for accessing the features.
  • Ease of use- The software you will be using for your real estate agency should not have a steep learning curve. Both the staffs in the company and your end clients should be able to use the website without any hardship. The UI should not be too heavy and loading time should not be long.
  • Accounting features- Keeping track of various types of expenses is a prerequisite in any real estate agency, nowadays. So, the real estate application or cloud based solution you choose should have robust accounting features in built.
  • Database features- Every realtor firm has database of customers and that keeps growing with time- as it is. The real estate software you buy should have excellent integration support for database. This will help the staffs work more efficiently and keeping good relation with existing clients.
  • Live chat features- While emails are used for communication with clients and realtor agencies also have dedicated helpline numbers, having live chat in website is always better. The tech savvy customers often prefer using Live chat over the other methods for interaction needs.
  • Clientele- Of course, you need to check out the clientele of the company selling real estate applications for the realtor agencies.

Things to keep in mind

When searching for suitable real estate software for your agency and comparing available options, you need to remember a few more aspects. The pricing model offered by the software seller should be analyzed well. They may offer an annual contract but you may also find a few companies offering monthly plans for their cloud based software service. Before signing up, ensure you are well aware of the company’s service and support terms. Exploring the company’s social media profiles will be rather useful for evaluation as well.