How Do You Define “Financially Free”?

Financial freedom may mean something different to different people depending on what their current financial situation is.

One study showed up to 60% of Americans spend more than they earn and close to 40% are living paycheck to paycheck. Financial freedom for this portion of society will be much different than the Mark Zuckerbergs of the world.

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Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

Making an investment is the primary way of financial security. Choosing the right thing to invest in can be hard as there are myriad of options available that can prove to be profitable. However, investing is a double edge sword and making a wrong decision can result in financial ruin. But there is one thing that has proved to be profitable regardless of the passage of time and inevitable changes and that is real estate. Land investment is probably the oldest form of investment. Following are some points that will convince you to invest in real estate. [Read more…]

What is bitcoin and know how it works?

Bitcoin usages are increasing all over the worldwide. That is why today we bring you a list of facts that you should know about this bitcoin. As if it were an online version of traditional coins or bills, it can be used to buy products and services. 

The physical bitcoins that are seen in photos, do not really exist as a currency, are rather a way of representing the digital currency. If you had a physical bitcoin in your hand, it would have no value if it is not backed by private codes printed inside. [Read more…]

How Much Will the Medicare Cost Plan Go up in 2020?

Did you know that over 44 million Americans are Medicare beneficiaries? And if you’re one of those 44 million Americans, you need to be aware of a few notable changes that are coming to Medicare in 2020.

Most importantly, you need to know about the various price increases that will go into effect next year. In fact, depending on what plan you have or how much your annual income is, these changes could lead to you deciding Medicare isn’t the best option for you and your family anymore.

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