4 Stars Who Are Surprisingly Financially Savvy

A lot of people think celebrities are rich and have no concern for money. The truth is, though, there have been more than a few celebs who have gone completely broke. Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson filed for bankruptcy in 2003 with debts around $23 million. On the other side of the fence, there are multiple celebs who have been quite savvy with their financial earnings. From Ashton Kutcher to Michelle Williams, these stars understand the importance of saving and investing money.

Ashton Kutcher

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Ashton Kutcher is all about being one of America’s most beloved actors, but he’s also proactive about making money. In fact, a lot of people refer to him as an astute businessman. One of his first wise investment choices was when he invested in Skype. Two years later, his investment tripled thanks to Microsoft’s purchase of the telecommunications application software.

Kutcher has since gone on to create A-Grade Investments, a renowned venture fund that has investments in Airbnb, Spotify, and many other successful startups. To top it off, he’s also the co-founder of Katalyst, a business that specializes in creating original content for a variety of platforms, including digital media and television.

Michelle Williams

Williams grew up around trading. Even after she found success in the entertainment industry, she went on to win a futures trading competition. Guess how many people have been able to beat the 1000% return she secured during the competition? No one. William’s father was a trader himself. He homeschooled her and frequently educated her on options trading basics and how various influences impact the bond market. Although she no longer has a close relationship with her father, she still continues to be financially savvy.

Ellen DeGeneres

There’s been a slew of celebs who have tried to find success in the real estate industry without success. Ellen DeGeneres clearly isn’t one of them. She has become known for her ability to flip houses in Hollywood. The neatest aspect of her success is that she doesn’t purchase the homes with the intent of selling them. Throughout her career, though, she’s managed to sell 12 properties. One of her houses made her a profit of a cool $15 million.

George Clooney

George Clooney is very modest about his success in the liquor industry. He created his branded liquor under the assumption it was going to be for him and his friends. He quickly noticed, however, that everyone loved it and wanted more. Diageo ended up purchasing his liquor for $1 billion. That’s quite a profit on a beverage that was never meant to be a commercial product. It’s an amazing achievement in an industry where celeb after celeb has tried creating their own branded liquors only to find no success.

You don’t have to be rich to save money. You can have all the money in the world, but if you don’t spend and save it right, you’ll end up with nothing. The smartest move you can make is to invest your money and watch it grow.

Pay Off Your Debt Quickly: A Few Simple Tips

While credit cards are really useful for purchasing major items like a refrigerator or beds, the allure of the swipe-and-go convenience is sometimes too hard to resist. Many people have fallen to its spell, and they often end up having to pay large amounts in credit card bills.

If you happen to be one of them, don’t despair. The road to being debt-free is going to be difficult, but there sure are ways to get yourself out of the financial quagmire.

Because credit card companies charge high interest, it will be beneficial for you to pay off your debt fast. One good way to do that is getting a car equity loan so that you can have your debt consolidated.

What is an auto equity loan? It’s basically a type of secured loan where the lender gets your car title as collateral. Because the car is essential to your functioning, you will not have problems finding the motivation to work hard to pay off your debt. Sometimes, people just need to be pressured so that they start exerting the necessary effort.

But you’ll soon be wondering, how can you remove the lien on your car title fast? Here are some tips that work great for young and old alike.

Cook more, eat out less.

Eating out is surely a fun way to bond with family members and friends. But it is very costly. While you are in debt, it will be wise for you to minimize expenses on restaurants and even take-out food. It will be much more economical to just cook your own meals and enjoy them at home. You will be surprised with how much money you get to save if you just dedicate time to preparing and enjoying your meals at home!

Cooking and eating at home has other benefits aside from saving money. For one, you will be better able to decide what types of ingredients go into the food that you and your family eat. That way, you make sure of everyone’s health. Food preparation can be a fun activity, too, especially if you have kids who are willing to help with prep work.

Re-organize your home, and sell the items that you’re not using.

Sometimes, it is not until we do some general cleanups that we realize that we just have so much stuff in the house, and we don’t even use for much of it anymore. Do yourself a favor and get rid of these items through garage sales. For sure, there are others out there who will find value in your discarded possessions. The dollars that you earn from your mini garage sale will surely take you far in settling your debts.

Get a flexible home-based job.

The surest way to pay off your debt fast is to significantly augment your income. Because of the Internet and the worldwide connectivity that it brings, you can now get home-based jobs online. You can be an English teacher, an SEO content writer, a website designer, and a lot more.

Aside from being home-based, you also must make sure that the second job that you take has a flexible schedule. You don’t want it to conflict with your main day job. You also don’t want it to take away your much-needed rest. A flexible arrangement allows you to work when able and rest when necessary. Before you start working, just make sure that you are registered on a legitimate online jobs site with a reliable payment platform. Upwork is a good example.

Tips on Debt Arrangement Schemes Present in the UK

It was the Scottish government who instituted the DAS or even Debt Arrangement Scheme, that lets residents repay debts and that in an affordable way.

The Scottish residents can turn to this particular debt management solution at the time that they can afford actually to repay the debts but require a longer time to do this.

It is a qualified individual who aids a debtor in developing a Debt Payment Program, also known as a DPP. This will list the amount that the debtor is able to afford so as to contribute monthly towards their unsecured debt repayment, that figures out the length of the particular DAS.

Read on to find out more about a debt arrangement scheme.

Some Basics About Debt Arrangement Scheme

It is important that you know some basics so that you do not get confused. If you reside in Scotland and have one or even more debts, moreover have disposable income present even after paying your living expenses, then you may actually qualify to get a DAS.

According to the 2011 regulatory reorganization specifically of the debt management program, people who have some unprotected Trust Deed may even qualify.

Others like same-sex couples, civil partners, plus spouses may also be eligible to get joint DAS, that is if they tend to be severally plus jointly liable for a single or even more debts.

An accredited individual, known as a Money Advisor, can aid a person with a DAS. This person aids the debtor in establishing some DPP to repay debts.

It is the DPP that gives the debtor an extended debt repayment type of term and protects the person from negative actions that are covered by creditors.

A DAS is there for repaying debts and that in full, not at some reduced level. But, interest, as well as other expenses, are seized while an approved DPP’s terms particularly are being met.

Does Everyone Qualify for A DAS?

A resident of Scotland that has personal debt which they can’t have enough money to repay according to the established terms, and have extra income nevertheless, may be eligible to get a DAS.

People who are interested in some protected Trust Deed, nevertheless are unable to actually release the equity within their homes usually thinks about this debt management solution.

Not like a Trust Deed, the DAS does not need you to turn over your assets such as your home and vehicle equity.

Individuals who are unable to afford to repay their debts totally, also when some longer timeframe gets given are not good candidates for this.

Now that you have some idea concerning what is a debt arrangement scheme, you can consider if you require one.

You can get the help of some debt advisory service that is impartial to help you figure out what is the best way for you to handle your debts without causing any more problems for you. Be sure that you know all about a debt arrangement scheme so that you know what you are getting into.


Smart Ways To Lessen Insurance Quotes

It’s been established that car insurance is a must for car owners. This isn’t just to protect you. This also makes sure you’ll have the right financial net when you’re involved in a car accident. Over the years, many people die and are injured because of car and traffic accidents. Road incidents are deemed the number one killer in most countries. In order to prevent further issues from happening, having an insurance became a necessity. And it also became a requirement. If you have a car, it’s a rule that you can’t drive it around when you don’t have a license for it.

There are several things and changes you need to consider if you’re already someone with a specific coverage. Are you thinking of renewing your car insurance? Or do you think it’s high time to make a switch? There are several things you can do to save on car insurance renewals. These are the steps you can take to help you.

Improving car security. There are different ways you can proceed with this option. These days, there are numerous choices for features that help improve car security. You might be thinking why there’s a need for it. It’s true that the car already has a built-in security system. And some are more advanced compared to others. But you can see that it’s more comfortable if you make your own move to secure your car. Most insurance companies also take this into consideration when providing quotes.

Reducing car mileage. Another thing that most companies take into account is the current car mileage that’s present. Most experts will recommend that you drive less. It’ll be ideal to not take the car to longer drives as well. It’s believed that during these trips, there’s a higher chance that you’ll get into an accident. They will most likely ask you about this.

Investing in a black box. If you don’t have any black box yet, or what others call a telematics device, you need to install one now. This doesn’t only increases security but also records videos and the most common car processes. It shows your willingness to make sure that your car is protected. And such willingness will also be reflected during the evaluation of insurance quotes.

Annual payments. Most people prefer to go for monthly payments or quarterly ones. It’s something that many prefer. But there are also others who don’t have any idea that insurance is something you can pay off on an annual basis. And it’s a better choice compared to other payment options since you’ll be able to save more. Although you’ll see that the whole thing will seem expensive upfront, it’s something that can save more moving forward.

For lower and cheaper insurance quotes, it’s important to have the right insurance options to help with the entire thing. Choosing the best provider and the right product will help guarantee that the quotes given will become a reality. This will be a good option for you. Try to compare the quotes you acquire to choose effectively.