What To Do To Improve Your Spending Habits

With the rapid growth in housing costs, utility costs, medical costs and overall increased spending, the unfortunate reality that the average American household is facing today in increased debt. In the past decade alone, overall household debt in the U.S. has increased by 11%. When key spending areas like housing, food and medical care outpace income growth, debt increases.


To gain more control over your debt, financial experts recommend that you spend your money more wisely. Here’s what you need to do:

Aim for Better Budget Balance

Once you’ve paid your regular household expenses, you need to be wise with how you use your free cash flow. This is where you should aim for better budget balance. This extra cash that remains after catering for all your major expenses is what you should use to gain a solid financial ground, by either paying down your debt or directing it towards savings or investments.

While it’s undeniable that many Americans opt for a cash advance online when they’re facing a financial emergency, practicing better budgeting balance is a great way to use that extra cash to get you out of that circle of debt, according to Slick Cash Loan. This way, you can get the cushion you need in case you have unexpected expenses.

Cut Down Your Expenses

While it’s true that many Americans take on debt to cover the ever-widening gap between their monthly income and expenses, this doesn’t mean that you can’t find ways to reduce your expenses. Resulting to credit cards to cover expenses is only a short-term solution but with obvious costly long-term results. Start by examining your current monthly expenses.

You need to look at what you’re paying for that isn’t really needed like old memberships that you no longer use, dry cleaning or house cleaning services that aren’t absolutely a must, regular shopping for gifts and miscellaneous expenses. If you simply don’t need it or can live comfortably without it, cut it off your list of expenses.

Increase Your Income Sources

Whether you want to improve your quality of life, get out of debt or improve your spending culture, it’s always wise to increase your income sources. You have two options: Look for an income generating idea that can supplement your income for a short-term, or an option that has the potential to eventually grow into something that can allow you to quit your job.

As you consider the different income generating options, it’s important to consider the amount of time you’re willing to commit. Whether you’re planning to telecommute, build a passive income stream, make money using your hobbies, open a side business or go back to school, know the risks you’re willing to take, and the skills or ideas you’ll need to make more money.

Reduce Your Consumer Debt Interest Rate Costs

The average debt per American household, inclusive of credit card debt totals is $16,748. Despite this harsh reality, you shouldn’t live a life that is burdened with high-interest rates on your debt. This may be one of the reasons why you’re struggling to pay off your debt. Know how much debt you have in total and plan how you’ll pay off your high-interest debts first.


You can also look into debt consolidation loans to help you consolidate all your credit card debts. If you have a mortgage, you should also check the current interest rates in the market and make a comparison to ensure you’re getting the best rates for your loan. By reducing your consumer debt interest rates, you can easily clear your debts and improve your spending.


Additionally, to keep a close watch on your spending, it’s also advisable to research before you shop, avoid your spending triggers, find an accountability partner, look for ways you can save when buying and increase your income and savings. A combination of these and other steps will help you spend your money more wisely and have an impact on achieving your financial goals.


How to Make Passive Money with an Online Training Portal

One of the best ways to make passive money with your website is to teach your readers something of value. Creating an online training portal with courses behind it that users pay for can make you some real money. However, setting everything up correctly is really important. Simply building a website with some course material in it and publishing it won’t do.

How will your students find you? How will they pay? Where will the information come from? How do they know what you are offering has real value and is worth their investment?

You’ll have to start at the beginning. Here are some simple steps to creating a website you can use to make passive money with an online training portal.

Develop Your Website

The first step is to develop your website. This includes picking a relevant, catchy, yet simple domain name that people will find easy to remember and share. When someone tells another person about your site, you want them to be able to spell it easily or easily type it into a web browser.

You’ll also need to choose hosting and the platform you will construct your site on. Choose shared or dedicated hosting depending on how much traffic you anticipate coming to your site. Use a platform like WordPress that has simple plugins and ecommerce platforms you can explore.

Finally, choose the right theme and colors. Remember, this is your brand, your homepage is your sign hanging out front of your business, and it tells the reader a lot about you. The psychology of color is very important, so keep in mind that colors trigger certain reactions in users.

Once your website is up and running, you are ready to get started.

Create Great Training Content

The next step is to create your training content. Online training is different from that in a classroom, and there are a number of creative ways you can use to train people online. Not everyone likes to read or watch videos, and hands on learning works best depending on what you are trying to teach. Here are some methods:

  • Textbooks and Quizzes: This is more like a standard learning format, only of course you must deliver these things digitally. While not the most effective method, some people still learn this way, so it works for some academic material.
  • Video: Video should be more than just a lecture. We know from science that a lecture is one of the worst ways to learn. Educate, but be entertaining. Use animations and even virtual and augmented reality video to get your point across.
  • Gamification: Make your online training like a game, where users level up as they complete tasks, earn badges, and learn to work as a team. Gamification has huge value if structured correctly and can set your course apart from others.
  • Group and Team Projects: While these are horribly unpopular in college, they do teach people to work with others who are different than they are and with differing ability. Just structure the projects in a way that one person does not get stuck doing all the work.

Once you have created your course content, you can move on to the next steps. You have done the bulk of the production side of the work, but now you need to start selling.

Offer Something for Free

Before you can sell something to anyone, you will have to build their trust that what you are selling has value. This is why in stores you often get “free samples.” The sample does a couple of things that work for your online learning material too.

  • Mmm, that’s Good: The sample gives the learner a taste of what you do, and how the course works. If they find value in the sample training, they are more likely to pay for the rest. Give them something of real value, not just a teaser. A free course or section of a course will give them a real understanding of how your training works.
  • The Law of Reciprocity: If you give someone something of value, they are more likely to buy something of value from you. The more you give away, the more valuable it is perceived to be, the more quickly this principle is activated and the stronger it is.

This is an important first step in marketing. You will market the thing you are giving away, and that triggers users to come look at your products and buy them. Marketing is the next most important step in your online training.

Gate the Rest

Once you have free content, it is time to gate the rest of it. To do so you will want to create a membership portal on your website. This can be done by searching the best membership plugins for WordPress or contacting a web developer to install a plugin for you. The user cannot get past this to access your course information without the right credentials and payment.

This is called gating your content, and it essentially means a user cannot reach the content without performing a specific action that you dictate.

Keep it Fresh

Yes, your course will provide you with passive income, as more people take it and you are not teaching “live.” However, nearly every industry or thing you can teach about is constantly changing, so you need to be creating new course material and revising your old material to keep up.

Those who have taken courses before may want to take more, and that can be a great source of revenue if you have created new material.


An online training portal can be a great source of passive income if constructed properly. Follow these steps to get started earning today.

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Drowning in Debt? These 4 Tips Will Help

Debt is necessary for many people, but there are some important things you should know about taking loans. Before borrowing money, you need to be aware that any type of loan or credit line costs money. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about this enough. This can often lead to them taking on bigger loans than you can afford, which can leave you in a deep pool of debt.

Dealing with a crazy amount of debt is never an easy time, especially if you have many other bills each month that deplete your bank accounts. However, all hope is not lost. There are some things to do that can help you get out of debt quicker than you ever thought possible. This article will take a look at a few of them.

Have a Budget and Stick To it

Having a plan is very important in every aspect of life, including your finances. Well, think of having a budget as having a plan for your finances. Your budget should be able to help you track how much money you have coming in every month, how much you are spending and where all of your spending is going.

The budget will help you to visualize and see just what areas you are overspending on, which is directly contributing to not being able to pay off your debts on time. The more you are able to identify overspending and cut it down, the more you will have to pay off debt.

Stay Focused

When you are struggling with debts for months and months, it can be very easy to become discouraged. When you are stressed or discouraged, it can be easy to just disregard your plans to get out of debt and remain stagnant. However, this will only make your situation much worse in the long run.

One way to stay focused can be to write down some goals. Goal setting in your financial life is very important and will help keep you on track, even when the going gets tough. Another is to visualize what life will be like after debts, and those thoughts should be enough for you to keep up the hard work.

Pay Off the Most Expensive Debt First

While paying the minimum of each debt every month might seem like a good idea, you really aren’t getting anywhere and are essentially just paying off interest and barely touching the actual principal amount. Instead, you need to pay more than the minimum.

A common practice is to pay the minimum on all but one loan, and then pay the remaining loan off as soon as possible by throwing all of your available money at it. This way, you are making actual progress without falling too behind on your other loans. As for which you decide to pay off first, generally, the most expensive one with the highest interest rate is a good choice.

Get Assistance

While we all want to get out of debt on our own, sometimes we have to swallow our pride and ask for some help. Thankfully, there are plenty of programs and services available for people to take advantage of if they require debt-related assistance.

As far as the options available to you, there are many different ones. Credit counselling is common for those who just want to chat with a professional and develop a solid plan. However, there are also more action-oriented and aggressive options such as debt settlement, debt consolidation and others.


Where Can People Go When Finding Real Estate in Mercer County?

Mercer County is a great part of New Jersey that is home to many appealing properties. People looking for places to live around Mercer County can find some intriguing sites that offer homes in many forms. The areas around the country are diverse for offering different properties of value and should be compared based on the needs one might hold for certain spaces of value to them.

Check the Highways

Some of the most affordable bits of real estate in Mercer County are ones that are near highways. Part of this is due to the ongoing construction in some areas and the potential for there to be plenty of vehicles moving around. But having a home near I-195 or I-295 is great in that it provides a person with quick access to one of the vital roads that bring people in and around the area.

High-End Properties In the Suburbs

The northern suburbs of Mercer County are home to some of the most appealing real estate properties in the area. These include attractive three-bedroom houses with 1,600 or more square feet. Properties in Hightstown, East Windsor, West Windsor Township or Etra are great places that offer more room for people, but they will also cost more to find.

These properties fit in well with families who need good places for living. These family oriented properties are great for offering comfortable surfaces and spaces for living that people will feel confident with. The options people have in this case are diverse and add a nice way for people to relax and enjoy their lives.

What About the City Area?

The city of Trenton is popular for having many riverside properties and a nice cultural environment while providing easy access to the nearby city of Philadelphia. Many properties in the Trenton region are available for cheap with some properties going in the five-digit range. But those properties are typically smaller units in apartment buildings that have 1,000 or fewer square feet of room. In other words, these urban properties are best for smaller families or groups that don’t have as many needs for amenities in their properties. The easy access to different resources in the region does help though.

Park Spaces Are Valuable

People can also find some high-value properties near larger park spaces in Mercer County. These spots include big spaces near the Mercer County Park. Some of these large park properties include ones with four or more bedrooms and larger lawns for developing added properties. These units have 4,000 or more square feet of space and can go for $600,000 or more, thus making them better for high-end clients who want larger and more luxurious spaces to live in.

People should be certain they know what they are finding when looking for real estate in Mercer County. Be aware of what is available when looking for real estate in county so it is easier to find good deals that fit in with one’s requriements.